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Chapter 1

Fred Jones, Daphne Blake and Velma Dinkley, three of the members of the famous detective agency known as Mystery Inc. sit reclining in three chairs aside a local beach; for the moment the trio of detectives are resting easy and have no worries as they have decided to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon away from their respective careers, however fairly soon they will have something to worry about and the three young adult investigators will be thrust into a mystery unlike anything the trio has ever encountered.

"What a terrific day for a beach party, right girls?" Fred asked.

"Sure is and there's no better people to share it with than you guys" Velma remarked.

"Thanks Velma, I'm glad you and Daphne are here as well" Fred replied.

"So guys, we've got all day to spend at the beach, what do you want to do?" Velma asked.

"Well, I don't know about you two, but I'm going to take a walk down the beach" Daphne replied, getting up from her chair and stretching a little.

"That sounds pretty good, let's get going" Fred commented.

"Actually guys, if it's okay with you I wouldn't mind going for a walk by myself" Daphne replied with a smile which was naturally directed towards the blond young adult.

"Hmm… I guess its okay, but I just wish that I could go with you" Fred responded.

"Actually Fred I think I know why Daphne wants to take a walk by herself and I can certainly understand why she would want to do so and I guess there's nothing wrong with having some time to herself" Velma replied, trying to explain to her friend what the redhead wanted to do.

"Well Velma, in all the years that the three of us have been friends I have never known you to be wrong about anything so I guess it would be okay; just make sure and be careful while you're walking Daphne, I don't want anything to happen to you" Fred explained as he looked at Daphne and smiled at her.

"Don't worry Freddie, I will" the red-haired detective replied.

With that Daphne headed off down the beach, as she began walking she found herself lost in her own thoughts and feelings; she wondered why Fred had mentioned why she wanted her to be careful and why he looked like he was objecting to her taking a walk.

"Velma's certainly a good friend, although it's kind of weird that she would mention that I would want to go by myself; and it's certainly unusual that she would mention that I wanted to have some time to collect my thoughts, but she knows me and knows what I'm thinking; I mean sure we've been friends since junior high and sure she's helped me through tough times before, so I guess I don't mind sharing with Fred about what I was planning to do" the redhead said to herself as she walked down the beach with the waves lapping against the shore.

Daphne continued walking down the beach, all the while looking at the water and thinking to herself what a beautiful part of the country the Midwest was and especially her home state of Ohio and her home town of Coolsville; as she continued to make her way down the beach, she realized how good her life was and despite the fact that she and her parents were quite wealthy and that her trust funds provided her with whatever she wished or desired in life, in addition to all that she realized just how wonderful her friends were as well, especially Fred.

"Freddie's such a good guy and a pretty good looker too, I'm sure lucky to have such a cool guy for a friend and I just wish that someday I could tell him how I really feel; Velma, Shaggy and Scooby are pretty cool friends too, and one thing's for sure: I'm darn lucky to have all of them as friends and I hope they'll always be my friends too" she continued as the redhead had made her way further down the beach.

Daphne had been walking for about ten more minutes, still thinking about her life and her friends as well as some of the gang's past adventures including the times that she spent time as a damsel in distress and even the times that she was captured, kidnapped in addition to being bound and gagged a few times.

The redhead was still running through various things in her mind when her attention was diverted back to the beach, specifically to an area in front of her; on the sandy surface of the beach was an ancient looking bottle which the wealthy sleuth picked up and looked over carefully.

"Hmm… what's a bottle doing on the beach? I guess someone must have tossed it out onto the sand after they finished eating and drinking, you know if there's one thing I can't stand, it's litterbugs; I just wish people would learn to throw their trash away or at the very least recycle it when they're finished with it, you know this bottle looks quite old, I wonder if it's a collectors item; actually it kind of looks like a soda bottle, maybe I'll rub it, after all it looks kind of dusty" Daphne said to herself.

The red-haired young investigator breathed on the bottle and began rubbing it as she continued to hold it in her hands, suddenly the bottle began to shake and it also began emitting a plume of purple smoke; this caused Daphne to drop it onto the sand as the smoke continued to pour out of the bottle, but instead of going out onto the sand, the smoke poured upwards through the top of it.

After a few moments the smoke cleared and a somewhat young red-haired woman who looked much like Daphne stood on the beach, that is except for the fact that this woman's hair was done up in a ponytail and the fact that she was wearing Arabian style clothing; the wealthy redhead looked stunned for a few seconds but as soon as she caught sight of the woman, she smiled and walked towards her.

"Jeannie!" Daphne exclaimed.

"Daphne! My goodness it's wonderful to see you again" Jeannie replied, looking equally excited to see her fellow redhead again.

"It's great to see you too Jeannie, what have you been up to since we saw each other last?" Daphne asked.

"Oh the usual genie type stuff, you know doing magic and all that, so what are you and the rest of the gang doing?" Jeannie wondered.

"Well Fred, Velma and I decided to spend at the day at the beach and have a beach party; for the most part we're taking some time off from solving mysteries although the three of us do solve an occasional case; and the three of us have careers as well, Fred's an aspiring writer, Velma's been working as a research scientist for NASA and I've been working as a freelance journalist for a various magazines and newspapers" Daphne explained.

"That certainly sounds fun and I'm glad to hear you three have such fascinating careers, by the way where are Shaggy and Scooby?" Jeannie asked.

"For once those two got the drop on us, they took the Mystery Machine and took Scooby's nephew Scrappy for a vacation or something like that, I don't know where they are now though; but to be totally honest, they deserve a nice long vacation, they've helped us solve so many mysteries over the years and they really deserve some time off" Daphne replied with a chuckle.

"That's terrific Daphne, I'm glad they're enjoying themselves and I'm glad you're enjoying yourself as well" Jeannie responded.

"So what else is new with you Jeannie? For example where are Babu and Cory and Henry?" Daphne asked.

"Well, a few years after we met the first time Babu became a full fledged genie and he's now undergoing genie training, he'll be back with me eventually; as for Cory and Henry, a few years after we solved that mystery in Persia or Iran, they graduated from high school and they're now at the University of California at Los Angeles" Jeannie explained.

"Wow, UCLA, that's a pretty good school, but why didn't Cory take the bottle with him?" Daphne wondered.

"He decided that he probably wouldn't be able to keep track of me and Babu while he and Henry attended college so he decided to bring the bottle back to the place where he found it; then soon after that my bottle was kicked around a few times and eventually the waves washed it out into the ocean, then a current picked it up and eventually it found it's way here" Jeannie replied.

"Jeepers, that's some story, but I'm sure glad I was able to talk to you again" Daphne commented.

"I'm glad we were able to talk to each other again as well, there's just one little additional thing I need to tell you Daphne" Jeannie replied.

"What's that?" Daphne asked.

"Well you see, according to genie tradition and history, the man or woman who finds a genie's bottle or lamp and rubs it, thereby releasing said genie becomes the creature's master or mistress in this case and the genie has to grant the person's every wish" Jeannie replied.

"Jeepers, you're kidding" Daphne responded, sounding a bit surprised at her friend's comment.

"Actually I'm not, Daphne because you found the bottle and released me, I now serve you and you are my master" Jeannie replied.

"Wow, I really don't know what to say Jeannie, this is pretty cool and pretty unusual; I mean my parents and I already have more than enough money and I usually can buy whatever I want, plus my trust funds are quite adequate and are more than enough to cover the gang's and my family's bills and expenses; I guess what I'm attempting to say is, while it's a very tempting offer but…" the red haired teen replied.

"But what?" Jeannie wondered.

"Well, the thing is, I don't really know if I can accept this offer or not; I mean it's kind of weird that a woman should be serving another woman or a man for that matter" Daphne started to reply before she was cut off by Jeannie who decided to put in her two cents.

"Daphne, from what I've seen nowadays a lot of women do cooking and cleaning along with other household chores, plus you mentioned the fact that you're pretty wealthy so I'm guessing you have maids and butlers right?" Jeannie asked.

"Sure, but what does that have to do with you?" Daphne thought.

"Well a lot of maids are women so I see nothing wrong with me granting you and the rest of the gang wishes or anything like that, okay?" Jeannie replied.

"Actually you're right, I guess it was kind of silly to compare you with a maid or anything like that, but still, after this is all over I might seriously considering setting you and Babu free, heck maybe you can live with us if you wanted to" Daphne responded.

"Oh that would be wonderful Daphne, that is if you'll have us and its okay with the rest of the gang and your parents" Jeannie replied.

"Trust me Jeannie, my dad has funded all of our mysteries over the years and he bought us the Mystery Machine years ago, so if my folks don't mind it, you can move in with us; plus I'm sure they won't mind another person in the house, it'll be kind of weird at first but I think once they get to know you they won't mind you living with us" Daphne explained.

"Oh thank you mistress Daphne, you're the best master or mistress a genie ever had!" Jeannie exclaimed as she ran over and hugged the red haired sleuth.

"You're welcome Jeannie, come on let's go tell Fred and Velma the good news" Daphne replied.

With that Daphne held the bottle in her hands as Jeannie turned into a plume of purple smoke once again and she returned to the inside of the ancient container; the red-haired sleuth walked back down the beach and back towards Fred and Velma as she smiled, together the two of them returned to where the other two members of Mystery Inc. were and prepared to tell them what had happened.

Author's Notes: I wasn't quite sure whether I wanted to post this or not, but after thinking about it, I decided to start posting this story. Granted, it's probably not as good as my other stories, but hopefully everyone will still like it; also I'm still writing and coming up with new stories, so make sure and keep watching my Fan and Deviant Art accounts for more fan fics.