Abby was at Gibbs' place for the night. She didn't want to sit out this storm by herself, and from what the news said, it was going to be a bad one.

Gibbs was down in his basement working on his boat, as far Abby knew, and she was up stairs keeping an eye on the news.

'An important weather announcement. Tornado's have been spotted all over the DC area. If you have a basement. I suggest that you go there now…'

Abby didn't stay to listen to the rest of the announcement. She grabbed the blankets from around her, her bowl of popcorn, and Gibbs' red jacket and was off to the basement.

Gibbs heard the steps to the basement creek.

He quickly stuffs "something" into his pants, and comes out from under his boat.

"What's up Abs?"

"News said that there were twisters all over the DC area. So it was time for some safe measure and come down to the basement."

"Abs, you forgot something."


"Well two things, but they go hand in hand. The game Twister, and some condoms."

"How do those go together, Gibbs?"

"Abs, think about it."

Prompt: Coffee