Her eyes opened. It was the first time she had done so. A visual struck her eyes the moment they stopped being shielded by her eyelids. A pale color, a shiny surface, as far as she could see.

She realized her eyes were fixed inside of a part of her she realized was called a "head." She moved her head around, observing everything around her. Flying lights in the distance, a shimmering effect across the shiny surface she saw earlier.

She saw two bits attached below her neck. "Arms." And down these arms were smaller bits, "hands." Connected to them were ten digits, "fingers." She could these parts around within a limited degree of flexibility. With her hands and fingers, she could feel the touch of whatever they came into contact with.

She looked at herself and noticed her form was covered with something. It was a material that was not of her body, but held onto her body. It was a white blouse, and a blue dress. Using her hands, she felt a ribbon attached to her hair, and noticed her hair went down to just below her lower jawbone.

She saw two other extensions on the bottom of her body. She thought of them as "legs." On the bottom of her legs were "feet", and with them, ten digits called "toes." With these, she could walk, and land from flying. They also had limited flexibility, but this did not matter, for walking was not her primary means of conveyance.

Flight. She felt herself not bound to where she had waken up. She was floating upward. She noticed other extensions coming from her back. "Wings." Wings with a crystalline appearance. They were not necessary for flying, but they were there to show others what she was, "Fairy."

She got a better view of her surroundings. She had awakened on a frozen lake. Some of the lake was beginning to thaw off from the rising sun. A thought came to the fairy. She flew to the water and touched it. Ice grew from her fingertips, spilling into the lake. The ice spread, freezing over more of the lake. She giggled at what she could do.

Other fairies flew by. They observed her, "An ice fairy!" "Must be freezing the lake!" "Hey, let's play!"

The other fairies fired forth magic missiles at the blue fairy. "YEAAAAAGH!" She screamed. Her terrified body flew wildly in an attempt to avoid the shots.

She noticed how the other fairies were holding out their hands to fire. The blue fairy placed her hands out, palms facing forward. She thought of firing back. Blue danmaku in diamond-like shapes shot toward the other fairies. The shots flew so quickly, that the other fairies had no time to move out of the way. One by one, they were dissolved by the blue fairy's shots.

All of them were vanquished. The blue fairy looked at her hands, then boasted, "That was cooool!"

There was something wrong with the sky; it had turned red. What looked like a red mist had blocked sunlight. The blue fairy didn't know what it was, but enjoyed it, "Nothing to melt my frozen touch!"

She flew around the lake, looking for something to do, when she saw a green-haired fairy get destroyed in a hail of danmaku. Smirking, she flew to where the commotion was. She heard a voice say, "Is it just me, or did it get really cold? I thought it was summer!"

Another voice said, "It's the red mist. It's blocking out the sunlight, dummy!"

"But it's like really cold, even with the mist!"

She spotted where the voices came from. A Shinto shrine maiden and a girl dressed like a witch from Occidental mythology were flying around. She flew in front of the girls and took a menacing tone, "The cold you speak of is my work! Tremble before my might!"

The shrine maiden addressed her, "Oh, excuse us, have you seen an island around here?"

The fairy closed her eyes, tightened her fists, and vexed, "Mmmmmmmmm! Don't ignore my power like that! I'm the strongest fairy here!"

Marisa looked nonchalant, "So? A fairy's a fairy. You can't be that powerful."

"Yes I am!" She pointed her index finger in a direction, "That greater fairy you took out a minute ago? She's a pushover compared to me!"

The shrine maiden looked a little more serious, "Are you trying to issue us a duel?" She raised a spell card, "Because we're game."

"That's right!" The fairy spread her arms, and a spell card materialized in front of her, "You humans will bow before the might of the Great Cirno! But first, I shall deep-freeze you into English beef!"

"What?" Marisa managed, while taking out a spell card of her own.

Cirno shot off some danmaku. Reimu and Marisa retaliated in kind. The three performed a dance of flight, firepower, and evasive maneuvering. Back and forth they went.

At one moment, Cirno was firing many shots to her sides. Her front side was empty of missiles. Reimu flew directly in front of Cirno. With purifying needles in hand, she unleashed them at close range. The fairy's body evaporated into nothing. Marisa sighed, "What an annoying fairy."

Cirno woke up on top of the frozen roof of a house in the human village. Her body radiated murderous intent, "AGGGGH! I HATE HUMANS!"

Some startled humans looked in the direction of the loud ice fairy. "Huh?" Cirno flew up, and noticed she was in the human village, "Uh oh!" She flew out.

As she flew away, she thought, "That's it, then! I'll have to find a way to get better! Not just against fairies, but youkai too! And humans! I need to figure out how to beat these foes! Only then can I become the strongest!"

Spring had come to Gensokyo. This spring, however, was different. There were far more flowers in bloom than ever before. Cherry blossom petals floated through the air in abundance. "Flowers! Flowers everywhere!" Cirno exclaimed, "There hasn't been this many flowers in over sixty years! And these cherry blossoms are so pretty!"

She flew around, touching flowers and freezing them. After some time, Cirno was in a dark field of red spider lilies. Cirno didn't find that odd, but she did find the fact that these lilies were growing in a cemetery odd. A woman dressed in an elaborate uniform appeared. The woman, Shiki Eiki, commented, "How rare, a fairy in this region."

"Gah!" Cirno yelled, "Another person to bug me! Is it the flowers? I know they're pretty, but there must be more to it!"

Eiki, unperturbed by Cirno's complaints, said, "Do you know where you are?"

Cirno looked around, "Some kinda graveyard?"

"That's right. You're in a place humans use to remember their deceased. Rather odd to see a fairy in such a place."

Cirno looked deep in thought, then raised her index finger, "I get it! Graveyards have gate guards, and you must be a gate guard!"

Eiki chuckled, "No. I am not a gate guard. I am one of the Yama. I've come to this realm to warn others." She appeared to stare more deeply into Cirno, "Do you know what your sin is?"


Eiki explained, "You're a fairy with great power, much stronger than most of your kin, yet you can't rein in your desire to use this power. You recklessly go about challenging others to duel with nary a care for yourself nor the people nor the environments around you. You act as though you are immortal, when in fact, you're just as finite as the humans you so despise."

Cirno blushed, "Liar! That's not true! I'm the strongest!"

Eiki raised her voice slightly, "You are an embodiment of an element of nature, but like all fairies, should the aspect of nature you represent die in Gensokyo, you will die too. We, the Yama, will most certainly judge you. Then, whether you are sent to Heaven or Hell, well, I can't say for sure yet."

Cirno's face became a complex mixture of fear and anger, "That's . . . that's something humans . . . You don't scare me!"

Eiki elaborated, "A stream's flow, a bird's cry, a cricket's song, these things are finite. Even mother nature dies at times. You should know that immortality does not exist in this world. You must be aware of this the next time you decide to exercise your power."

Cirno threatened, "Exercise THIS!" She shot out blue and white danmaku shots.

Without flinching, Eiki evaded these shots, and responded with danmaku shaped like Rods of Remorse. Cirno had a difficult time evading these danmaku, since they were larger than what she was used to. Eiki's body emanated numerous purple lights. Between this and the Rods, Cirno was obliterated. Eiki's face remained stoic, "As expected of you."

A frog sat on top of a lily pad. It ribbited to communicate. It then leaped into the air, but before it hit the surface of the water, the entire frog had become encased in a block of ice. "Got another one!" Cirno boasted.

"Another frog?"

"Wagh!" Cirno turned around and saw a sullen Reimu, "Oh, it's just you. I'll have you know I can even fight up close and personal now!"

Reimu mused, "Uh huh. Now, I know you never listen, but there's a Shinto kami in Gensokyo now, one who represents frogs. You probably shouldn't freeze frogs anymore, unless you wanna deal with another adversary."

Cirno said, "Another adversary? Bring 'em on! I've been on a roll ever since I trashed that raven and that girl's doll!"


Cirno had frozen a frog in place. She hovered over it, watching the ice melt, seeing if this specimen would survive the thawing. Her thought process was disrupted by "EVIL! EVILDOER!"

Cirno turned around. She saw a blonde-haired girl flying by flapping her arms, wearing a large strawhat. "Ah! What intrepid explorer dares to interfere with me now? (See? I can talk smart!)"

The girl shouted, "You! You're the ice fairy I've heard about! The one that kills frogs! As a divine spirit of frogs, I can't allow that!"

Cirno asked, "Why not? I can control ice, I can do what I want with it!" The memory of Reimu's warning that Suwako would come gunning for her never crossed her mind.

Suwako shrieked, "And you also defeated my daughter! Honorably, true, but I can't take such defeats sitting down!"

Cirno became frustrated, "Ai yai yai, what are you so worked up about? This is Gensokyo! No one stays dead forever! Even if I did kill some frogs, they surely reincarnated! Here, or in Heaven, or Hell, or the Netherworld, but it's not like the outside world!"

"So what!? Murder is murder, and I will put an end to your evil deeds!"

Cirno puzzled, "Through murder? Heh heh heh! If this is just an excuse for a duel, I'm ready!"

"WAAAAAGH!" Suwako fired off danmaku patterns.

Cirno positioned herself at the end of one of the danmaku trails. She touched a missile, froze it, and the rest of the trail turned to ice. The ice reached Suwako, freezing her hand, "Gyah!" This caught her off-guard, but only momentarily, "Chew on this!" Suwako drew a spell card, then clapped her hands.

The earth on the shore of the lake rose up, and took the shape of two large hands. The hands aimed to clasp Cirno in their grasp. She avoided them, and fired at Suwako. The goddess sank into the earth to avoid getting hit. Suwako leaped from beneath the ground behind Cirno and fired a volley of danmaku. Cirno touched the edge of a danmaku stream, froze the bullets, and injured Suwako again. "STOP DOING THAT!" Suwako exclaimed.

"Not until you give up!"

Suwako furrowed her brow and drew another spell card. The ground from the bottom of the lake shot dirt up from below. Cirno was nearly caught off guard, until she remembered a technique of hers; she fired a stream of danmaku, touched the last shot, froze a small portion of bullets in front of her, and used the ice as a shield. By doing this, she could protect herself from Suwako's onslaught.

"Nothing's working!" Suwako observed. She flew out in front of Cirno, and fired danmaku, this time firing individual shots instead of curtains of bullets. Cirno could see her freezing ability was of little use, so instead, she maneuvered closer to Suwako, and fired icicles at her. The two went back and forth, but the pressure was too much for the goddess; she was hit one too many times. She had fallen by the lakeside, "Oooooh! I never got good at danmaku!"

Cirno floated in front of her, "I told you, I'm the strongest! If I want to freeze frogs, or any other animals, you'll let me!"

Suwako, on the verge of crying, said, "Okay, little fairy. You win again. Just, don't harm the ecosystem too much, okay?" Her body sank into the ground, and her hat skated across the surface back to Youkai Mountain.

"ALRIGHT!" Cirno cheered, "I'm better than ever! I'd like to see those Scarlet Devil weirdos mess with me now!"

Not far from the Hakurei Shrine was the tree that served as the hideout of the Three Fairies of Light. Inside of the tree was a house, a tree house. Empty sake bottles lied everywhere. Sunny declared, "Hey, I just thought of something, let's think of a way to get back at the humans!"

Star questioned, "But, how?"

Sunny pinched her chin between her thumb and index finger, "Well, we'll . . . .uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum," she looked up, "you got any ideas?"

Luna responded, "Uuuuuuuuuuuuuum? How 'bout you, Star?"


Sunny ordered, "Forget thinking of something. Let's sleep on it instead." They collapsed into a deep slumber.

"Time to go home!" Cirno thought. She had spent the day flying throughout Gensokyo, taking in the sights, and dueling with youkai. Her home, such as it was, was a simple structure made of ice on Misty Lake. She had returned, only to find it shattered.

A flag stood on top of the ruins of Cirno's home. It depicted a childish drawing of Sunny, Luna, and Star, and simple writing that read, "Join fairy sisters today!"

Cirno stared intensely into the flag, "What is this? Is it saying 'join, or we will make you suffer'? I will not tolerate this act of war!" She took to the air and flew off.

Luna was exhausted. She, Sunny, and Star were relaxing in the treehouse, "How come no other fairies have come yet?"

"Just give 'em a little more time!" Sunny reassured, "They'll come!"

Something hard struck the door. "Wah!" The three screamed.

"Someone's attacking!" Star cried out, "The humans are already onto us!"

Sunny ordered, "In that case, be prepared. On my mark, we fly out. Okay? One, two, THREE!"

The three fairies burst out of the treehouse. "Show yourself!" Luna shouted. Nobody was around.

"Hey look!" Star pointed out.

"Huh?" There was an arrow made of ice stuck to the door.

Star said, "There's only one person I know who can do this."

"Curse you, Marisa Kirisame!"

"Prepare for war with the humans!"

The ice structure of Misty Lake was rebuilt. "That wasn't so hard." Cirno breathed, "Yet I get the feeling they'll just blow it up again . . . unless." She made fists, "Screw waiting around for a response! I'll just find those stupid fairies and make them not blow up my house anymore! That'll show 'em not to mess with the strongest!"

She flew away from the lake and down a road called, "Spring Path". It was a path filled with flowers and cherry blossoms scattering everywhere. Many fairies had gathered, and started shooting at each other. Some of them targeted Cirno; they did not last long against her icicles.

Cirno had flown for some time, "Come on! One of those fairies has gotta be around here!"

Star flew in front of her, "Ah, Cirno! You got our message!"

"Yeah, your declaration of war! You're gonna pay for what you did!"

Star looked flustered, "Eh? But all we wanted was to recruit fairies to start a war against humans. How else could we get your attention?"

Cirno reprimanded, "You try to recruit me for a war, my making another act of war yourself? Poppycock! Prepare yourself!" She fired icicles.

"Wagh!" Star strengthened her resolve, "Well if that's the way you're gonna be, I'll bite!" She fired back blue and red stars.

Cirno froze the shots that formed a trail back at Star. This, in-between her icicle danmaku, was enough to force Star to stop, "Wow! You're strong! You'd make a perfect recruit for our army!"

"But I don't wanna join your army!" Cirno blasted, "I just don't want you wrecking my house again!And don't try helping out the others either; I'm coming for them next!" She flew off and left Star behind.

Cirno had ended up in the Forest of Magic. Many fairies had gathered here as well, most of which fell to Cirno's magic. Hours had passed since Cirno set off for battle. It was the late afternoon by the time she found Sunny, "There you are!" She called out, "You declared war on me! I have come to answer in kind!"

Sunny was confused, "Huh? What? Declare war on you? No! We declared war on the humans!"

"That's the same lie Star used!' Cirno pointed out, "My ruined house of ice is proof of it!"

Sunny blushed, "Oh, that, um, hey! Wanna test your strength? See if ice beats the fires of the Sun?"

"Yeah!" Sunny fired a stream of yellow suns for danmaku. Cirno was able to freeze these shots to protect herself, and to harm Sunny.

Sunny responded by firing red suns that were on fire, "Try freezing that!" She bellowed. Cirno tried to freeze the red shots, but to no avail. "Ha ha ha ha ha ha! You have no chance to win now!" More red suns came for Cirno.

It was getting harder and harder for the blue fairy to maneuver around the suns, and fire icicles back. A thought then ran through her mind, I can still freeze these fireballs! Cirno drew a spell card, "Freeze sign: Perfect Freeze!"

A white flash blinded Sunny, as her body was encased in ice, as were her fire danmaku. The ice shattered, her dress had become damaged, and she ached all over, "Agggggh! I forgot! You have spell cards! Well you haven't seen the last of me!" She flew away.

Cirno said aloud, "Fairies like to gather back at the lake; maybe I should go back?" She flew back to Misty Lake. More hours passed, and it was now nighttime. The dark of night was the preferred time of day for most fairies, and as such, the air above the lake teemed with lesser fairies. Cirno made short work of them. A greater fairy appeared, one Cirno recognized, "Ah ha! The last of the trio!"

Luna answered, "Yes, me! Unfortunately for you, you caught me at night time! This is when I am strongest!"

"Oh yeah? Well, I'm strong at all times of the day!"

Luna leered, "Really? Would it help out against this?" She fired danmaku shaped like yellow lasers. Her patterns were more elaborate than the other fairies Cirno had faced off against.

The two went back and forth, with Cirno freezing shots, and Luna firing off larger patterns. The duel had come to a stalemate, "Good job!" Luna commended, "But you haven't seen the last of me yet!" She flew away.

"Hey! Come back here!" Cirno pursued the fairy in the white dress. Luna was then joined by side with Sunny and Star.

"Thought you could get the upper hand?" Sunny questioned.

Star added, "We understand what you've been doing. That's why we got together."

Luna concluded, "Cuz when all three of us are together, we use up our arrows three times as fast!"

Cirno was dumbfounded, "What? What was that line about arrows again?"

Sunny ignored her, "If you want a war, we'll give you one! You against all of us, it's only fair!"

Cirno shook her head, "No it's not! It's cheating! No one else is on my side!"

Star said, "Considering you can freeze danmaku and we can't, we think it's a fair handicap."

Cirno contemplated for a moment, then smiled, "Why am I even scared to begin with? I'm the strongest! I can beat all three of you at once!"

Luna shouted, "Then prepare yourself!" A barrage of danamku from the three fairies swarmed Cirno. Luna blanketed the surface area of the lake with her yellow shot. It was too much for Cirno, and she was caught in a shot, disappearing into nothing.

Sunny bragged, "You're the strongest? As if!"

Cirno's voice announced, "Guess again, lamers!"

The three were shocked to find that Cirno had reincarnated at her rebuilt home, which wasn't far from where the fairies were at. "No way!" Luna espoused.

"Yes way! Who's cheating now!?" She fired off icicles.

Remembering it was night, Cirno aimed for Sunny. "Ow! I gotta retreat!" She flew away.

Cirno then moved on to Star, knowing she doesn't gain strength during either time of the day. Through a combination of her shots and freezing, she forced Star to retreat. Luna was the only one left. The fairy with the drill hair said, "You think you chased my friends away, but you haven't! We're about to combine!"

She flew back, rejoining with Sunny and Star. The three of them generated a red field surrounding them, "This is an anti-Cirno field we made! Not even your Perfect Freeze can stop it!" The three moved as one, shooting off fiery danmaku, and trying to catch Cirno within their red field.

Cirno thought They're bluffing! I can totally nullify that! She drew a spell card, the one for Perfect Freeze, and yelled out its name. The spell froze the fireball danmaku, but had no effect on the three fairies, nor their field, "Ha ha ha ha ha!" Star laughed, "You can't win anymore!"

Cirno responded by firing icicles, but the icicle shots melted from the field before hitting her targets. "We are invincible!" Luna boasted.

The blue fairy could only avoid them, thinking she was powerless, but then noticed their danmaku wasn't fiery until after it passed their field. She flew in close and froze a stream of danmaku. This set off a chain reaction that froze the barrier, Sunny, Star, and finally Luna. When the ice shattered, the three fairies of light disappeared with it. Once the danmaku had cleared, Cirno let out a loud victory cheer. "YEAAAAAAH! WOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Someone interrupted her cheer, "YES! GREAT WORK!" It was Aya, with a camera in hand.

Cirno turned around, "Oh, you saw that? You bore witness to the end of a great fairy war?"

Aya nodded, "Oh yes! I've always thought fairies were the most interesting, with you being the most interesting fairy I've caught on camera."

Cirno stroked her hair, "Well, I have gotten better over the years. Hey! That reminds me! We once dueled before, back when the flowers were blooming like crazy, yet you beat me! Have you come for a rematch? Because I am pumped right now!"

"Alas, no." Aya tried to not sound dejected, "I'm not here to get into another fight. Serves my paper no good to do that. However, humans are performing flower viewing. If you go to a place with a lot of flowers, you might find someone there who could challenge you. Try a cherry blossom path."

"Okay!" Cirno declared. She flew off.

Marisa had been flying for quite some time in the afternoon. She was viewing flowers in bloom, and observing the cherry blossoms falling, "These activities can soothe even my hasty heart. I should do this again next year."

She sighed. She was tired, and wanted to return home. She pointed her broomstick to where the Forest of Magic was and took off. Shortly after that, Cirno intercepted her, "There you are!"

Marisa gritted her teeth, "Geh, stupid ice fairy! I'm not even anywhere near the lake! What do you want?"

Cirno answered, "I came searching for a dueling partner. One not of my fairy brethren, but someone stronger. You're a human, and a rather strong one, I remember. That is why I propose we fight! One on one, no shrine maidens nor puppeteers to interrupt us!"

Marisa tilted her head, "You came all the way out here just to fight me?"


Marisa bore a smile, "Alright! This should be easy! Let's get this over with before the sun goes down!" The area surrounding Marisa was covered with familiar green and yellow stars.

Cirno froze the danmaku as it came to her. She fired icicles at Marisa, but she was able to avoid them because of her fast flying speed. At one point, Marisa drew a spell card, "Light Sign: Mysterious Beam!" From both of her hands fired what looked like her signature "Master Spark" attack.

The stars were still flying about. Cirno froze some to form an ice shield. The beams could not penetrate her protective barrier. Marisa noted, "Call me crazy, but you aren't like when we first met! You're a lot stronger now!"

"That's right!" Cirno said, "Strong enough to beat you now!"

Marisa put her arms to the side, non-verbally saying this can't be helped and said, "In that case, I'll treat you as something a little stronger than a fairy!" She drew another spell card, "Unsealed Magic: Open Universe!" Several large discs shot out in a spiral patterns, each of them leaving behind a trail of blue star bullets.

As much as she froze the danmaku, there were still many bullets flying about. Cirno had to go lower and lower just to avoid getting hit. She was nearly touching the ground. The ceiling of danmaku prevented her from flying up. She touched the ground and froze a portion right as she was evaporated by a bullet.

Cirno had vanished before Marisa's eyes. Her magic bullets stopped. "What a workout." She muttered. She turned around and flew away back to the Forest of Magic.

A few seconds later, she was knocked off balance by a rod of ice. She saw Cirno, grinning widely, "So that's why!"

"I know my powers!" Cirno bragged, disposing of her rod and firing more icicles.

Marisa flew back and drew a spell card while chanting, "Blazing Star-like Tag!" A Master Spark-like beam shot out from the back of her broomstick. She flew around erratically, attempting to collide with Cirno. The fairy froze the stars raining down on her to protect herself from Marisa's beam, but also found it hard to attack her. Since it was a spell card, she waited it out. After a minute of near-collisions, Marisa's spell ended. "No way!" She commented, "Strong, and better at staying alive?"

"Why are you so shocked? I've always been the strongest of the fairies!"

Marisa looked devious, "Yes, right, a fairy. Then I have something just for you!" She drew another spell card, "Fairy Destruction Ray!"

A laser beam wider than the others Marisa had recently fired engulfed the space in front of her. Large discs moved around, spewing forth yellow stars as they went. Cirno froze the star danmaku to block the laser beam. She focused on letting the spell card run out again.

The danmaku that the discs were firing then became like flames. Cirno performed "Perfect Freeze!" The beam disintegrated the fireballs the moment they were frozen. Cirno flew in-between the discs, since they blocked out the beam. She was continually grazed by the fire, the laser beam, and the discs as this went on.

The magic stopped. Cirno's dress was tattered all over, her hair was a singed mess, and burn marks covered her skin. "Whoa!" Marisa said, "You didn't fall during all of that! That's good! Tell you what, I'll let you have this victory. Right now, I wanna go home and sharpen my fairy busting abilities, okay?"

Cirno said, "Ah ha! I did it! I beat you! Yes, let me enjoy this, while you go home with your tail between your legs, a ha ha!"

Marisa frowned, "Don't get the wrong idea, da ze. I'm not depressed over this. I'm just so wowed by your strength that I don't feel like fighting anymore. Then again, if you challenge me again in the future, I might be up for that." She flew off, "Good game!"

Cirno flew around in a celebratory dance, because she knew she had grown immeasurably since she could first remember how to make ice.

The sun's light began to stretch throughout the surface of Gensokyo. Even in a landlocked country such as this, the light of Earth's solar system could still provide heat and light. Lush forests and greens stretched on as far as the un-aided eye could see.

On top of one of the many treetops of Gensokyo sat four fairies. Cirno reflected, "Hey, you know what's funny about humans?"

"What?" Sunny asked.

"When they're born, they can't do anything! They can't move, they can't talk, they can't use any magic. All they do is flail their arms and cry!"

"Yeah!" Star said, "How did they as far as they have if they aren't born like us?"

Cirno reacted, "I know! When I was born, I could already fly! And freeze the air! And a bunch of other stuff!"

"Me too!"

"Me three!"

"I don't get it." Luna concluded.

"Hey," Cirno started, "you ever tried to fly up really high?"



"I can't remember."

Cirno said, "Well, I did, but then I hit the invisible boundary or whatever. Keeps things out as well as in! Tell you what, let's have a race! Let's see who can fly up and hit the ceiling of the Boundary first!"


"You're on!"

"Let's do this!"

The four fairies skyrocketed upward at blistering speed. It was a new day in the Land of Illusion.

[Author's Note: This is the end. (Beautiful friend, the end.) I'm all out of ideas. This Touhou series is over. The entire project, Touhou Monogatari, is over. I have nothing else to say nor do.

Well, I guess I can give a little background. When I started the Backstories series, I eventually wanted to do a backstory for Chen. I had already done a backstory (of sorts) for Yukari and Ran in the Eternal Blossom shorts, so I wanted to do Chen to complete the family. I started writing that out. It . . . was crap. Not good, not okay, just crap. All you need to know is; Ran went out by herself, she found a cat near the human village, it was starving, it went up to Ran for food, Ran felt bad so she fed it some food. She realized it couldn't survive on its own, so she brought it home, Yukari wasn't happy at first, but Ran said the cat could become useful, she names it Chen, she (Chen) becomes a youkai, learns magic, learns to fly, take a human shape, shoot danmaku, speak, et cetera, and . . . that was it.

I also considered Byakuren. She and her flock have a rich backstory. However, such a project would be large, like, more than a one-shot. You would have to do a full series for that. Truth be told, the UFO characters are not favorites of mine. Also, I'm not intimately knowledgeable of Buddhism, so I feared I would've cranked out something mediocre in the long run.

I decided to end it all with Cirno because . . . what is a fairy's life like? Fairies are the most common race in Gensokyo, yet we never see them in depth like some of the other characters. Then I figured out why; they're not supposed to be deep characters. Of course, just because a character isn't multi-dimensional doesn't mean they're automatically bad. And most of the scenes I wrote are inspired by canon (or close to canon), so there's that.

But yeah, this is the end. Thank you to all of those that stood by me throughout the uploads. It really makes my efforts worth it. And just because I'm not doing Touhou fanfics anymore doesn't mean I'm through with writing. Remember, I write, publish, and sell original fiction now. Not here, since you can't make a profit off of fanfiction without the copyrighters' permission, but yeah. Thanks again.]