I didn't know how much time was left. I kept looking back and forth between the exit that led to life and the fire that led to death. Outside the exit, I could hear people crying and screaming out my name as they probably thought that I wasn't going to make it out alive. Honestly, I didn't know if I was going to make it out alive either, but I couldn't leave now. I had a job to complete; an assassin job. My job was to go on a mission and murder a young man by the name of Delonte Rivers. Who was he? I honestly had no idea. I heard he was pretty bad ass and had been in jail at the age of eleven, but then on, who cares. I just needed to get the job done.

I made my way across the room without pieces of burning wood being dumped on me. I looked up at the stairs, for what was left of it and wondered if he was up there. I let out a sigh, clutching my gun in my left hand and beginning making my way up the stairs slowly. I kicked a piece of wood that was on fire out of my way and looked back and forth between two hallways that stretched at both my sides.

The hallway on my right was gone. The fire ate it up for most of it except for one bedroom, whose door was open. I cocked my eyebrow and walked slowly over, kicking the door open all the way and walking inside. Holding up the gun in my hands and aiming for whatever might make me pull the trigger, I walked slowly. The bed that stood in the corner of the room was now starting to burn to ashes as so was someone's clothes in the closet next to it.

Where the hell is he? I thought. I quickly ran out of the room as smoke started to form. I ran down the other hallway, kicking down doors for any sign of the asshoe. Without any luck, I decided to give up. I thought of walking back down the stairs, but I knew that the stairs was probably already burned down now. I ran for the closest exit; the window.

I quickly pulled my hand away with a scream as the window grew hot from the fire. I let out a groan and balled my hand up into a fist. I punched the glass and then kicked it to make the remaining glass fall. I slowly squirmed my way through, clutching onto the roof shingles. Just before I fully was out, a hand grabbed my foot and yanked me back inside.

I let out a squeal as I hit the floor hard. I let out another cry as the floor creaked as I thought that I was going to fall through it any minute.

"Damn and this whole time, I thought you was a man.", the guy who I assumed was Delonte, growled, kicking me in my side.

I groaned, clutching my stomach in pain.

"So let me guess, you work for a guy name Roscoe right?"

I just starred at Delonte as if he was crazy. How did he know Roscoe? I thought

"And Roscoe sent you out to kill me…right?", Delonte asked again.

I still didn't say anything, but instead just stared at him.

"Answer me damn it!", Delonte yelled, kicking me harder in the side.

I closed my eyes, groaning at the pain. "Kick me again, and the foot comes off.", I muttered through clenched teeth.

"Oh really? I would just like to see you try.", Delonte smirked.

I growled, raising my foot and kicking him hard in the private area. He let out a yelp, falling down on his knees, clutching his area. I rubbed my side, sitting up and grabbing his head and throwing a punch towards his nose. He groaned, falling on his back, clutching his nose that now started to bleed.

"Crazy bitch!", Delonte yelled, reaching into his belt and pulling out a gun. Before he could act, I kicked the gun out his hand, and punched him again. Delonte shook it off and reached his hand over for the gun, but I wouldn't let him. I tackled Delonte down to the ground, reaching over and shoving the gun farther away so that he couldn't get to it.

When I realized that I was now on top of him, I knew now was the time. I gave Delonte one more punch and wrapped my arms around his neck, squeezing the life out of him. He let out a yelp and grabbed my hands, trying to pull them off, but that only made me tighten my grip.

"Please….stop…", Delonte gulped. "Please have mercy.", Delonte gulped quickly.

"Sorry. Just part of the job.", I smirked as I squeezed tighter.

Just then, a smirk grew slowly across Delonte's face and then he let out a low, hoarse laugh.

"Buh bye…", he chocked out.

I cocked my eyebrow and just stared at him. He seemed to get the hint that I didn't know what he was talking about at first until he pointed his finger up at the ceiling. I slowly loosened my grip around his neck and looked up. Just then, a big block of wood with flames firing all over it, came down on me. I gasped in pain and moved off of Delonte's body and over on the floor, pulling the flaming wood with me. I screamed in pain as I felt the fire move over my body.

"See you in hell you crazy bitch…", Delonte laughed, disappearing out the window.

I cried out in pain, trying to move the wood off of me. I felt the fire move down to my legs, burning off the material of my pants and moving into my skin. I felt my skin now begin to melt away. I screamed louder and louder this time, making my voice go hoarse. Smoke then began to form in the room, making me cough. I felt my eyes go hazy and my chest starting to ache from the pain as the smoke then started to fill my lungs.

I tried to move, but couldn't. My body was on fire and was very weak and at this very moment, this was when I started to realize, I was now going to die; die a slowly and painful death. Just then, the faces of people that I killed within that last few moments floated in my mind. I could see the fear and sadness in their eyes, before I killed them. I could hear their voices screaming and crying out for help in my mind, just then I could see Delonte's face. I could see him laughing, and saying those last seven words….

"See you in hell you crazy bitch…."