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"You look adorable!" Squealed Temari at a Gaara wearing black jeans and a dark red, long-sleeved, v-neck top.

"I don't want to look adorable. I just want to look decent." Growled Gaara.

"Uhuh. Remember to take it easy tonight, it's not another mission. Oh, and wear this! I think it'll do the trick!" Temari handed Gaara his black jacket. He put it on and looked into the hallway mirror, fiddling with the collar.

"Relax! Hinata will definitely approve!" Winked Temari as she pushed Gaara out the door. Immediately, Gaara turned red. He turned around and was about to tell Temari off when she shut the door, "I'll be there later!" he heard her shout through the door. He just sighed and grumbled all the way to his black Honda accord.

"I never said anything about Hinata." protested Gaara, while his cheeks went red again with the thought of her name. "I just said I wanted to look decent."

Hinata was Gaara's first friend. They were together from the first time she spoke to him in the sandbox in pre-school till the first year of middle school. During those years, Hinata helped Gaara make more friends. Even though he slowly, very slowly, made more and more friends, Hinata was always his favourite.

Before the second year of middle school started, she moved to the other side of the country because her Dad accepted a new job there.
Gaara is now about to start his second year of high school in three weeks. He hasn't seen Hinata in three years. They lost touch as well due to their busy schedules, Hinata being the heir to her clan and Gaara working hard to become the leader of his.
Two days ago, Gaara suddenly got a call from Hinata, saying that she has moved back and wants to meet him soon.

"I can't wait to see you again, Gaara!"

He could still hear her excited voice in his head. Gaara gave a slight grin. She hadn't used any formalities, even though it's been three years since they last spoke. Gaara chuckled. "I'm glad." Realising he had said that out loud, Gaara cleared his throat and continued driving towards Tenten's house. She had invited Hinata and Neji and all their old friends for a small reunion party when she heard they were back.

He didn't like going to places where there was going to be a crowd, Naruto and Lee usually had to force him, with a lot of effort, to go to anything with more than five people. But he made an exception this time.
This time, it's different. Very different. Gaara stared onwards, into twilight.

"Hinata…It's been a while."

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