Chapter Two

(James Pov)

After dinner was through, I excused myself walking up the stares to my window. I pushed it open leaning out and emptied my stomach of the gross contents I had ate.

With a low growl I washed my mouth out of the slimy taste and returned downstairs where I stopped hiding next to the wall beside the stairs as I heard Charles speaking to Victoria.

"Victoria if Benjamin makes you an offer you WILL say yes!"

"NO! I will not! I do not know him let alone love him! I will not throw my life away for some wretched man who wants nothing but a innocent woman to please him!" I smiled to myself, this girl was amazing.

"Victoria Emerald Townsend!" I heard Charles's angry voice then a sound like skin against skin. I looked around the corner noticing Victoria having her hand against her cheek. I walked out then walking to them.

"Mr. Townsend, I will not question how you act around here but when it comes to laying a hand on your daughter, that is where I will involve myself." He glared at me about to say something and I cut him off. "I do not care how you think of me for this but I draw the line at abuse to any young woman."

"I never-"

"And you never will." I cut him off again and swore I saw him turn red. He shook his head and walked past us, his shoulder bumped into mine and I shook my head.

I'd deal with him soon enough.

I walked to in front of Victoria and tilted her head up to look at me. She flinched slightly and I frowned. "Come on.." I took her to the kitchen where there was more light, I helped her sit down in a chair and I inspected her cheek.

The skin there was lighter than the rest of her, I suspected there would be a bruise but I was not too sure on how hard he had hit her.

"There is no need to make a fuss over this, James. Its nothing new to me..." I felt anger rise up in me.

"He's hit you before?" Her eyes looked towards her lap and I watched her. "When he gets really angry..." I made fists at my sides and she placed a hand on my chest while she stood.

"You said you'd play for me...can you now?" I nodded and took her to her piano and sat down. She sat down next to me and I played something by memory.

(A/N: He is playing Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven)

While I played, Victoria watched me and touched my arm every now and then with a smile. As I finished, she looked in my eyes and smiled once again. "I loved it..."

I grinned and she stood grabbing my hand leading me outside. "Will we not get in trouble, Victoria?" She simply laughed and twirled around.

The previous rain from the daylight had the grounds a little muddy. I noticed blades of grass running against her dress, putting mud on it. "I could care less if I get in trouble. Mother understands me better than father does."

She took me around the back of the house to a large barn. She dragged (which I let her mostly) me inside and went to a black horse. While noticing her, the horse gave a small whine and she smiled as she pet it.

"This is my horse, I named his Shadow. He's my favorite." I walked up to her and noticed the horse backed away from me slightly. "Shadow there there...James is a friend." She took my hand and placed it on the horses head. I pet it carefully and soon the horse calmed down enough.

"When will I get a ride?" I joked and she laughed. "He never lets anyone ride him. No one except me." A smirk showed across Victoria's face and I chuckled. What a smug little vixen.

I watched her pick up a brush and she started running it along the horses back. I continued watching her, mesmerized with every stroke she did.

A slight intake of breath had me alert. She dropped the brush and I walked around the horse to her but froze when I saw her hand.

"Oh no...I forgot about the sharp edge..." She sounded embarrassed but I could hardly care.

All I cared about was the blood dripping from the middle and edge of the palm of her hand. I started to move closer feeling my eyes widen more than they already had.

So rich...so sweet...

My thoughts gave me no relief. Her scent clouded my senses and I felt painfully erect.

This was just by the smell of her. I imagined her taste and I grabbed her wrist looking at her bloodied hand. "James.." I could hear her voice but it sounded distant. As I started to lean down to her hand I licked my lips.

(A/N: I WAS going to end it here! But being the nice little author I am I decided not to torture you that way ;-D)

I didn't hear the footsteps only the shout of, "Victoria!" I dropped her hand and leaned up turning to see a man walk in. He was pale and his eyes were dark. "Laurent." Victoria smiled and moved away from me and away from the horse going to Laurent and hugged him.

"When did you get back?"

"Just now." He smiled then his eyes cut to mine as I was staring at her hand still. "Victoria...why don't you go have Mary help you with your hand? I want to speak with..."

"He is James."

"Ah...well then let us catch up yes?" I held back a growl as he suggested her leaving. She walked to me and kissed my cheek making me blink and swallow my venom. She simply smiled and walked to Laurent kissing his cheek and I watched wide eyed as he returned the kiss to her cheek.

"Goodnight." She left us and I gasped out turning the stable door and pulled it closed holding onto it tightly. "Yes...her blood does smell nice. But do get a grip I do not want my good friend found dead next to her horse."

I froze. How did he know?

No..he couldn't know.

I turned to him still gripping the stable door. "What are you talking about?"

"I doubt your a new born otherwise Victoria would be dead by now. Your old enough to control your thirst, SO, why are you here vampire?" I stared at him. Obviously he had done his homework. I smelled deeply and couldn't smell a human scent from him, only Victoria's blood which was still in the barn.

He had no heartbeat either. I stopped breathing and released my grip on the stable door before I broke it and continued looking at him. "Her scent...its the best I've ever smelled."

"Ah..so she is your singer?" He crossed his arms and I made fists. "My...no I can't have one of those."

"Obviously you do." He said with a chuckle. I walked past him and he grabbed my arm causing me to growl. "You might want to go hunting. I don't want the whole family slaughtered." I pulled my arm from him taking his advice and went hunting.