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I was having a bad day and I didn't even try to hide it. I know that going into work in a bad mood could be very dangerous, especially when my head wasn't clear the way it should be when flying a hundred people thousands of feet above the ground.

"What is up your ass?" Emmett, my brother had asked me as I left the house this morning.

And I wasn't really sure what my problem was. No, that was a lie, I knew. I just didn't want to admit it to anyone and especially myself.

Bella Swan.

She was the problem, as much as I tried to deny it.

I kept telling myself over and over again that it was just sex. Albeit really, really, really good sex, but still.

Alice would kill me when she found out that I was fucking her best friend and that was part of the reason me and Bella thought it would be best to keep it a secret.

Only it was starting to become a problem for me to keep it a secret, on more than one occasion I had to literally stop myself from shouting that she was mine. On the few times that we have flown together, I couldn't help but be jealous when she was with other men. They could simply be talking but I couldn't help it, my adrenaline started pumping, my heart raced, and I think a vein might have popped out of my neck. It was starting to become a major problem.

Growing up, Bella had just been my little sister's best friend and nothing more. At 16, I didn't pay much attention to my sister, or the things going on in her life. But Bella came around a lot and soon the whole family fell in love with her. They were two years younger than me, just getting into high school. It wouldn't have been cool for the quarterback of the football team to hang out with freshman, especially when one was his sister.

Walking into the pilot room, I noticed that a few people were here already. Including my boss Riley who was…whistling?

"Edward, my boy. How are you doing? Perfect weather for flying, don't cha think?" Riley Burns was my boss and inspiration. He taught me everything there was to know about flying a plane. But I had never known him to be so happy before a flight. One of the things he always said was "remember kid, this is a job. A high risk job, and you cannot risk the lives of all of those people by not having a clear head beforehand."

"Yes sir, it really is. How's the family?" I asked as he got his uniform on.

"Oh you know, mad, sad, and scared as usual. No different from the last time I flew. Bree made me promise that this was the last one. She's ready for retirement, getting old and spending some time with the grandkids. Told the big wigs last week."

Riley must have seen the shock on my face, and his smile just got bigger because of it.

"You retire? No way. This place is your home, your sanctuary, how could you leave this?" I was not only shocked, but in a way disappointed in his mentor. He was still only 58; he had a few more good years in him.

"Nah, its home away from home, but one day Edward you'll see."

"See what?"

"That this job isn't worth doing if you have no place to go home to when it's over." With that, Riley walked out of the locker room to his last flight as a JetBlue pilot. He was whistling the whole way there.

Flying was a high to me, I don't know what it was about being thousands of feet above the ground that makes me so excited, that makes me feel free. It was something I couldn't see myself living without.

But I knew that Riley was right, to an extent of course. On the very few occasions I had a weekend off I did get lonely. Usually I spent my nights off, getting drunk by myself in my house. Craving company other than my parents.

I knew that they worried about me, hell my mom tells me all the time that I'm not getting any younger, and sooner or later flying isn't going to be there anymore. I was 27 and had never had a real girlfriend. Of course there were a few that I brought home but they never lasted long enough to count. I went through a period the first two years of college that I am not exactly proud of.

"Then what will you do, Edward?" Is what she always asks when she points out that I won't be flying my whole life, and of course there never is an answer.

"Edward? Edward. Edward!"

Shaking out of my thoughts, I looked to my right and saw my co-pilot, Jasper, who just so happened to be my brother in law.

It was something I was jealous of but would never admit it, that Alice met her soul mate at the age of 18 and knew better than to let him go. No matter how much Jasper fought because he was my college roommate, it was a lost cause because Alice fights for what she wants and always gets it.

So when Jasper came to me and told me he was in love with my sister, I knew better than to fight it.


I was sitting on my bed with my earplugs in to ignore the obvious sex that was going on in my roommate's room, when Jasper walks in.

He sat at the edge of the bed and said nothing.

"Jasper? You okay man?"

He took a deep breath and shook his head, letting it fall into his hands.

"Oh, Alice again?"

In response I got a shake of his head.

"I'll talk to her, she will leave you alone don't worry."

His head snapped up so quick I thought it would fall off.

"I love her man." And that was that.

It was actually pretty comical the way Jasper fought so hard only to fall in love with her when she had finally "given up". Alice really was a mastermind.

"You okay to fly? You're looking kind of sick."

"Yeah man, I'm good, just lost in my head again." He didn't look convinced but let it go anyway. The good thing about Jasper: he didn't hover.

A little while later Jasper and I were sitting at the coffee shop by our terminal waiting for the plane to be ready. He was telling me about his last flight to India, when I heard it. The sound that had my heart beating in anticipation and nerves.

"Hello boys."

Jasper waved, his mouth full of the muffin he was eating, but I didn't miss the knowing look before he turned away.

I felt someone plop down next to me, when I looked there was Bella's smiling face.

"How are you, Edward?"

When I didn't answer, Bella got a confused look on her face and turned to talk to Jasper.

"Good, I'm good." I practically yelled, causing Japer to choke and a few customers to turn their heads.

God, I'm such a douche.

"That's good. Are you guys ready to fly?"

It was then that he noticed her uniform and the short skirt that it was made up of.

"Oh are you on our flight?" Bella looked down at her nails, and I didn't miss the sad look that graced her pretty face.

"Yeah Alice and I are doing first class today."

I groaned, a lot louder than I wanted to. And again I wanted to kick myself when I saw Bella's face drop.

"Hey man, we'll be fine. I promise not to get distracted." But Jasper knew that it wasn't him and Alice, I was worried about being distracted.

Bella and Alice had decided to try out being flight attendants their final year of college. They were 22 and bored with life. Bella wanted to get out of Forks and actually do something interesting with her life before she settled down as a rare books librarian, (sounds really exciting doesn't it?) and Alice just needed an excuse to be closer to Jasper. She didn't like when he left for days on end, at least this way they were on the same flights and had layovers to enjoy themselves.

That was when Bella and I started this…thing we had going on. It was on a layover in Colorado, and we were the only two left at the hotel bar. The more we drank the more flirting there was, and soon I had her pinned against my bedroom wall.

That was a year ago.

I had always thought Bella was pretty, any man would. She was what they call a "classic beauty", and she didn't even know it which made her all the more appealing to other guys. It wasn't until her and Alice came back for Thanksgiving break their junior year that I really noticed her.


I was 23, and had just finished school at Embry Riddle; I was waiting to hear back from a few job interviews. I wasn't quite at the major airline status yet, but my advisors had told me that it wouldn't be long. That I was one of the most talented pilots at my age that they had seen in a long time.

"Man wake up! Alice is almost home!" It was sickening to me that Jasper just saw my sister last week, but was jumping on my bed like he hasn't seen her in months.

"Jasper, drop the Tom Cruise act, and get the fuck out of my room." He huffed and jumped down, dragging my blanket with him.

"Bella is with her, Esme said come down and say hi, asshole."

Not ten minutes after he left my room I heard the front door open. Not 30 seconds after that I heard Alice squealing, which meant she saw Jasper. Wonderful.

I walked down the steps slowly, still waking up when I saw her. Her back was facing me, all I could see was that her hair had gotten a lot longer, as did her legs.

"Hello brother. Thanks for dragging your ass out of bed to say hi." Fucking Alice, she totally ruined my ogling of Bella's ass.

I think I mumbled something along the lines of hello, still looking at Bella, who was just turning around.

"Hello Edward." She had said, and I swear I almost came in my pants.

"Hi." I whispered back, too distracted by her big, brown eyes. That whole weekend I became a bumbling idiot around Bella. If she noticed she didn't say anything but that didn't keep my brother from cracking jokes every time he could.

End FB

"Attention Flight 568 to Orlando, now boarding. Please make your way to the flight terminal." I jumped up so quick, needing to get away from the girl that was my own personal hell.

"Well I guess that's our cue. I guess we will see you later?" Jasper asked her and I was jealous of the ease he could talk to her. The sex was the easy part, isn't it always? It was everything else that was a problem. Talking to her without being able to touch her, not being able to kiss her everytime she left to get ready for another flight. And especially not being able to tell her that I was completely in love with her.

"Yeah I guess you will. See you, Edward." With that Bella made her way to plane, without a backwards glance.

"Dude, that was fucked up."

"What? What did I do?" Although I knew I had acted like a complete asshole.

"You totally ignored her. Did you or didn't you fuck her last week after the flight to New York? Imagine what she thinks now."

Oh. Well damn.

Yeah, today pretty much sucks.

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