Will was in his classroom teaching Spanish class. He wrote on the board 'Regresar'.

"Regresar. Who knows what that means? To come back," He added.

Will carried on talking to the class and took a ball of paper off Mike.

"To come back. Now if we're going to put it in the past…" Will started.

"Will? It's an emergency," Emma said.

Will spun round.

Will and Emma ran down the hall to Sue's office.

"Becky Jackson opened Sue's journal and found this," Emma informed.

They looked at the book.

"Goodbye, cruel world?" Will read.

"She could be dead by now," Emma realised.

Emma looked at Will. Will looked down at the journal. It read:

Yes losers, I'm committing Sue-icide.


Will and Emma opened the door to Sue's apartment.

"That's weird the doors open," Will said.

They stepped in side and began looking round.

"Sue? Sue," Will asked.

Will ran to Sue's bedroom door. It was locked. He tried to break it down. No use, but on his third attempt, it swung open.

"Sue," Will said.

Will and Emma ran to her.

"Sue, wake up, Sue, Sue! Wake up!" Will shouted tapping her face.

Emma grabbed Sue's wrist and checked for a pulse.

"I don't feel a pulse. She doesn't have a pulse!" Emma panicked.

Will was trying to stay calm. He looked at Emma.

"Help me lay her down," Will added.

Emma nodded and they carefully moved the pillows, so her head was just on the mattress.

"Will, do something," Emma suggested.

Will hesitated. This was Sue. She tried to destroy Glee club. He looked at Emma once more. He was going to have to do CPR, on Sue!

Then Will tilted her head back, pinched the bridge of her nose, and lowered his mouth to hers. He proceeded to give her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. He did 30 chest compressions. He followed that up by checking her vitals again.

Still nothing. Emma was now on her cell, calling 911. He continued the steps, 2 breaths and 30 compressions.

"Come on Sue, please," Emma pleaded.

Will settled in to a rhythm and tried to forget, everything going through his mind.

There was suddenly a gasp and coughing. Will looked down to see Sue, staring up at him.

"Sponge hair, square chin, what are you doing?" Sue asked.

Will smiled. Sue was back to herself.