Who are you?

"Well then." N turned around and smiled at me gently. Although he was smiling I could see it was a melancholy smile, I could sense that this was goodbye was tearing him open from the inside."Farewell."

"N! Wait!" I grabbed onto his shirt before he was able to climb on Zekrom. I tightened my grip and unconsciously lowered my head. Little tear drops started to form and fall as I think about him leaving me forever. "Will we be able to meet again?"

"If fate allows it." N took my hand off him, he held it firmly as he gazed at me. Our eyes locked nostalgically for a few seconds, N then cringed and let go of my hands. He then quickly jumped onto Zekrom and ascended into the sky.

"NNNN!" I called out desperately but that was the last time I ever saw him again. If I could choose to reverse time, if i could repeat this whole treacherous journey again...just to be able to get a glimpse of your face...then it would. If only fate really did allow us to meet again .

*200 years later*

"Cherennnn~" I called out while running towards the school gates. He turned around slowly while pushing his glasses up.

"Hm, well aren't you happy this morning." He commented.

"Of course! Bel was talking about the school hiring a REALLY handsome doctor yesterday." I beamed. "I'm going to go to the infirmary everyday if that's true."

"Why do you girls even bother with these things? I know Accumula High School doesn't get new staff often but still..." Cheren sighed and shook his head. "Well just make sure you don't get too carried away."

"Geez I won't, you worry too much Cheren." I laugh as I ran ahead of him.

I really wonder what kind of person our new doctor will be like. Maybe he's interested in Pokémon too, I mean I'm no Pokémon trainer but I still have my own Tepig. Professor Juniper gave him to me a little over a week ago but I'm not really interested in training it. I just want to be able to get into a good college after I graduate high school but Tepig is a pretty companion I guess. I ran up the stairs of the 2nd building towards the infirmary. I slammed open the door with great haste.

"Teacher! I've hurt myself! May I have some bandages?" I yelled enthusiastically. A young man wearing a white lab coat standing at the window desk turned towards me; he was tall, his hair was long and shaggy, it was green and tied up in a low ponytail. He looked surprised but his face appeared very gentle, his green eyes met with mine. I stand there frozen; I could only continue staring. W-What was this feeling? It feels like…nostalgia almost but I'm sure I have never seen this young man before. I took a few unsteady steps forward, my body was moving by itself.

"N…" I murmured.

"Touko…" He muttered back.

Eh? How did he know my name? And how did I know his? What is this? This feels a little bit like Déjà vu but I've never seen this guy before so how could I possibly? This is really weird… I don't know him but somehow I feel like I've been with him my entire life. I feel like I've had a strong connection with this stranger before but…when? Where? How?

"Eh? D-do I know you?" I asked frantically.

"U-um I don't believe so b-but how do you know my name?" He asked looking slightly flustered.

"A-ah I'm not too sure myself." I looked down towards my feet. "B-but somehow I feel like I know you."

"Same. Have we met somewhere?" He stepped away from the window to take a little closer look at me.

"I don't think so…" I looked up into his eyes. They were a very unique shade of green; it was like looking at jade crystal. I couldn't turn away, I felt like I could stare forever. It seems that he was doing the same; we gazed at each other for a few seconds but it feels more like an hour. However why does my heart hurt a little when I look at him? Strange. It's kind of like a deep sinking feeling...a feeling of hopelessness maybe? A mixture of joy and sadness, a mixture of love and pain. The more I look the more I feel like crying. Whether those tears will be out of happiness or sorrow I don't know. Suddenly realizing that we had been fixing our eyes on each other for a while now I turn away in embarrassment.

"A-ah sorry." He flung back in shock.

"N-no it's alright." I started fidgeting with my skirt as he quickly walked to the medicine cabinet.

"You said you need bandages right?" He asked while rummaging through the cabinet. "Here, use these."

"Thanks you." I took the bandages and scurried out the door. "B-bye teacher."

I rushed back into my classroom which is a few rooms down the corridor from the infirmary. My heart was beating so fast I felt like it was going to explode. How can you possibly feel this way for someone you just met? This is insane, after 16 years of not falling in love. I could still feel my cheeks flushing as I sat down in my seat next to Bel. She seemed to have notice my intense blushing and giggled a little in amusement.

"Well, did you go see the new doctor?" She smiled cheerfully.

"Y-yeah I went." I breathed out a heavy sigh.

"Hmm? Was he not to your liking?" She cocked her head to the side a little.

"N-no that's not it." I chuckled halfheartedly.

"Alright Homeroom's starting, please return to your assigned seats." The teacher commanded as she walked into the room. "This morning we have assembly so please assemble nicely in front of the hall. Our class will be leaving shortly."

"I'll tell you later." I whispered to Bel as the teacher started taking attendance. She nodded eagerly.

After she finished taking attendance the class gathered outside of our homeroom. Slowly we made our way to the hall. I chatted with Bel and Cheren until we arrived. The 2nd years were allocated the middle section of the hall to sit. I sat there next to Bel and Cheren waiting for the assembly to start. The student council president walked up into the stage to give a speech.

"Now I would like to welcome a number of new staffs into our school." He called out on the microphone. "Would you please give a round of applause as the walk up onto the stage?" Everyone sat in silent anticipation as he began calling out the names.

"Miss Juri Marone. She will be working the science department and she will also be teacher Biology to the 1st years." The student council president said while smiling. A tall blonde woman walked onto the stage and waved to everyone. She appears to be in her mid-thirties. He continued to call out another few names; new teachers, new office assistants and school maintenance workers.

"And last but not least, N." He called out as N walked onto the stage. My eyes widened as I fixed my gaze upon him once again. The audience all let out a quiet murmur of awe, mostly the girls anyway. "He will be our school's new doctor, so if you're feeling sick come visit him in the infirmary."

I look intently at him. Who was he? Why do I feel so attracted to him? I mean sure he's very good looking and he seems nice but…I don't think that's it. There's something else. Really, I'm a person who doesn't believe in all this fate and destiny nonsense but still…I can't help but wonder if this encounter…is something like that. Is this what people call 'fate'? Or 'love at first sight'? Ugh well it feels quite weird to phrase it that way but I know I feel a kind of affiliation with him.

N waved at the crowd and smiled. He suddenly stopped waving and stared into the crowd with a slightly stunned face. What was he looking at? Until I realized that his eyes were facing straight him my direction. I stare back. Bel noticed that he was looking this way and turned her head to look at my face. She smiled a little gave me a little flick on the head.

"O-ouch, Bel what was that for?" I touched my forehead and growled at her.

"Haha, I was just trying to tell you to stop gawking at the teacher." She whispered into my ear.

"I-I wasn't gawking at him." I said feeling a little flustered. I looked back up at the stage but N was already walking back down. I couldn't help feeling that he was looking at me, that he found me out of this huge crowd. Impossible, I must be thinking rubbish.

When we returned to our usual school timetable I could not concentrate at all. I sat there at my window seat and stared outside…thinking. I don't know why I'm wasting my time but…I can't leave this feeling dormant. It feels as if my mind is going to shrivel up but…why am I feeling like this? I feel like I just want to jump onto him and hug him tightly the next time he comes into my range of sight. Is this a sign of insanity? I don't know, why can't I explain this emotion? I continue to stare out the window daydreaming. My heart feels very full but...it also feels very sick. It's a funny feeling. It's not like jealousy or heartbreak. I have no idea what it is. All I know is that I need to N again, even though love between a student and a teacher is forbidden...when I looked at him, he didn't seem like a teacher in my eyes.

"Touko, pay attention!" The teacher threw a chalk at my head and it was a critical hit.

"O-ouch, why do people keep hitting me today?" I mumbled to myself.

"Did you hear my lecture on the failed attempt of the Pokémon Liberation?" She glared at me.

"No. I wasn't paying attention. Sorry." I feigned an apology.

"Well 200 years an evil organization called Team Plasma tried to separate Pokémon and Humans. They called it the Pokémon Liberation but in reality it was an evil ploy by the Ghetis to obtain power." She stated. "N was his son but Ghetis only used him as a mere puppet for his evil ambitions. His son was deceived by his own father. However there was a young heroine who saved the world by defeating them. Historians say that she was just a normal girl who started her Pokémon journey not too long before the Liberation happened. It was incredible that she could obtain that much strength in a matter of months."

"They have the same name." I mumbled aloofly to myself. "How interesting."

"The heroine is long gone now but everyone will remember the savior that protected our world. You should be happy Touko since you have the same name as her." The teacher smiled as she closed her book. "Well that's it for today class; please complete the questions on page 35 in your textbook."

"It would be funny…if N and I were like the two central characters in the Pokémon Liberation." I smiled faintly to myself.