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Pairing: Joshua/Neku friendship and slight Neku/Shiki

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Day 1—The Game

"…no," the glowing figure said sternly. A winged being in front of him shook his head and took a step backward.

"You are in no position to be arguing, Composer," he said quietly. "It is by the orders from the Higher Planes that I came here and I shall not be hindered by anything. Not even you."

"You don't understand, Astral," the said Composer chuckled softly. "Sanae Hanekoma is MY Producer, and that per se has given me right to keep him here."

The angel gave a sigh. "And you're in position to be demanding anything?" he gave a shrug. "You know your punishment won't be light either."

"There will be no punishment or any such things," the Composer replied calmly.

"…yet," the angel named Astral continued. "The Higher Planes are talking about it as we speak. You have broken at least a dozen rules and you know it. You took too high of a risk for something so insignificant like this."

"It is not insignificant," the Composer shook his head stubbornly. "Not in my eyes it isn't."

"You know, your stubbornness and arrogance might just be the death of you someday," Astral shrugged. "Not that it is any of my business though."

"Then you should keep your business as I keep mine," the Lord said firmly. "I am not handing over Sanae Hanekoma."

"Listen, Mr. Composer we don't like doing this to a fellow angel too, but—"

But even before the angel finished talking, a troop of a dozen angels appeared behind him and each was fully armed, as if ready to fight in case something unwanted were to happen. The angel named Astral shrugged and stepped back, allowing the head of the troop to speak. The head of the angels took a step forward and spoke with a deep baritone voice.

"Yoshiya Kiryu, we are here by the orders of the Higher Planes. We have decided that you are to be punished for your sins," the archangel spoke. "You will be stripped off your status as Composer of Shibuya and shall retreat to the RG starting from now on."

Yoshiya 'Joshua' Kiryu frowned. He had expected this, but somehow, he had a feeling that the archangel wasn't done yet. He was right. The archangel did continue.

"…and you will play THE game in your own district. The game will start now and last for the next seven days. You know the rules," he said softly, expression going soft. "We are sorry about this."

Joshua immediately felt a sting at his palm and looked at it. The timer started ticking slowly but surely, signaling the limited time he had. He sighed.

"Fine, I'm in," he said.

"Good, your timer has started," the archangel nodded. "Best of luck…Yoshiya Kiryu."

With that, the army of angels disappeared into balls of light, leaving Joshua standing in his throne all alone. His form shifted into the normal 15 year silver haired boy and he took a glance around. He felt a presence behind him as an older looking man stepped in from the Dead God's Pad. He gave his usual arrogant smirk as to welcome his Producer.

"Hello, Sanae, enjoying your nap?" he asked with an addition of his usual giggle. The Wildkat's owner gave a sigh and stepped closer to the ex-Composer.

"Hi, J," he said softly. "How do you feel?"

"Fabulous," he giggled. The café owner gave a light chuckle.

"Great then," Hanekoma said sympathetically. "Listen, Boss…I…" he paused for a second. "I'm going to face the Higher Planes."

"Mmhmm, nice joke," Joshua gave a giggle. Hanekoma chuckled again. That response was to be expected.

"J, I must," he said. "If I don't, they will come to get me again and things could get ugly. You can't shelter me forever and you are no longer in any condition to do so."

"My, my, the world is coming to an end, for Sanae Hanekoma is lusting for an early doom," Joshua said sarcastically. Hanekoma gave a laugh, knowing that he had earned Joshua's reluctant approval.

"Listen, J…" he said. "Go see Phones and his friends. They will be able to help you. Or at least, Phones will. You can't face this alone, even though you still possess your Composer strength, it will only last for so long. You will need help."

Joshua didn't reply. Hanekoma gave a knowing sigh. Joshua wasn't going to involve anyone and he knew it. And he also knew that whatever he said wasn't going to change the ex-Composer's mind. He could only hope that luck would once again lean to the ex-Composer's side. The Wildkat's owner gave a feeble smile and turned around, his white wings spreading wide.

"Best of luck, J…" he said. "It was an honor knowing you…"

And with that, he disappeared, leaving Joshua entirely and absolutely alone.

"Bye to you too Sanae. It was nice knowing you."

Day 1 The Game—Closed

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