So here it is, another montage ending for a decidedly 90's fic. Thanks to everyone who reviewed, and who stuck it out till the end


Dean thinks it strange that something so far beyond the realm of sane, ended up making so much sense.

For example – Castiel's brothers sending him to the anti-gay militia – clearly nuts.

Dean's parents thinking that he's gay just because he likes watching football and has a few male rockers on his wall – also nuts.

(Ok, so they were right – but that's beside the point, the football and the posters weren't really down to the whole 'gay' thing anyhow)

The idea that out of all the places and all the people they could have ended up with, Dean and Castiel wound up in the wrong place at exactly the right time – well, that had to be statistically crazy.

But out of all that, some pretty sensical stuff had happened.

Firstly, Castiel had lost the hang ups imposed on him by drinking the crazy Christian Kool-Aid, and was now doing pretty much ok for an ex-ex-gay.

Dean had reluctantly (and then enthusiastically - as attested by Sam and Gabriel and about fourteen scandalised cats) embraced his interest in men generally and in Castiel specifically.

Balthazar and Zachariah, who Dean figured were a show in for the 'least likely to get together and yet still somehow screwing – DON'T PICTURE IT' award, had decided to continue to run True Directions, but as sleeping partners. Dean figured they wanted more time to be alone together, even if it meant trusting they camp to someone else.

Chuck and Ash, recently freed from the camp, decided to form a publishing company, with Chuck's books and Ash's technical wizardry at the fore. Dean had no idea what the little guy was writing about, but knowing Chuck it was probably something to do with Dungeons and Dragons (or something else equally nerdy).

As for Dean's family...well, not much could be said for them. He still has a hard time thinking about them, being abandoned for no good reason will do that to you. He called but they wouldn't answer, wrote and received no reply, save a large delivery of all the stuff in his bedroom back home via removal van, and a notice in the post that they would pay him a hundred dollars a month to day away from his home town.

He supposes it could have been worse.

Castiel for instance, has been completely cut off from his brothers. They sent him one letter telling him that all his old things were given to charity and they have since refused to acknowledge his existence. Only his anger over that has distracted Dean from his own problems – he'd even taken Cas down on the train to recover some of Castiel's things from the charity store where most of them ended up.

While Gabriel and Cas had bonded over their love of felines and fascination with experimental cuisine, Dean had found a big brother in Sam, who liked, you know – normal things. They'd been to the movies once, and Sam had let him have a beer while they watched the game on TV – all told, Dean had to admit that Sam was a pretty ok guy, even if his taste in men left a lot to be desired.

Dean hadn't forgotten his actual brother either, and he sent Adam a few emails on Sam's laptop. He had the feeling they were going to get along fine still, even with his parents going crazy.

Sam and Gabriel he has to admit, have been kind of a life line.

They know a lot of people all over the country, thanks to their activities in the gay community (Gabriel's cocktail parties are legendary – even though no one can remember them the morning after). It was nothing to find Dean and Castiel a room to rent in a nice house near the college Castiel wanted to attend. Dean had even gotten a job in a book store, and with the money from his parents, and the blackmail money from Balthazar and Zachariah, they were pretty well off, by student standards.

They packed up their U-haul with all their collective stuff from home, plus a rainbow scarf each (knitted by Becky the barmaid) and two cats donated by Gabriel, who had found a litter in a box under a bridge. Castiel had named them Audrey and Liza, and Dean was never going to forgive Gabriel for corrupting his boyfriend with such filth.

Dean felt kind of grown up, having a job, bringing home the bacon, owning a house plant that needed watering and two cats that needed feeding. He also had a boyfriend, and a bed to share with same – which was almost too good to think about when he wasn't actually at home, because it left him with a stupid grin on his face.

Castiel seems pretty happy with the arrangement too.


Castiel had discovered three very annoying things about living with Dean:

He drinks out of the carton.

He always uses up that last of EVERYTHING and forgets to put it on the grocery list.

He hogs the covers worse than Audrey and Liza put together.

However, Castiel also has to admit that Dean looks particularly cute when he's sleepy, wandering into the kitchen in his underwear and band shirt to drink milk straight out of the fridge. He always brings something nice home from the bakery on the corner when he gets paid. And though he's selfish with the duvet, Dean is always prepared to snuggle for warmth, whether awake or not.

So that worked out just fine.

Castiel also gets to have sex with him.

Which makes up for a lot.