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Rated M for adult content. Slash. Edward/Jasper.

Warning: There is a tiny bit of Bella at the end of this, but she doesn't get involved . Again, I had no Beta for this, so I apologize in advance for any errors.


I must have dozed off. Because, all of a sudden, there was a bright light shining onto my closed lids and I groaned and hid my face.

"Edward, baby … wake up," a familiar voice whispered in my ear, accompanied by a velvet tongue licking its rim.

I groaned again, and my eyes opened to a pair of brilliant blue ones. "Jasper," I murmured, as memories of what had happened on this bed came rushing back. The scent of man and sweat and jizz was still present, and I inhaled it greedily. I felt Jasper's hand on my bottom, rubbing gently.

"How's your lovely ass, Edward?" Jasper asked. "It's still shining from that spanking I gave you …" He kissed my tender ass cheek and I moaned. "In fact," he said, moving off the bed and adjusting the lamp that was trained on me, "I can't resist taking a little photographic evidence of our escapades."

My eyes followed him as he walked over to the camera and made some adjustments. He was naked and semi-hard again. He looked like a Greek god with his blond curls and slim, muscular build.

I started to sit up, but he said, "Don't move.", so I settled back down on my stomach. I subtly adjusted my hardening cock so I was comfortable.

"I wonder when Bella's gonna want her studio back?" I murmured as he started taking pictures of me. I didn't really mind. I was planning on confiscating the entire memory card anyway. Bella was gonna have to beg me for any of the pictures she took and I was gonna pick which ones she'd get. I was still a little ticked at her for blindsiding me, even though it had all worked out well. Hmmm. Very well.

"We've got the place 'till noon tomorrow, if we want to stay," he murmured. "Do you want to stay here with me?"

I didn't even have to think about it. "Oh … I guess so." I said, with fake ennui.

"Careful, Edward. Don't be a smart ass."


"Are you sorry?"


He laughed. "You want another spanking?"


He chuckled.

"Not right now. My ass is pretty sore, still."

"Mmm. Poor baby."



"Are you seeing anyone … special … these days?"

He looked over at me. "Yes, actually."

"Oh." It figured.

"Edward. I'm seeing you, Edward. At least, I'd like to. Officially. I've seen plenty, unofficially." He grinned.

I couldn't help the smile that spread across my face. "Okay."

"You know what I'd like to see right now?"

"What?" Fuck, he was adorable.

"You … lying on your back … and stroking that gorgeous cock for me."

Holy shit. The things he could do to me with his words. Okay, baby; You want it, you got it. I rolled onto my back and took hold of my erection, which was now at full mast.

"Fuck, yes," he whispered, taking shot after shot. "That looks so fucking hot."

I relaxed and got into a nice rhythm for him. "I know. This is what you were doing when I got here."

"You didn't recognize me."

"Jasper, I'd only ever seen you wearing clothes before. I had no idea you had a tattoo, or piercings. It was just as if you were this incredibly hot guy out of my fantasies."

"And now?"

"Believe me, you're still a hot guy from my fantasies. Fantasies I didn't even know I had." I rubbed my bottom and stared at him intently. "But the fact that it's you … this guy I've had a crush on for so long … fuck, Jasper, it's blowing my fucking mind."

"I'd rather blow something else right now." He muttered with a grin. "But first, I need a better view of that gorgeous pink ass … get up on your knees and show me."

Oh, jeez. "Jasper …"

"Do it, Edward. I want to see."

Oh my god. This was so humiliating; and such a turn on. I did as he'd asked, still stroking myself. But now I was on all fours with my ass towards him. I glanced behind me, and the look in his eyes was worth everything.

"Oh, fuck! Yeah, you look so good like that, baby. Keep touching your cock. That is beautiful."

He took a whack of pictures as I stroked myself and looked at him over my shoulder. Finally, I said, "Didn't you say you were gonna blow me or something?"

He dropped the bulb. "Yeah. Get on your back again."

I got on my back as he came toward me, climbing up beside me and running his hand over my chest and abs as I stroked myself.


I grinned and tugged his hand away from his cock. "Jesus, Edward, this is a mighty fine specimen …" I licked my lips in anticipation.

He glanced at mine. "Likewise."

"Well, aren't we a pair," I murmured, rubbing his cock like it was Aladdin's lamp.

"That feels so good," he murmured, closing his eyes. "Just the way you touch me, Jasper … it kills me."

My own cock throbbed at his sentiment. "I love touching you, Edward."

I lowered my mouth to his cock and licked around him, making him gasp. His dick was so hard, but the skin of it was so soft and smooth. I teased him with my mouth and my hands until he was begging me again. I loved making him beg.

"Oh my god … your fucking mouth … Jesus! Jasper, I can't fucking stand it … I'm gonna come in your mouth, Jasper … fuck!"

I came off him and grabbed his cock tightly at the base, helping him to stave off his orgasm. "Tsk tsk, Edward. It's way too soon, baby."

"But," he whimpered.

"Fuck, Edward. It's like nobody's ever touched or sucked you before, baby. You're so sensitive."

"Shit. I'm sorry."

He was fucking apologizing? I let go of his cock and lay down beside him, forcing him to look at me.

"Edward, don't apologize, baby. I fucking love it. It's very … refreshing. And arousing. And, uh, I find it hard to control myself with you, too." I took his hand and placed it on my cock. "See what you do to me?"

"Mmm hmm," he murmured. "Fuck."

"C'mere." I pulled him against me and kissed him hard, thrusting my tongue into his mouth and pressing myself against him. His hands came up and held my head as he kissed me back with an intensity equal to my own.

Our bodies tangled together and we lost ourselves in it, kissing and touching each other in every place imaginable. When I coated a finger in spit and slid it into him, he made the most delicious noise and opened to me without hesitation. He was fucking mine and he knew it.

"You're mine, Edward," I moaned into his mouth, pushing my finger in deep.

"Yes …"

"Say it. Out loud."

"I'm yours. I'm fucking yours, Jasper."

His cock was rubbing against mine and I grabbed the little tube of lube, praying there was some left. I knew what we needed to do.

I slid my finger out of him and wiped it quickly on the sheet. Then I poured the rest of the lube into my hand and wrapped it around both our cocks, rubbing it up and down and all over us both.


Jasper's finger slid from my ass and the next thing I knew, our cocks were covered in lube and he was holding them together, sliding them wetly against each other.

It was fucking Heaven.

I groaned and pulled his face around, finding his lovely mouth and kissing him hungrily. He was absolutely right. I was completely his and I would do anything for him. I would crawl around on the floor on a fucking leash for him if he asked me to, and I think it was completely within the realm of possibility.

"Oh, fuck … Jasper!"

Our cocks slid together easily, our bellies just as slippery. He let go and pushed me onto my back, climbing on top and rubbing his cock freely against me now, grinding down on me like I was his bitch. Of course, I was. But it wasn't enough. I reached down and clasped us together again and he thrust into my hand against my cock like an animal, murmuring and grunting and whispering dirty things in my ear.

"Oh, fuck, your cock feels so good … I could hump you for days, baby … so fucking slippery and hard and hot and … are you gonna come again, Edward? You gonna jizz all over me?"

I was close; I was so close. I had to stop kissing him – I needed air. His hand found my nipple and he twisted it painfully. I cried out and then I was coming and coming and yelling and coming, and all I could feel was hot wetness and pulsing flesh between us.

"Oh … baby!" Jasper yelled, and there was more heat and more wetness. And that was all there was and that was everything. We clutched each other until our orgasms were over; then relaxed into a close embrace.

Jasper licked my ear and started whispering again. "Oh my god, Edward, that was fucking epic … we are so good together, baby … there're so many other things I want to do with you, baby …"

"Jasper," I murmured lazily, so comfortable in his arms and so sated by our lovemaking.

"Uh huh?"

"Shut up and kiss me."


At 11:30, I listened outside the door to my studio. All was quiet, so I carefully twisted the knob, pushed open the door, and stepped quietly into the room. I didn't want to disturb them.

I could smell sex and jizz and boy, and I breathed it in as I took in the scene before me:

The room was dark, but moonlight was streaming in through the window and illuminating the sleeping figures enough for me to see. Edward was sprawled on his back with Jasper lying over him. Jasper's head was on Edward's chest, his arm stretched up and his hand wrapped around Edward's. Their legs were entwined and their chests rose and fell with the deep breaths of exhausted slumber.

It was fucking beautiful.

I snuck over to the camera, took about ten shots of the sleeping boys, removed the memory card, and made another stealthy exit. I couldn't wait to look at the pictures on my computer. And, if I knew anything about Jasper, there would be a few surprises for me.


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