Poison Ivy was sitting inside, taking care of a rare and valuable plant. 'I hate rainy days. Too slippy and wet to go have any fun..' She thought and looked once more at her plant. "You don't like rain either, do you?" She asked and the plant seemed to stir a little as a mark of agreement. Ivy looked at the clock, it was 23.47. Suddenly she heard a faint knock from the door. 'Who could it possibly be at this time of night..?' She wondered although she had a very strong guess. Ivy opened the door only to gasp in shock.

Harley Quinn was at her door, her hood down and bleeding all over. Her red 'n' black suit was torn and ruined. She was soaked too, not helping the bleeding to stop. "R-red.." She muttered and coughed violently. Harley's other arm looked twisted, and her forehead had serious looking bruises in it. "Oh god.. What has he done to you!" Ivy whispered with her eyes wide open. "He.. Mistah J.. He r-ra-" Harley couldn't finish her sentence, since she fainted and fell to the ground with a loud 'thud'. Ivy rushed over her and lifted her carefully on her arms, avoiding her wounds. Harley was really light, so it wasn't hard for Ivy to carry her to the bedroom and set her down onto the bed. Quickly she got a potion from her freezer and dropped small bits of it on Harley's wounds. After what seemed like forever, the bleeding stopped and the wounds had become light scars. She sat next to her, waiting for the blonde haired jester to wake up.

It was already 1 am when Harley finally opened her eyes. 'Where.. Am I?' She thought to herself and saw Ivy staring at her with worry. Then, the events of that night came back to her. Tears stung her eyes and she let out a loud sob as she started crying hard. Ivy lifted Harley slowly up and gave her a tight hug, rocking her slightly back and forth and muttering words of comfort into her ear. "Shh..It's okay Harl.. It's alright, you're going to be fine.." She said and looked at her only friend's face. Harley's make up was messed from the rain and tears, and she could hear her whisper to herself: "He raped me.. I don't believe it.. He did it.. I feel so.. so horrible.." Then, as if she had just noticed Ivy sitting there she asked: "Am I ever going to be alright?" It was kind of childish, Ivy thought but gave an answer anyway: "Yes you are. I promise you will. I'll make it happen." She pulled her back to the hug, only a bit more gentle this time. "Thank you." She heard Harley say and smiled. A small tear found it's way into the green woman's eye, she just couldn't take it. How could that stupid clown do this to her little Harley. How could he abuse her, and then laugh at her like she was just a toy. He always threw Harley away like a broken teddy-bear,and Ivy wished from the bottom of her meanie heart that he would stop. This was the final straw though, "mistah J" had hurt Harley the last time.

Her heart begun beating faster as she pulled back and asked a question she always asked when Harley came to her. "Are you going to go back?" Usually Ivy would get a reply like: ''Course! Puddin' needs me ya know?", but this time Harley turned her head away, her eyes told that she was thinking. Then, with a small shake of her head, she begun trembling and whimped slightly. Ivy felt.. relieved. Finally her Harley had realized, or maybe it was only part-time.