A Weird Awkward Moment

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"Oh, Taylor...I never dreamed it would be like this for a long time..." Ridge said as he was holding Taylor romantically in a warm room alongside a warm couch. His wife Brooke was out of town for the whole weekend to attend an important meeting by Forrester creations.

"Oh, Ridge...I'm so glad you got rid of Brooke for the whole weekend so it can be you and me. I feel like I'm in heaven with you already..." Taylor said in a seductive tone. She was so sweet, so heavenly when she was wasn't plotting to have Brooke get out of Ridge's life.

"Really? Well...you got your wish...kiss me..." Ridge said, being the ravishing gentleman that he was.

"Oh, Ridge...!" Taylor responded as he kissed the gorgeous man with passionate force. Both of their tongues battled out like two knights fighting for honor. They both began to rub each other in a intimate mood. But out of nowhere...

Someone broke out of Ridge's fantasy.

"DAD! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!" said a shocked Thomas who saw Ridge under the covers naked. Ridge was with someone, but it wasn't Taylor...or Brooke...

"Uh...Hi, son. This isn't what it looks like! Honest." said Ridge who was trying to make up an excuse. Thomas didn't buy it.

"Well, from what it looks like Dad, you've been making out with a pillow for the last 10 damn minutes!" Thomas responded, freaking out.

"Fine, I have problems, okay? Just don't tell your mother, okay? Now shut the door, I'm busy." Ridge said as Thomas shut the door with a disgusted look in his face.

"I'm gonna pretend I never saw that..." Thomas replied as he went to the bathroom and tossed his cookies at the disturbing image made by his father Ridge and the pillow.


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