"Gaara, you're dripping it everywhere!" Said Hinata, taking some tissue out of her bag.

Gaara frowned. His ice cream was melting rapidly in the heat and he was having trouble keeping it under control.

"Here." Hinata handed him the tissue.

Gaara wiped the cone but as soon as he was finished, it got messy again.

"You know what, forget it!" He threw the cone in the nearest bin and kept walking.

Hinata chuckled and continued with her ice cream.
They were finally finished school and were making most of their summer holidays before college started.

"There they are." Said Hinata. Sakura and Naruto were waiting outside one of the water rides in the theme park.

"Hinata! Gaara!" Waved Sakura.

"We finally found you!" Smiled Hinata.

"Sorry, Naruto wanted to go on a ride he saw and took off with me very suddenly." Said Sakura. "It's the end of the day too! Our double date turned into separate ones. Sorry."

"We were together the entire morning, so it's ok." Said Hinata.

"Yeah but we'll make it up to you guys soon!" Replied Sakura.

"Ok." Smiled Hinata.

Gaara was glaring at Naruto and Naruto was smiling awkwardly back at him.

"Uhh… Why don't you guys go buy us some drinks? We'll wait here." Said Sakura quickly.

"Sure!" Said Naruto. "C'mon, Gaara."

Gaara continued glaring at him as they walked to one of the juice counters while Naruto tried to fill the silence with small talk.

"Things still aren't right with them." Sighed Sakura.

"It's getting better! Gaara hasn't said one bad word about Naruto in months. He doesn't even make a face when Naruto is mentioned in a conversation!" Said Hinata.

"Yeah, Naruto's been trying his hardest to fix things between them."

"It'll turn out fine. I think Gaara misses Naruto but he won't admit it."

"He always acts tough, doesn't he?" Grinned Sakura.

"Yes, he does." Smiled Hinata. "It's your anniversary with Naruto soon, isn't?"

"Yup, next week it'll be our four month anniversary! He's planning a surprise for me." Replied Sakura.

"That's wonderful! Gaara is already starting to plan our one year anniversary…" Said Hinata.

"But isn't that two months away?" Asked Sakura.

"Yeah… He says he wants everything to be perfect." Replied Hinata.

"Haha! Gaara is quite the romantic!" Laughed Sakura. "I would never have guessed he had that kind of side to him!"

"Neither would I! But he's always making sure he does everything right."

"He's very sweet."

Hinata blushed and nodded.

"Here are the drinks!" Said Naruto, walking up to them. Gaara was following him.

"Thank you." Said Sakura, taking her pineapple juice.

Gaara handed Hinata her orange juice.

"Thank you." Said Hinata.

"We should get going." Said Sakura.

They walked out of the theme park and headed back home.

"It's good that there is a theme park so close." Said Sakura.

"Yes! It's so cool! Apparently, they're building new rides too!" Said Naruto.

"I love theme parks! It holds a lot of memories for you two, doesn't it?" Smiled Hinata.

Sakura blushed and Naruto grinned.

"Yeah, it's where Sakura finally said yes to me." Naruto grinned even more.

"It was also where we had our first kiss." Blushed Sakura. "Oh! I never asked, where was your first kiss?" Asked Sakura to Hinata and Gaara.

Both of them immediately blushed, taken aback by the question.

"Well… You see… Umm…" Stammered Hinata.

Sakura looked at Hinata's face. " Don't tell me… You guys haven't kissed yet!"

"What? Really? You haven't?" Naruto was surprised too.

Hinata and Gaara blushed even more.

"You guys should kiss now!" Said Naruto.

"What!… N-No! I mean… I…" Stuttered Hinata.

Sakura hit Naruto. "Idiot! Don't say things like that!" She turned to Hinata. "Sorry. Anyway, my house is this way so I'll see you guys later. Bye!" Said Sakura.
Hinata waved at them while they walked down there lane. When they were out of sight, Gaara and Hinata continued walking.
There was an awkward silence because of Naruto's suggestion. Hinata tried to break it.

"T-today was fun! My favourite ride wa-"

"It's not a bad idea." Interrupted Gaara.

"Huh?" Hinata was confused.

"What Naruto said, it's not a bad idea."

Hinata blushed like crazy. "B-but… I-I think… Umm…"

"You don't want to?" Said Gaara.

Hinata looked down. "It's not that… I don't want to…"

Gaara stopped and turned to Hinata. Hinata stopped too and looked at him. He Slowly walked towards her while she walked backwards till her back hit the stone wall. He put one hand against the wall. He looked into her eyes.

"I want to." He said softly.

He closed his eyes and kissed her. Hinata didn't fight back and closed her eyes too.
This was very unexpected for both of them but they liked it. Her lips were soft and the smell of his hair was the closest it's been to Hinata.
Suddenly, a small flash went off.

"Naruto, you idiot!"

Gaara and Hinata stopped kissing and looked in the direction of the flash and voice.
Naruto and Sakura were hiding behind a tree, Naruto was holding his phone.
Hinata suddenly got very embarrassed and Gaara got angry. Gaara walked towards the tree with Hinata following him.

"Ah! Sorry! We didn't mean to spy! I forgot to give you my new number and came back but then we saw this scene and didn't want to disturb you so we hid here! We're very sorry!" Apologised Sakura quickly, after seeing Gaara's face.

"What was that flash?" Asked Gaara. It was more of a demand than a question.

Naruto laughed weakly and slowly held up his phone and pointed to the camera on it. Gaara got even more angry and tried to grab the phone off him but Naruto didn't let go. In the middle of their struggle, they heard a small beep from the phone. They stopped and looked at the screen. It said "Sent".

Gaara's eyes widened. "What does it mean by 'Sent'?" He asked angrily.

Naruto gulped and checked his messages. He froze.

"Wha-" Gaara started but his phone went off. Then Hinata's phone went off, followed by Sakura's.

Gaara looked at his phone in his pocket and then back at Naruto. He glared at him.

"My phone… might have… accidentally… sent that picture to… everyone on my… contact… list." Smiled Naruto weakly.

Gaara was fuming. He looked like he was going to tear Naruto's head off.

"Sakura, you can give your number later. We have to go. See ya!" Said Naruto quickly. He grabbed Sakura's hand and ran.

Gaara was about to run after them but his phone started ringing. He picked up.


"That… was Neji." Gaara banged his head against the tree.

"Oh no…" Said Hinata.

"What?" Said Gaara, his head still on the tree.

"I'm getting texts from everyone."

As she said that, Gaara's phone started beeping continuously, his phone filling up with messages.

"… I'm going to kill him. I am." Muttered Gaara. "Just wait."

Hinata put her hand on Gaara's arm. He looked at her. Her face was still red.

"Look." She said quietly.

She held up her screen to Gaara. On the screen was the picture that Naruto took.
Gaara blushed immediately and looked away.

"…It's perfect…" Said Hinata quietly.

He was confused and looked at the picture again. Hinata was against the wall and Gaara was slightly bend over, with his hand against the wall. Both their eyes were closed and the light was shining on them… perfectly. She was right, it was perfect. Naruto took the picture at the right moment. Maybe he should thank Naruto instead? No, he's still going to kill him.
Gaara got up.

"It's getting late. We should go." He held Hinata's hand and walked down the lane.

They stopped just outside Hinata's gate and Gaara pulled Hinata back, behind a bush.

"What?" Asked Hinata, confused.

"… Neji's looking out the window." Said Gaara.

Hinata looked and he was right, Neji was looking out the window with an angry look. He looked like he was waiting for Hinata to come back home.

"I don't think he saw us yet." She said.

"I don't think he should." He said.

"Alright, you can drop me here." She let go of his hand. "I had fun today. I'll see you later." She said and turned around. But Gaara grabbed her arm. When Hinata turned her head to ask what was wrong, he kissed her again.
Hinata was blushing and looked surprised.

"I wanted to do it again." Said Gaara.

Hinata turned even more red.

"Umm… I-I'll see you… later." She said and quickly went inside the gate. Before she closed it, she looked at him and smiled. Then she closed the gate and went inside her house.

Gaara grinned to himself. He started walking back home and took out his phone. He scanned through his messages till he found the picture Naruto took. He opened it and looked at it. He smiled.

"…Maybe I shouldn't kill Naruto."

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