Hello kittens-

I know that some of you have read this already, however I feel the need to post the story again because it was deleted from the site for no real good reason. Apparently the admin of the Fanfiction site, read their e-mails.

But not the stories that they are told abuse the guidelines for posting stories.

So, just to piss some people off. I'm going to re write Broken Dolls from scratch.

Because there are a lot of douches who read my stuff and have trouble telling fiction from reality. So-

What was once the first chapter of broken dolls will be nothing but flash backs off and on through the story.

It's still a what if story.

And for those of you who never read the original story heres a quick recap.

{Kakashi had walked right into the enemies trap. He had felt that he had no other choice. They had Naru and he simply couldn't let them kill her. However the terms for her release were this, He had to rape her or they would kill make him watch her being used by their friends until they killed them both.

Desperate to save her no matter what condition she may be in after wards, Kakashi agreed figuring that he would have the rest of his life to try and make it up to her. But just to be sure that they would keep their end of the bargain, he made them sign a demon contract in their blood to bind them to their promise to let them go.}

So now that that is out of the way, here is the story. It takes place two days after the incident. Enjoy.


Kakashi sat in the back of the wagon that he had flagged down earlier, his mind still reeling with hatred and shock from what he had done.

He felt sick that he had let this happen. And even sicker that he had actually gone through with the rogue nin's demands and hurt his former student in one of the most unforgivable ways imaginable. The worst part of it all had been when Naru had looked up at him with such a-a betrayed look on her pretty face.

He had started crying because of that look. Because he had sworn in the valley of ends when she had gone after Sauske that he would never, ever do anything to hurt her or shut her out again. And now he had broken his promise.

He was scum.


He was worse than scum.

He glanced at Naru's still form, guilt eating away at his heart and mind, she lay curled up on her side among the golden straws of hay just barely an inch from him where he had put her.

She had been like this for the past two days since the incident. Since he had thought to spare her as much of the pain and humiliation as he could and had put her to sleep as soon as he had been able too.

He had been carrying her dead weight ever since. Longing to get her back to the village as quickly as he could so that he could get her the help that she needed. But the trip was going so slowly, and his strength had finally started to give out from the lack of food and proper rest that he hadn't taken the time out for since he had picked her up and walked out them both of that hell hole.

He sighed and leaned back against the side of the wagon and tipped his head back and looked at the sky.

It was sunny and warm today. Nothing at all like yesterday when it had rained all day and night, forcing him to camp out under a tree with Naru wrapped in his arms, trying to keep her warm even though he felt so cold and numb inside.

He still felt cold and numb.

As if his heart itself had stopped beating and his body was running on autopilot against his will. He looked at Naru again and reached out a shaky, dirty hand and ran his fingers through her thick, silken, nearly waist length strawberry blond hair. Trying to comb out some of the tangles in an effort to comfort...her?


He didn't really know who needed the contact the most anymore. Her, for being defiled. Or him, for being the one who had defiled her.

All he knew was that his need to touch Naru was deeply rooted by their shared trauma.

He kept needing to remind himself that she was really there, that he had really hurt her just so that he could take her home. And that she was really alive and not some phantom trick of his grief stricken mind.

He slipped his hand under her hair and placed his fingers against her throat and felt for a pulse for what had to be the hundredth time in so many minutes. And sighed in relief when he felt the soft steady thudding under his finger tips before removing them from her skin.

The first thing he needed to do once they got to a town is find a place to hole up for a while and contact Tsunade and ask for her to send a team to meet him so that he could get Naru home. Maybe ask her to send Sakura, Ino, Hinata, and Shizune to come and meet them and treat Naru. For some reason he couldn't really explain he didn't want anyone with a dick around Naru.

He was worried that being in the presence of males would send the girl over the edge and break her completely.

He reached out again and placed his fingers against the side of her throat and closed his one eye and silently counted how many times her heart beat under his finger tips and wondered how much longer he would need to wait until they were in the closest town.