Through The Eyes Of Jupiter

Chapter 1

"Hey kid" Derek said to Tripp that morning as he walked in to see Ash, Burger and Tripp sitting around the kitchen table talking about something but as soon as Derek entered, they all shut up.

"Hey, Hey Derek" Tripp replied swinging himself round to face the older man but also managing to knock over his bowl of cereal.

"Okay" Derek said suspicious about why Tripp was acting so weird, almost like a sort of Ash weird but not as much.

Derek sat down in the seat beside Tripp and almost wished he hadn't for right away, Tripp started to laugh and snort as if he had something wrong with him.

"Do I have something on my face?" Derek asked picking up Ash's spoon to look at his reflection.

'Nope nothing perfect as usual' Derek winked at his reflection before looking back at Tripp who blushed and looked away from him that minute.

'Ah' Derek thought to himself getting what was up with him now 'The kid has a crush on me.' 'Well who wouldn't I am the hottest male in this band.'

Derek smiled at Tripp who had looked over at him that second letting him know he had caught on but Tripp looked down at his cereal at Derek's smile thinking that it was just a friendly smile.

Derek sighed shaking his head just as Ash poked him in the side.

"What's wrong with Tripp? He can't look at you. I thought he was in..."

Burger sent Ash a look which meant to shut up but when he didn't get it, Burger cleared his throat and stood up.

"Tripp, tell Derek what you were telling me and Ash" At Burger's words, Tripp looked up, his smile gone from his face and replaced with a look of utter shock.

"Burger, please, I can't..." A ring at the door stopped Tripp's words and Derek couldn't help but notice that Tripp seemed to relax then continue to look down.

Derek looked down as well trying to work out what Tripp was looking at till he saw that Tripp had his hand's together and was looking at them looking very interested in them all of a sudden.

Burger got up and went to answer the door whilst Ash started to whistle to himself but it soon began to annoy Derek and Tripp so he stopped looking around the kitchen before beginning to eat some of his cereal just as Burger came back in looking rather annoyed.

"Who was it?" Derek asked taking his eyes off of Tripp to ask Burger who had annoyed him.

"Bleed, that's who it was" Burger answered back with a snarl, Bleed had been their old guitarist but he was a back stabber and Iron Weasel had got him out of the band before it got worse.

"Bleed, Bleed was at our door" Tripp's head popped up again with a gigantic smirk on it.

"Yeah but don't worry little man, I got rid of him."

"What, why?" Tripp's smile disappeared a little at this news and Derek got up from the table going to make himself some cereal for breakfast whilst ignoring the looks that his fellow band mates were giving him.

Bleed was bad news and he had to keep Tripp away from it no matter what the kid thought about Bleed, he to do whatever he could to make sure that Tripp did not get on the bad side with anyone.