Did you know that? When a Kitsune, nine-tailed fox fell in love with a human... the human they treasured more than life itself would die in seven days? That everything they had gone through to be together would be just for nothing but a forever 'goodbye' in the end.

The Kitsune thought it was just a tale shared and whispered by his own kind... that none of it would come true and he'd live happily with his human. No, he believed in it. He just refused to accept it.

"I'm sorry..." the fox whispered to his human's ear, his silver furry tails swishing gently behind him, creating a soft and gentle sound of breeze. He looked out through the window and narrowed his eyes pitifully. The silver snows were falling over the quiet village, covering the whole village that nestled near the mountains with pure and untainted carpet of white, a coldness radiated from its surroundings.

It was too quiet. Not even a sound of human voice, the chattering of nature, or even the laughter of children. They were all hiding from his presence, fearing his existence and whishing for nothing else but for his departure. But he couldn't leave, not yet. Not when his human was dying because of him - because of his selfish feeling called love.

"I'm sorry..." He repeated again, grasping the human's weak hand tightly. His human raised his hand to his porcelain face and weakly caressing the fox's cheek with the back of his hand. "There's nothing to forgive... I never regretted this... and you know that." He smiled warmly.

"I know." That was why he felt like he was nothing but a monster. There was nothing he could do but to watch his precious human lying on the white cloth of cushion on the floor. "I don't want you to go." The fox let his blue tears, shimmering like a diamond with a color of ocean, to fall on the human's face.

"Don't cry..." his human wiped his tears. "It's going to rain if you cry." And it did. The rain was pouring heavily as if it the sky wanted to share the pain and guilt with the nine-tailed fox. "Please... please stay..." the sound of rain hammering to the roof of the hut they were staying overwhelmed the fox's helpless cry. He slid his tattooed arm around the human's waist and brought the fragile body to his chest; he spread his tails and covered the human from the wintriness of the world.

"To the god that I despise." the fox trembled from the force of his tears, "The crow has flown away, swaying in the evening sun, a leafless tree. Over the wintry forest, winds howl in rage with no winds to blow." The fox smiled to himself and bent down to capture the trembling lips of his human. The message had been sent. Now his human would live, in exchange of the memories he had of him.

After this, he never existed in his human's heart. He would forget everything. Their first kiss, their first confession and their first night together. "Zero..." his human mumbled, blinking at him in confusion. The fox never wanted this, but it was better for the human to live without him then to die for nothing because of him.

"I'll come to you one day..." the fox promised and let go of the human's hand.

"I'll find you..." the human swore before his eyes slowly closes and succumbed to the realm of unconsciousness. When he woke up, the memories of his silver nine-tailed fox would be no more.

"I love you Kaname..." Just like that, everything was over. The fox stood and held back the tears that threatened to fall, with one last glance to his lover... past lover. Without trace, without noise... the Kitsune left.


Written by Wookie.

I made everything up. The part where Kitsune's lover will die in seven days in he falls in love and the part where it will rain if Kitsune cries.