They sat in silence.

The sun had just set, there was a small ribbon of golden light in the horizon. But the sky was darkening and the scent of the night hung in the air.

The white marble stairs weren't that comfortable to sit on, but they didn't notice.

Stars started to light up. They twinkled, small and innocent, old and wise, much like magic.

Small pieces of clouds crossed the sky.

It was that kind of night when everything is peaceful, beautiful, in a way that can not be described afterwards.

Fireflies swirled in the air somewhere down the city below. People walked quietly in the streets, but they were all safe and sound.

A slight gust of wind brushed their cheeks, gently and calmly. It had a slight hint of chilliness; it would be autumn soon.

Yet the summer hadn't still faded from the land.

The prince tilted his head, breathing steadily.

Someone in the city below let out a laughter. A relaxed, joyful laughter.

There were no particular need for words.

The world was falling asleep around them, and they watched.

They were aware of each other, but they were always aware of each other. It was just the other's presence that was needed. Not words.

The dim light of the sun faded slowly and turned into shades of red and orange.

The small wind made the flags flap in the air.

The city was full of life, even if it could not be seen from here directly.

People loved, hated, cooked, washed, slept, ate, walked, talked, laughed, cried.

They lived.

Because even if life included suffering and thorny situations, these were the moments that made them up.

Even if their bodies were filled with scars and bruises, it didn't matter. Or that they had fought gravely or shouted at each other. They had also laughed together, survived, cried, grieved, talked, walked, bickered, shared silence, shouted, whispered, lived side by side, shared all of the things that were called life.

And they wouldn't be this peaceful in each other's company if they hadn't.

It was understanding.

The kind of understanding that couldn't be taught or explained. They had feared for the other one's life, saved each other and yet time to time hated each other from the bottom of their hearts.

It just made them care about each other even more.

More fireflies lit up somewhere in the night air. The sun had now dived under the horizon line, the stars were getting stronger. The sound of the night's first owl spreading its wings filled the air.

The two were like a fox and a rabbit: enemies by their legacies and their bloodlines, predator and the prey, but they would never harm each other.

Sometimes the deepest bonds were the most unlikely ones.

They sat in silence.