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Epilogue—Soundless Voice


A frail thing that dissolves immediately at the first contact with warmth…

How is it the proof of one's life?

A thin young man with orange colored hair stood with hands in the pockets of his Amida jacket in the midst of the snowy night. The sound of music blared in his ears through a pair of brand new original CAT headphones and an Mp3 player of the same brand hung loosely from his neck. He gave a huff and a puff of white smoke formed in the air.

He looked up to the famous 104 building, Shibuya's most crowded shopping center standing tall and proud in front of him. Though with his current circumstances—headphones and Mp3 player on—he couldn't hear anything unless it was anything relatively close to earsplitting, the sound of Christmas songs echoed throughout the entire shopping district. A fat man with a white beard and red attire stood with a big smile holding a big board with a big "DISCOUNT" written on it in his hands. He laughed with a familiar sounding "ho-ho-ho" and every nearby child immediately perked up, giving him their widest gap-teethed grin. Some would jump at him, screaming "Present! Present!" as loud as they could.

The young man with the name of Neku Sakuraba gave another huff, forming another puff of white in the air as he averted his eyes from the familiar sight. It was always like this every year. Christmas was time for fun, food, drink, festive, a fat man in a red suit, and presents. No one bothered to think about the true meaning behind the big holiday that was being celebrated in every country around the world. Not that Neku bothered to think about it either, though.

Christmas was not that big of a matter for him. He never thought much about it. Sure, he'd be happy if someone gave him presents, but he never bothered to be excited about it. It was just a holiday like any other. Once the clock struck 12, it would be over, just like any other holiday. That's all it ever was to him.

He stared at the falling snow with a blank gaze as he walked away from the crowded site. He caught a flake and it immediately melted in his palm. He sighed. Of course. Snow was fragile and frail. It couldn't stand the warmth his body offered and broke.

"Do you know why snow is the proof of life?"

Snow was…the proof of people's life. How so? A week ago, he had no answer to offer to that particular question. But he had spent some time pondering about it since the first snow fell upon the cold earth. When Neku was a child, he had once tried to look at a snow flake from a microscope. The small child was fascinated by the beauty the icy crystal showed to him. But as beautiful as it was, it couldn't last forever.

Neither could life.

Life was a fragile little thing. One could end it in a mere second. But once it ended, it wouldn't be able to return to its previous state. But even if it was preserved, it would still eventually come to an end.

Even so, so many other lives existed in the world.

Each and every day, people die somewhere in the world, and just like that, snow would also melt.

But then, spring would eventually come.

As spring arrived, lots of lives began to bloom as well. The coldness of winter was immediately forgotten. As new lives began, the old ones were forgotten. Sadly, that was the way everything was. People had to continue living their own lives despite the ache and suffering of their pasts.

No one could stop the flow of time. And no one could survive the demise it eventually brought.

Even so, everything continued to advance. The earth never stood still. The world continued to live on as people come and go.

Neku Sakuraba's steps came into halt in front of a café. The café had been closed for almost a week now. Its owner was currently away. When he returned, the café would return to life as well.

…or so they would like to think.

The orange haired boy took two gift boxes—one wrapped in plain pink paper and the other with dark brown paper—from his pocket. He put the boxes in front of the café door on the sidewalk. He stared at the 'closed' sign of the café with a nostalgic look in his eyes.

Two empty gift boxes.

But no one understood how much those two small boxes meant to the teen who had put them there. Neku's mind flew to the day everything began with him and his friends…to the person who had started it for him. To the person…to the people who could no longer be there to celebrate Christmas with him.

Two empty gift boxes…filled with memories.

"I will never begin to forget anything that happened since that day, so too bad," he said to no one in particular. He let himself fall into silence for a minute, as if waiting for a reply, a girlish giggle, or a perverted remark to answer him.

Nothing interrupted the music he was still listening to. Nobody responded to his words.

He gave a bitter smile. "You could've just said thank you, you know," he said again in his monologue. "But no, you had to be 'cool' up till the last moment. Not that I mind though. If you thanked me, I would've freaked out."

He chuckled. The smile on his face faltered as he once again stared at the 'closed' sign of the café. "I don't know as of yet why snow is the proof of life," he spoke again to the wind. "I bet you don't know either, that's why you decided to make me think about it for you. You lazy ass."

He let his lips twitch into a fond smile. "But I haven't given up about it, alright?" he said. "I'm going to finish this 'homework' you gave me, give an answer to that question, and win our last game once and for all."

He felt the gentle breeze of the snowy night brush against his face. He felt cold, but for once, he didn't complain. He stood still in front of the café with a wistful look on his face, as if waiting for something, someone, to emerge from behind the closed door of the café that once had been filled with the scent of doughnuts and coffee beans. He took off his headphones, staring at them for a while before giving another small smile.

"…and…about these…" he spoke again. "…you know, I was wondering where and when you got them. Mr. H wasn't there the entire week, so maybe you prepared these since long ago, huh? That's so sweet of you, don't you think?"

Only the chattering noise of nearby people talking answered him. Neku gave a sigh. "I suppose you won't answer no matter what I do, huh? Prick."

He took a small note from his pocket and eyed it with a mixture of sadness and happiness along with some nostalgic tint in his eyes.

A small gift, four parting words, a simple greeting card.

After a while, he finally lifted up his face and gave a genuine smile to his shadow company.

"Merry Christmas."

With that, he turned around and walked away from the café. He put back the small note into his pocket and fished out his cell phone. He smiled upon seeing a couple of messages from his friends, both asking where he was. He typed up a short 'Sorry I'll be there in a minute' reply before lazily tucking it back into his pocket. He put back the headphones and hummed a familiar melody in tune with his Mp3 player.

Back in front of the café, on the sidewalk, the two empty gift boxes sat quietly under the snowy night. The memories of two important figures and friends remained still despite the relentless ticking of the clock.

While the rest of the world moved on.

Last Chapter

"Merry Christmas to you too, Neku dear. Hee hee."

Soundless Voice—

Chapter Closed


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