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Yumi hummed as she prepared herself for her English class. Rumor had it that Ms. Kensington had a particularly hard assignment in the works for them. However the rumor had been started by Sissi and that meant it was not to be trusted.

Eva sat beside her, writing in the margins of her notebook. Yumi peeked over to see what she was writing.

"The shadows I personify

Often belie

Who I really am on the inside

Because I hide."

Eva's pencil stopped moving and Yumi met her hair-obstructed gaze.

"Sorry," Yumi apologized.

Eva smiled faintly at her friend. "Don't worry about it," she said. "I don't mind you looking over my shoulder. Now if it was Sissi, I would slam the book shut and tell her off."

Yumi laughed. "I don't think I ever heard you tell Sissi off," she said.

"A good thing, too," Eva said. "It would probably get me in a load of trouble."

"I noticed that you have a knack for seeing passed appearances," Yumi said. "You would probably peg Sissi to the wall with one of your comments."

Eva agreed with a simple hum.

Class began with Ms. Kensington's lesson on writing essays. Yumi felt herself nodding off and saw Eva doing the same thing.

"All right," said Ms. Kensington at the end of class. "Your homework assignment tonight is to write an essay about someone you know. It can be a friend or a parent, but you must know them personally. You are to write these as if they were an entry in your personal journal and that you are the only ones who are going to read them."

Everyone groaned.

"Don't fret," Ms. Kensington said. "I've given this assignment to the ninth grade as well."

"Oh, boy," said Yumi.

Class was dismissed and the LYOKO warriors met up in Jeremy's room.

"Can you believe Ms. Kensington?" Odd griped.

"I don't like the assignment either, Odd," Kayla said. "I don't know who to write about. I want to write about you guys, but I can't write about all of you."

"I have programming I need to do," said Jeremy.

Odd turned to Eva. "Any chance I can convince you to do it for me?" he asked.

"Not likely," Eva replied.

"I have an idea," said Aelita.

Aelita picked up a sheet of notebook paper and wrote something on it before tearing it up into seven pieces and folding them up. Jeremy's wastebasket was empty so she put the slips of paper inside and shook it up.

"I wrote our names on those slips of paper," she explained. "We'll draw lots to see who writes about whom. If we get our own name, we throw it back in and choose again. It keeps everything fair and no two people will write the same paper."

"Great idea, Aelita," said Ulrich. "I'll go first."

Ulrich reached into the wastebasket and selected a name.

"Who did you get?" asked Odd.

"I'm not telling," said Ulrich, coloring ever so slightly.

"All the more fun," said Eva. "There's no pressure on the writer about his or her subject."

The wastebasket was passed around, each of them selecting a name, looking at it, and putting it in their pocket.

"Okay," said Jeremy. "Now that we have that settled, let's start our assignment."

"See you tomorrow, Jeremy," said Kayla. "Call me if something happens."

"I better go, too," said Yumi. "This could be a tough one."

"I'll walk you to your room, Aelita," said Eva.

"Okay," said Aelita.

"We're down the hall if you need us, Jeremy," said Ulrich.

They all went to their rooms to write their essay.