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Well that's good cause it took a while to write it, and I wanted it to come out just right.


Demon's breath.

That horrible, vile, evil poison-

'Why would such a thing be in you're water kit?'

Why couldn't she remember the reason? It had to be significant to something.

Didn't it? Naru wondered as she leaped from roof top to roof top in an attempt to get to Shikamaru's home that much faster while trying to think of the reasons why she would or may have used that horrible, horrible poison on herself. But all that served to do was further agitate her.

Kit? Kyubbi's voice cut through her train of thought as she felt a strangely uncomfortable sensation in her lower back and abdomen. Frowning she slowed her pace a bit and rubbed her abdomen absently as she shoved Kyubbi's voice aside. Whatever the demon wanted right now was a distraction that she couldn't afford. Going back over her prior thoughts- She couldn't think of a single solitary reason.

Kakashi had said that they hadn't been on a mission. And yet things hadn't been adding up from the time she had lost her memories all the way till now. You didn't send a medical escort for shinobi who weren't on a mission- even if one of them had been ill. And as for getting back to the village the day of their retrieval; Kakashi was more than strong enough and clever enough to get them both back to the village safely.

And then there was her 'mysterious' pregnancy.

I mean come on, she may have lacked a proper sexual education but she wasn't so dense that she couldn't figure out that everyone was lying to her about how babies were made. And where they come from. Which was just one more thing that everyone had been lying to her about. She knew it. She didn't understand why or for what reasons they were doing so, but she knew that they were lying just the same. She had merely kept quiet about her thoughts because it was obvious that everyone had been ordered to keep silent by Tsunade.

And then there Kakashi and his sudden 180 degree personality change.

His sudden need to move in with her and take care of her was one of the final pieces of the puzzle due to the fact that the copy nin had no desire what so ever of marrying a nice girl and settling down. And yet... He had proposed to her. He had expressed a strong desire to always want to make her happy. It was shocking really. No scratch that- it had been beyond shocking that he would take whatever joke he was obviously playing, quite so far.

Did no one care how she might feel once everything was said and done? As it was it took most of her restraint just to play along with everyone and act stupid. But no- not anymore. Finally, finally she was going to get some damn answers.

Landing on the street just across from the Nara clan's main gate, she took a moment to stare at the stone blocking her way as if she wanted it to fall to her feet in flames as she caught her breath. Funny how running at top speed while carrying the extra weight of another living thing could cause you to become winded far easily than you were used to. Taking a slight step forward, she felt another albeit a little sharper and more painful twinge in her lower back and abdomen and staggered slightly when her legs almost went out from under her.


Kakashi hit the ground as Sakura threw another chakra charged punch at his face and went totally still for a split second when the demon inside of him stirred a bit. Almost as if it were straining towards something. Flipping himself up onto his feet again he held up his hand to indicate a pause in training practice and looked around the clearing that he and his former teammates had often practiced in and felt his inner demon stir again.

This time a little more violently causing the hairs on the back of his nape to stand up as Sakura asked, "What is it? What's wrong?" Since it was uncharacteristic of Kakashi to halt a training practice unless the village was in danger, or Naru was involved.

Kakashi was about to reply when his inner demon let out a roar in his mind, that echoed with sounds of fear and grief. Why? Why would his inner demon make such a horrible heart wrenching sound? Unless...

Unless something had happened or was at this very moment happening to Naru.


Something was wrong. She could feel it now in the way her body began to tremble when she started to bleed. Her abdomen muscles cramped violently and her legs finally went out from under her.

Not now! She was so close to the answers!

But something was wrong with her baby! She couldn't just let it die! She thought desperately as she dragged herself, in tears, all the way up to Shikamaru's parent's home and clumsily propped herself up and used a shaky, bloody hand to bang on the door twice while she turned to the task at hand. She had to find a way to save her baby.

Even if it meant forfeiting her answers forever.