100-word Terminator: TSCC / Zombie Survival Guide crossover drabble. All usual disclaimers apply - I own nothing.

A Change In Priorities

Marcus L. Rowland

John and Sarah are dead, now Cameron's old goals take priority. Skynet must be protected.

She dances through the shopping mall, swords in her hands, like a reaper through corn. Synthetic flesh bubbles and falls away, necrosed by the zombie virus. She pays it no heed. Functionality is more important.

Part of her wonders if any of the other Terminators have realised yet. It will be decades before humanity's technological infrastructure recovers. Wiping out humanity now would just ensure that Skynet can never be built.

She kills the last zombie, and shouts "Come with me if you want to live!"


Originally written for A Scoobies' Guide To Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse, a round robin on Twisting the Hellmouth.