I waited outside the room as Delonte discussed the new plan with the boys. I didn't see why I had to wait outside; I didn't see the point of why they had to leave the door open either. Oh yeah, that's right, they didn't trust me. Whether they didn't want me hearing their little plan or not, I could still hear. Luke was probably the loudest one blurting out half of the information and asking questions about it anyways. I heard half of what they were doing tonight, but I couldn't let them know that. I had to play along with it and go along with Delonte's devilishly plan.

While Delonte discussed with the boys about the plan, I heard Delonte say something about grabbing the money. What money was he talking about and who did the money belong too? Then, I remembered Delonte saying something about the Russians. Who were the Russians? I had no idea, but I intended to find out.

"So were all good then?", I heard Delonte ask.

"Yeah man, I mean it shouldn't be that hard, but what if Slater is there?", I heard Luke question.

"There's always plan B; take him out.", Delonte replied. I pictured a smirk growing across Delonte's face as he said that. I felt goose bumps crawl begin to grow on my arms and legs as I heard those words; take him out.

Just then, flashbacks of people screaming and dying flashed into my mind. They were the people I killed over the last few months. Then, Roscoe's face flashed into my mind. I gulped, wondering what he was doing right now. Then, I started to wonder what he would do or say if he found out I was now working for the enemy, Delonte. I felt my stomach shake and do flips as I pictured Roscoe shooting me in the head. Right at this moment, I wish I never became part of the Assassin Society.

"We out boss!", Luke said, walking out the door. I stood and leaned against the wall, watching him put on his jacket.

"We'll call you when we're ready.", Nick said, walking out the door. Nick stopped and turned to look at me. A smile spread across his face as he then placed a hand on my shoulder.

"Have fun shopping. See you tonight.", Nick's smile grew wider as he then started following Luke down the hall, followed by the other guy and the emo guy.

I watched as Nick disappeared around the corner and sighed. I looked down at my feet, thinking of what Nick said. A smile spread across my face as I thought of how sweet of a guy Nick was. He was very sweet, including at what happened yesterday when I first met him at Bobby's Bar N' Grill. I wondered how a nice guy like Nick got into a situation like this. In fact, how did he even begin getting in a job like this and started working with an asshoe like Delonte? Nick reminded me of a momma's boy, being an athlete, going off to college and studying whatever he majored. Nick was too good to be interested in a job like this; in fact he was too good to befriended with a guy like Delonte.

"Ready Shawty?", Delonte asked, walking out and closing the door behind him.

"Whatever.", I rolled my eyes, beginning to walk off.

"Got the money I gave you?", Delonte asked, running to catch up with me.

I didn't answer. Instead, I patted my pocket where the money was located in in response.

"Oh.", was all Delonte said.

I nodded and walked over to where the elevator was. Delonte pressed the button and waited for it to open. The doors slid open after a couple minutes and I walked in first, followed by Delonte.

"You know what I want you to buy right?", Delonte asked, standing across from me.

I nodded. "Clothes."

"I want you to wear something special tonight; something that would throw the boys off.", Delonte smiled.

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever."

Silence broke throughout the elevator and including the car ride. I was thankful we got to the mall within twenty minutes because I couldn't stand the silence that broke between Delonte and I. After Delonte parked my vehicle, I got out, closing the door behind me. I let out a soft sigh and made my way over towards the other side of the car where Delonte was.

"Ready?", Delonte smiled, holding out his hand.

I cocked my eyebrow and just stared at his hand. I looked up at him with a nod and push past his hand.

From behind, I heard Delonte suck his teeth in disappointment and followed me. I looked over my shoulder to see he stayed a couple feet behind me. I sighed, ignoring his sad glare and walking inside the building. Cool air hit my face, giving me the goose bumps. I waited until Delonte stood by my side. Delonte didn't look at me, but instead walk ahead and led the way inside one store. I followed behind him, glancing in every direction where clothes were displayed. I smiled at a pair of purple/black checker skinny jeans with a white tank top.

"Over here Shawty.", Delonte called me over, pointing in a direction where skirts and dresses were displayed. I smiled at one black dress that cut off just a couple of inches above the knee. It reminded me of a salsa dress; a very beautiful salsa dress.

I watched as Delonte walked over to some woman behind the counter and mutter some things to her. Then, I saw him point a finger over at me while saying something to the woman. The women looked in my direction from where Delonte pointed and gave a silent nod to Delonte. She then pulled something from her desk and walked over towards me.

She made me stand in different positions as she took my measurements. I cocked my eyebrow and watched as she hurried away to go get something. I turned to Delonte who was piling dresses in his arms.

"Here", Delonte said, handing me the dresses. "Go try them on."

I nodded, following the woman that led me to the back where the dressing rooms were. I walked in one room, placing the dressed on a small bench. I closed the door and locked it. Scanning through the dresses, I picked out one short black dress that was strapless. I took off my clothes and slipped on the dress. I liked dressed that were strapless, but this one particular dress I had on made me look like a stripper. I made a disgusted face as I looked in the mirror at myself.

"You done Shawty?", I heard Delonte call out.

I sighed, hoping he wasn't standing outside my door. I unlocked the door, and peeked my head out, seeing Delonte leaning against the wall with a grin plastered on his face.

"Well?", he smiled, uncrossing his arms.

I rolled my eyes, opening the door all the way to show Delonte.

A smirk grew across his face as he then licked his lips. "Now that's what I'm talking about."

"Fuck you.", I muttered, rolling my eyes and returning back into the room. I locked the door again and turned to take off the dress. I tried another one on; only this one had straps and was white. It revealed part of my back, which I liked and thought, was cute. I unlocked the door and stepped out to show Delonte.

"Beautiful, but not what I'm looking for.", Delonte smiled.

I rolled my eyes and returned back in the room. This time, I didn't lock the door. I tried on another dress which was another strap and a dark blue color this time. I slipped it on, seeing how short it really was. I cocked my eyebrow, spinning around to see my full image. It was pretty in a way, but something probably a slut would wear to a party.

I walked out, showing Delonte. Delonte looked up from his hands and smiled.

"I kind of like that more than the other two.", Delonte smiled.

"I bet you do.", I rolled my eyes, walking back into the room and closing the door.

I slipped off the dress and reached for the other one. I cocked my eyebrow, realizing that this wasn't a dress. Instead, it was a mini, black skirt with a low-cut, white tank top. I cocked my eyebrow, wondering how Delonte snuck this in. Sneaky, I thought.

I slipped on the skirt, along with the tank top. I looked at myself, seeing how low-cut the tank top was; it revealed half of my stomach. I thought of myself having a belly button piercing and thought how good that would look along with this outfit.

"Anytime now babe.", I heard Delonte called out.

I rolled my eyes at the word Babe. I kind of liked the word Shawty better then the word Babe. I opened the door and stepped out. Delonte looked up and had a wide smile grew across his face.

"Perfection.", Delonte smiled, rubbing his hands together as I saw him looking down at my waist.

I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms over my chest.

"So which one.", I grew impatient as he kept starring me up and down.

"What you have on is the one.", Delonte smirked, walking over towards me. I felt my face grow hot and felt my heart beating fast as he came over towards me. He looked down at me with an emotionless glare and out of the corner of my eye; I saw his hands going to press against my waist.

I felt one of his hands on my waist as he then shoved me gently to the side. I moved to the side and looked back to see Delonte gathering up the clothes and my overused clothes from last night and walked out.

"Wait here.", he nearly whispered. "Time to get you some shoes."

I nodded before he could seek my answer. I watched his disappear around the corner and thought about what just happened. I looked down at my waist and ran my fingers over the spot from where he touched me. I let out a soft sigh, thinking of how I kind of liked the way he touched me. I never have been touched like that before honestly and for my first time, I kind of liked it.

"Here.", Delonte handed me a pair of black heels.

I looked down at the heels and walked back into the room. Without closing the door, I sat down at the small bench that stood in the corner and slipped on the heels. I could see Delonte watching me outside the door, but I ignored him and stood up so he could see.

"Like I said before, perfection.", Delonte muttered, but this time, he didn't smile or even smirk. Instead, without taking his eyes off me, he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a wallet. He took a hundred dollar bill out and replaced his wallet.

"Come on.", he muttered, leading the way out of the little hall and over towards the cash register.

"Is that all for you today?", the lady asked, coming over towards me and snipping off the price tags that hung from my new clothes.

"Yeah.", Delonte replied, not bothering to look at me. He leaned over the counter and handed the lady the money as she went back over behind the register.

The lady handed Delonte his change back with the receipt. "Have a nice day.", she smiled.

Delonte nodded and turned to me with a shrug. "Come on.", he said, grabbing something off the counter and walking out the door.

I followed close behind him, the click of my heels making a annoying rhythm as I walked.

Delonte walked over towards where a bench laid, along with a trash can. In his arms, I saw that he had my old clothes. I cocked my eyebrow, watching him pull out the cash from my pants' pocket and throwing the old clothes in the trash.

"Keep the money.", I said as Delonte went to hand me the money.

He didn't say anything, but instead nodded and tucked the money into his pocket.

"Ready to go home?", Delonte finally said.

I thought for a moment, not really wanting to go back to the hotel again. I looked down at my outfit, seeing how small and flat my stomach really was. I thought for a moment and looked back up at Delonte.

"Feeling awkward as this sounds, but I wanna shop around some more, that is if you want.", I added the last part with a little hope.

I saw Delonte thought for a moment and nodded.

"Whatever you want Shawty; I go where you go.", Delonte finally smiled.

For the first time out of the day and night that I been with Delonte, I couldn't help but smile back at him. This time, instead of holding out his hand, he held out his arm and this time, I happily took it.