As they drove to the hospital, Rachel watched the paramedics as they tended to Will. He was still unconscious, with an oxygen mask on his face, his skin was taking on a bluish colour from the cold, so the paramedics were removing his jacket, shirt and pants, replacing them with thick thermal blankets.

The bleeding from his head wound had stopped, which was now covered with a white bandage and the woman paramedic lifted his eye lids, shinning a torch light in his eyes, checking his pupil's reaction to the light, to see if he had concussion.

Rachel was shivering herself and one of the woman paramedics handed her a blanket, which she wrapped around herself tightly. She was watching Will closely and he seemed so weak and fragile. She was glad that he had taught her what to do, or he would be dead.

"Is he going to be okay?" Rachel asked.

"He's stable for now, but he's breathed in a lot of water, so time can only tell the out come of his condition," The male paramedic replied.

Rachel nodded and took Will's large hand in hers, it was so cold, and she wished that none of the last 30 minutes had happened. She brought his hand up to her lips and kissed the back of it affectionately. She held it tight in her hand and the woman paramedic smiled.

"What's his name?" The woman paramedic asked.

"Will... Will Schuester," Rachel replied, smiling as she got butterflies when she said his name.

"And your name?" The woman paramedic added.

"Rachel Berry," Rachel said.

"Well then Rachel, Will is going to be okay. Do you want to tell me what happened?" The woman paramedic asked and reassured her, feeling sorry for the young girl.

"W-well Will and I were just coming back from the clinic, as I had went to get an ultrasound and we were driving across the bridge... There was a truck that was driving in to both lanes and... I just knew it was going to hit us... Even t-though Will tried to avoid it, it knocked the car off the bridge..." Rachel said.

She sighed and held Will's hand tighter as the memory of the recent events went through her mind.

"Then we were sinking under the water and Will was out cold... I tried to wake him but he just wouldn't wake up... T-the water was almost up to our necks when I finally woke him up... At this point we both started banging on the windshield a-and when it broke, we went to swim to the surface... When Will swam off, my foot had gotten caught in my seat belt and I thought it was over for me... but then Will was there next to me again and my foot was free... I swam to the surface and I... I knew he was right behind me so when he didn't surface, I went back under. W-when I got to him, he had passed out and I swam back to the top of the water..." Rachel added.

Rachel was holding Will's hand tight and she wanted to cry as she was so scared that he might not be the person he was before the accident as she knew his head injury might have caused damage. The woman paramedic was still listening and she knew Rachel was scared by the tone of her voice.

"When I got him on the shore, he wasn't breathing and I didn't know what to do... but then I r-remembered that, at school I had learnt CPR... Then when I tried to save his life, I thought he was going to die, but then you arrived..." Rachel said, with tears in her eyes.

"It's okay, you did an excellent job, if it wasn't for you, Will might not have been alive now," The woman paramedic told her.

Rachel smiled, then she looked at Will, his eyes were fluttering and he took in a deep breath, before he began coughing. The male paramedic quickly removed the mask from his face and turned Will's head to the side, as water ran out of Will's mouth as he coughed.

Rachel saw her boyfriend's eyes finally open and he finished coughing seconds later. Will lay gasping for a moment, looking around at his surroundings and when he saw the beautiful brown eyed brunette, he smiled widely.

"Rach..." He croaked, his voice rough.

"I'm here, its okay," Rachel said softly.

"W-what happened?" Will asked.

"I'll tell you later, but now you need to rest," Rachel told him.

Will smiled at her and saw she had tears in her eyes. He wanted to kiss her so badly, and it was like she could read his mind as she leaned down and captured his lips in a kiss. Rachel smiled as his lips were a bit warmer than before, and then after a second she pulled away.

The ambulance had just arrived at the hospital and Will was took inside and put in a room. Rachel had been checked over and the baby was fine and she was too. After Rachel had been told that, she set off towards the room where Will was.

She had been told by the woman paramedic it was room 192, so Rachel got in the elevator and went up to the floor she needed. When the metal doors parted, she stepped out and walked around searching for room 192.

As she walked down the corridor she walked faster, wanting to see the man she loved. When she got to his room, she put her hand on the cold metal door handle and she turned it. She pushed the door open and stepped inside, to see Will lying in the bed, looking better than before.

Will's eyes instantly lit up as he saw his beautiful girlfriend, he patted the side of his bed for her to come and sit down. Rachel walked over to his bed, she sat down on the bed next to him and she kissed him.

"How are you feeling?" Rachel asked.

"A lot better now that you're here," Will smiled.

Rachel blushed slightly at his words and he grinned. Will looked at her, looking in to her eyes and he smiled.

"Thank you Rach," He said.

"I'd do it again just like that," She replied.

"I love you Rachel," Will smiled.

"I love you too Will," Rachel added.

Will was overwhelmed with love for the girl in front of him and he had been told he would be allowed to leave soon. He remembered that his car was trashed as the nurse had told him.

"Rach, have you rung your dads?" Will asked.

"No, not yet," She answered.

"Well I think you should soon, cause they're our ride home," He stated.

"I will call them soon, but for now, I'm going to spend some time with the man I love," Rachel grinned.

Will laughed slightly which made him cough, he began coughing violently and Rachel handed him the glass of cold water from the bed side table next to him. As he took a drink, she watched as he made a face like it hurt when he swallowed. He looked at her and she took the glass and put it back on the table.

"One thing you should know for future events," Will said.

"Yeah, what's that?" Rachel asked curious.

"Drowning hurts a lot," He replied, chuckling the slightest bit.

"I'm sorry," Rachel apologised.

"What for?" Will asked.

"It's my fault that this happened... If my foor hadn't gotten caught in the seat belt, you would be okay," Rachel told him.

"But if I hadn't got you free you and the baby's lives would have been a stake, and I would rather die than have anything happen to you two," Will said.

Rachel wrapped her arms around Will in a hug and she kissed him on his lips. He kissed her gently and put a hand on her cheek. When he pulled away he coughed again, then he looked at Rachel with love in his eyes.

"You are my life Rach," Will said.

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