Summary: Ciel received a letter from Professor Higgins. But it seems like Ciel has something in his mind: maybe a small game he enjoys so much?

Pairings: A bit of SebxCiel and PickeringxElizaxHiggins

Warnings: Insanely short…Very short. And characters might be OOC, especially Higgins.

Disclaimer: I do not own Kuroshitsuji and My Fair Lady. They belong to either Yana Toboso or George Bernard Shaw (Alan Jay Lerner)!

As Higgins watched the earl drink his tea, he couldn't help but feel annoyed. The boy's manners and English were simply flawless! And this fact hurt his pride not because it exceeded his manners. Oh no, he knew his manners were a different matter. After all, his mother was finding ways to shut his "bloody" mouth because hell itself comes out of it. No, Higgins was just annoyed that a child can exceed more than his doll. The doll he was putting all his efforts into.

Not that he thought he treated Eliza like a doll.

"Earl" Higgins began as Ciel looked up at him curiously. "I am not the type of person to go after people for tapes but you are an exception."

"Really Professor Higgins? Why, then I am honored to have myself in your presence. But I am curious, what made you want to pursue me?"

To Ciel he found all of this very amusing and he couldn't help but smirk. Sebastian who had been listening to their conversation too noticed how all of this amused his young master greatly. So as he stood behind his master, he mirrored the boy's smirk.

So Bocchan, how will you play this game of yours?

"I hear that you are the Queen's Dog, I found this fact very funny and cruel. A dog? Who wants to be called a dog?"

"Higgins!" Pickering exclaimed as he gave his friend a disapproving look, "How rude of you to say such things. Well, I never expected anything less from you however…"

"It is fine Colonel Pickering" Ciel stated nonchalantly, "The Professor is not as half as rude as some guests I receive… I mean, you do not have any murderous intent do you not?"

Immediately the room stilled as Ciel continued to drink his tea calmly. Sebastian who stood next to his young master smirked even wider as he examined the shocked expression of the three guests before them.

How amusing, humans wrapped in expensive silk. Nothing to worry about but gossip, gossip, and more gossip.

Then Pickering was the one who broke the silence as he coughed into his hand uncomfortably, "Well, please excuse Higgins my good Earl… He is famous for his rudeness and his bad mouth. Oh, do forgive him."

"Like I said" Ciel started with a charming smile, "he is not as rude as my other guests."

"But the Earl can take a good joke. Murderous intent? How humorous!" Then after this remark, Higgins burst into laughter which was followed by Pickering's chuckle and Eliza's snort. However they immediately stopped as soon as they noticed that Earl Phantomhive and his butler was not laughing along with them.

"But what if it wasn't a joke?"

Then the room immediately stilled once again.

Ciel allowed a smirk to escape him which went unnoticed by the three guests. Then as he stood up he said, "It's getting quite late and dinner time is approaching. Can the recording start tomorrow morning, Professor Higgins?"

"Yes, that's decent…"

"Excellent, then I will have my housemaid, Mei-rin guide you to your rooms. So please excuse me…" Then Ciel turned and walked out of the sitting room where he left his rather dazed guests.

As soon as Ciel and Sebastian left the room Ciel turned his head towards his butler and asked, "So what do you think of the guests Sebastian?"

Sebastian gave his master an amused smirk before he replied, "Quite amusing bocchan, like many humans. But of course no human can amuse me as much as you… Are you thinking of a game to play with them, bocchan?"

"Who do you think I am Sebastian?" Ciel asked Sebastian with a cruel and beautiful smirk. "I want you to research everything about Eliza Doolittle… They think they are smart enough to trick me but they should know better."

Sebastian who matched his master's beautiful and yet cruel smile, bowed down to one knee, his hand rested upon his cold, cold heart.

"Yes my lord…"

Bocchan… Let the games begin.

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