A Different Beginning

Rating: T

Summary: A very different beginning to the Harry Potter story.

The Potters and the Longbottoms sat at the secret headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix in shock. Albus Dumbledore had just told them of a new prophecy.

"Now, this prophecy may relate to either young Harry or young Neville. You have all managed to "thrice defy" Voldemort; both children were born "as the seventh month dies", and I strongly suggest that you all go into hiding. Filius has suggested the Fidelus Charm and has offered to personally cast it for you."

"Albus, do you truly believe the situation is so dire."

"I do, Frank. If it weren't for the fact that your families are such beacons of hope for the Light, especially you, Lily, being muggleborn, I would suggest that you leave the country. However, I worry that if you do so, the resistance will crumble."

"Surely we aren't so important…"

"I'm sorry to contradict you, dear Lily, but you are."

"Well, if you're sure this is the way to go, we had best start making arrangements."

"Thank you, Alice." The Longbottoms and the Potters rose to go, but Albus stopped them.

"Lily, James, I'd like to speak with you, if I may."

"Of course, Albus," said James. "Frank, Alice, best of luck."

"And to you, of course." Once the Longbottoms had left the office, Dumbledore got right to the point.

"I believe Lord Voldemort is more likely to go after Harry." Lily gasped. "There are some similarities between them. Harry's appearance and blood status are very similar to Voldemort's own. The fact that Harry was born at 11:59 PM on July 31st is also compelling. He was, quite literally, born as the seventh month died."

"And, as such, you feel we are in more danger?"

"Harry is certainly in more danger. I believe Voldemort will only kill you for defending your son. Should you surrender Harry, which, of course, you would never do, Voldemort would, almost assuredly leave you in peace. However, as that is not a factor, let me make a suggestion."

"Of course."

"I would like to offer myself as your secret keeper."

"But Albus, what about the danger?"

"As I already have a giant target on my back for my effort against Voldemort, I doubt the increase in danger would greatly affect me."

"Thank you, Albus, that will make me feel much safer."

"My pleasure, Lily." The Potter's left feeling sure that they would make it through the war with their family intact."

*Halloween 1 year later*

"James, I would really rather we go somewhere else. I have an ominous feeling about tonight."

"Lily, where would we go? We've been over this. Albus warned us that we have a traitor in our midst."

"But we're trapped here like sitting ducks. The floo has been disconnected, there are anti-apparition wards, we have no way to escape.

"Lily, we'll be fine."

"We…we could visit my sister."

"Lily, do you forget that she actually kicked us out of her home last time we visited?"

" Well, that's true, but maybe if we explained the situation. She is my sister, after all."

"Lily, we'll be fine. Don't forget that Albus is our secret keeper."

"I suppose you're right." As Lily got up to check on Harry, their intruder alarm went off. Oddly enough, it wasn't the alarm indicating a breach of the wards; it was the alarm indicating someone with evil intentions had entered the garden gate. James peeked out the window and gasped.

"Lily, it's him! Take Harry and go! I'll hold him off!" Lily ran up the stairs to retrieve Harry. She'd known this was going to be a bad night. She hoped James had some sort of plan. She was so terrified of something happening to Harry that she couldn't think straight. Suddenly, Albus appeared in a flash of light, and Fawkes landed on his shoulder. He looked windswept and horrified.

"Lily, it was Peter! Peter has betrayed us. He's with Voldemort, and led him straight here."

"Peter? How is that possible? He's our friend."

"No, Lily, not anymore."

"Albus, we're trapped. James is downstairs; Voldemort was coming in the gate. I have to save Harry!" Lily was openly weeping at this point. There were tears streaming down her cheeks as she contemplated the fate of her husband and son. "Please, Albus, take him with you! Save my Harry. You can go with Fawkes!" A bright flash of green emanated from downstairs. "Oh Merlin! JAMES! You BASTARD!" Lily grabbed her wand and raced to the door. Before she exited the room she turned to Dumbledore. "Please, take him and go! Save him. It's my last request. Let him know how much I loved him!" With tears streaming down her face, Lily raced downstairs to face the man who had murdered her husband.

When she saw James' still form on the living room floor, She raced to him and screamed. When she looked up, her eyes were that of a madwoman. She raised her wand without even thinking. Before she'd even had a chance to utter a curse, the flash of green hit her, too. Lily was dead before she hit the floor. Voldemort surveyed the lifeless bodies piteously, then looked at the ceiling. He had a job to finish.

*Change POV*

Albus stared down at young Harry. He held him close until Lily was out the door. Then he held the boy away from his body distastefully.

"You have been nothing but trouble to me, Mr. Potter. You will make a wonderful gift to my dear Tom." He looked up as he heard footsteps on the stairs.


"In here, Tom." Lord Voldemort followed his lover's voice into a small bedroom.

"She left him with you?"

"I told you that they trusted me completely. Our followers are dealing with the Longbottoms?"

"Of course. We will be completely unopposed once this brat is dead."

"I have always wanted a son, and we need an heir."

"Not him. We can find another. Besides, I would like a girl."

"One of each, perhaps, Tom?"

"We shall see, dear. Now, let's finish him and solidify our takeover." The two most powerful wizards in the world aimed their wands at Harry Potter, and, without his mother's sacrifice, he was annihilated. Dumbledore enveloped Tom in a hug and Apparated them back to Riddle Manor, eager to complete their takeover of the wizarding world.