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Authors Notes: Yes, a new story from me. Posting this short prologue and I'll be posting the final chapter and the Epilogue of My Facebook Reunion over the next few days. This one will be a little more different than MFBR – but stick with it, I'm very excited. Thanks LisaDawn75 for always keeping me on the right track and to Tammygrrl for looking over this short piece for me.

Don't Ever Look Back.


The looks in the halls.

The sniggering.

The subtle shoulder shoves from the Cheerleading Squad. The mocking from the jocks... and then those looks from the jocks. Those looks. You know, the "Yeah, I'll be seeing you later on, baby." look, followed by a sarcastic wink.

"Dirty fucking skank"

"Such a whore. It's disgusting."

I looked through them, like they didn't exist to me. Like their words didn't cause me to ache inside. If only they knew.

Bitches. Just leave me the hell alone. What do you know about me?

"Bella?" - a softer voice called, as a hand wound its way into my hair. It's not gentle for long, as he pulled my head to face him. "I don't want you. You just were there, like the whore you are. And I just had to know if you were as easy as they said you were. They were right. You're nothing but an easy lay."

Tears stung my eyes. "Riley?"

"Just stop calling me, it's pathetic. You are pathetic."

He laughed and walked off, joining his crowd of jock friends, laughing and shaking his head. There was an exchange of hi-fives and fist bumps. "You know what, Gar, even though she's practically a hooker, she has the tightest little pussy ever."

I will not cry. Will not cry. You don't know me. You don't know me.

The look.

The sniggering.

The name calling.

They don't exist to me.

I will never give myself freely again.

Don't look back. Don't ever look back.

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