Title: Role Model

Genre: Crack, crossover (Leverage/SPN)

Rating: Teen

Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit collected from the character use

Summary: Substitute teachers seriously interrupt the flow of learning

Author's Note: These were written for pa_burke when she was having a seriously bad day.

He took a deep breath and let it out, restraining the urge to hit something or rub his forehead to ward off the incipient headache. It was a great thing that Ben was enjoying school so much. Dean would even admit that it was kind of cool that he was learning some things that had a practical application, and it wasn't as if he hadn't learned all of this before he was younger than Ben, mostly through experimentation that had singed more than a few body parts and eyebrows and had left Sammy deaf in one ear for a week once.

But the other parents in the area were livid that the new teacher was instructing the kids on how to make their own electronics and explosives, and Dean could reluctantly see the point. He was aware that his childhood was not really a functional model for a normal childhood and that most children would have a problem with responsible use when it came to bomb-making. He trusted Ben, who was really more mature than his classmates, but that Ryan kid from two streets over? Not so much.

Maybe it was time to talk to the skinny, slightly crazy blonde who had started teaching Ben's science class.