A Weird Awkward Moment

Chapter 2

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"Now, where were we?" Ridge said, looking back at Taylor with such precision.

"I was getting out the whipped cream..." Taylor said with such seduction with her voice.

"Good...I love dessert..." Ridge replied, laying back down and relaxing with both of his hands on the back of his neck. Taylor soon "went down" on him putting whipped cream on his...thing.

"You ready, baby...?" Taylor responded, feeling her face with pure satisfaction

"Bring it..." Ridge said quietly as Taylor was licking off the whipped cream from his...thing.

"Hehehehe...that tickles..." Ridge chuckled enjoying himself. But as the fun went on...someone interrupted him... again.

"RIDGE! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" said Brooke, who was pissed off like a jacked-up hyena. It looks like she came home early.

"Um...having whipped cream..." said an embarassed Ridge.

"I see that, but...WHY ARE YOU MASTURBATING TO IT!" Brooke screamed angrily.

As Ridge was about to give out an answer...he ran for the hills.

"Oh, no you don't! You get back here, you whipped cream-lovin perv!" Brooke shouted, chasing a naked Ridge (who was covering himself...) over the Forrester hallway. His daughter, Steffy, saw him and was flat out appalled.

"Ew! Daddy! That's disgusting!" Steffy shouted, being embarassing by his whipped cream covering father.

"Just ignore him, sis...he's had too much pot brownies from that Jamaican roofie..." said Thomas, who was passing by, ignoring the whole situation.

I guess that was a little too awkward...

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