Chapter One


Rangiku quickly turned on her heel and bolted out the door. It was a hot summer day and her Taicho was in a mood due to the heat and had been pissed of further due to her not doing her share of paperwork. She passed Shuhei and Izuru, who gave her a knowing nod the instant the saw Hitsugaya on her trail. She only had one option left. She stopped and quickly turned where Toshiro didn't have time to slow down and went head first into the valley of boobs. That was definitely one way to shut up the snowy haired Taicho.

"Oh Captain, I'm so sorry I didn't do my paperwork," said Rangiku cheerily, "I simply didn't have the time!"

Toshiro jabbed Rangiku in the ribs and backed away, unpeeling his white fringe from his forehead and glaring at his Fukutaicho. He heated being warm and she had made him flush a rather pretty red.

"MATSUMOTO, GET BACK TO WORK!" shouted the small Taicho, watching his lieutenant back away and then scuttle back into the office like an obedient little puppy. Toshiro sighed and rubbed at his hair and noticed it was damp from sweat. Knowing that there was a captains meeting in exactly one hour so he better go hit the showers.

"What was the point in that? I could have got through about ten percent of my paperwork from the amount of time it took me to attend that captains meeting…" grumbled Hitsugaya. Staring at the night sky. He was quite happy that it was cooler now, but he wasn't happy that he was forced to stand in that bloody heat for three hours straight. Head captain Yamamoto was muttering on about multiple spiritual pressure appearing all over Japan, but why would he care about that? They seemed harmless to Toshiro.

He looked behind himself to see that all the captains had already left and most likely gone back to bed. He sighed and then started heading towards his own division, he had to check on the dorms to make sure his seated officers weren't causing a racket. As he approached closer, he could hear squad eleven started the drunken yells and cries. Toshiro focused but then remembered Kenpachi was in the world of the living along with Kuchiki Byakuya and Soi Fon, so no one was there to keep everything in the eleventh division calm. He walked through and entered the barracks only to be roughly shoved out the way as more people ran off, screaming at the top of their lungs. He looked across the barracks to see blood splattered across the walls and saw Yachiru standing at the centre of the room, her small sword drawn. Toshiro was about to go assist her when he automatically pulled out his blade to block that of another enemy. Yachiru glanced at him before being pushed back and into a wall. Toshiro slashed his blade across and ducked another one and Shunpo'd to the side and grabbed Yachiru by the waist just as a blade was sent through the wall where she was just standing.

"Lieutenant Kusajishi, what's going on?" demanded Toshiro, still holding her as he ducked under two blades and Shunpo'd, one foot planting on the enemies shoulder and pushing him back, a small crack happening as his skull connected to the wall. Toshiro glanced round the room and saw no other squad members were there and sighed with relief.

"I don't know what happened," said Yachiru, "everyone was celebrating after a hard days worth of training and then they just attacked!"Toshiro thought about it for a fraction of a second before he realized what it may be. They had just had a captains meeting about mysterious visitors appearing in the world of the living and were forewarned to keep their guard up. Was this why?


Toshiro snapped his head round and then narrowly dodged a blade aimed at his head, a gash appearing on his cheek. Blood began to run down his face."Kusajishi, get away from here," ordered Hitsugaya, "tell the captains that there had been an infiltration and they are currently located at the Squad Eleven barracks.

"Yachiru nodded and got to her own feet and leapt out of a window, the glass shattering and littering the floor after her. Toshiro turned his attention back to the intruders and then counted them. Sixteen in total. He looked out the window and then saw Yachiru's retreating from.

"AND TELL THEM THAT THERE ARE SIXTEEN OF THEM!" he shouted after her. She released a small bit of spiritual pressure to show she got the message and then Shunpo'd on. Toshiro turned back to the enemies and then raised an eyebrow as the all stared at him, smirks on their faces.

"I see we intruded the wrong barracks. Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya is captain of Squad Ten, not Eleven…" muttered one of them.

"Who gave the information? It was incorrect!" hissed another. Toshiro glared at them all, dropping the room temperature by several degrees. The intruders stared at him and smirked further.

"Oh yes, I do believe this is him," said the one in the centre, "apparently one of his distinct characteristics is his icy presence. Too bad for him, he won't be able to defeat us all."

Toshiro narrowed his eyes; he was being addressed as weak and he would not tolerate that. He raised his sword in the air.

"Reign over the frosted heavens, Hyorinmaru!"

The one in the centre stepped forwards and drew her own Zanpaku-to.

"Burn him down, Huo!"

Hyorinmaru spurted out of Hitsugaya's katana just as a burst of flames flowed out the enemies. Hyorinmaru, being an ice type Zanpaku-to, melted instantly. Toshiro narrowed his eyes.

"If they truly were after me from the start, of course they would send someone who had a fire type Zanpaku-to…" thought Toshiro, resummoning Hyorinmaru only for it to get melted again, "using Bankai would be useless if it would get melted…"

Toshiro swivelled his head round and blocked the blade of one who had tried to attack him from the side and then stared at the one in the centre, waiting for his or her next attack..

"Bakudo 9, Geki."

Toshiro immediately tried to cover his eyes but it was already too late, he had already seen the red flash and now couldn't move. He felt his sword get wrenched from his hand and two hands pressing themselves on his shoulders, pushing him to the floor. Once he was on his knees, he felt something snap round his neck and everything he was spiritually aware of just vanished.

"Poor Hitsugaya, he's completely helpless now." said the one with the fire-type Zanpaku-to.

"We need to leave now, I can sense three captain level Shinigami along with their Fukutaicho coming this way." said one at the back, everyone nodding along with her. The centre one narrowed his eyes before lifting Hitsugaya up by his collar, forcing him to stand straight. Toshiro's head remained hanging downwards, the effect of the Bakudo taking its toll on him. He couldn't sense anything, not even his own reiatsu, so does that mean anyone could sense him? It seemed to much like a spiritual suppressor. A hand grabbed the back of his hair and forced him to look up at the Garganta that just appeared.

"Say goodbye to the soul society Hitsugaya, you will never see it again."

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