Yumi was at English class before Eva the next day. She noticed a box of envelopes on Ms. Kensington's desk. Something was up and Yumi was sure she was not going to like it.

"Hey," Yumi said to Eva when she plopped into her seat. Eva put her head in her hands and brushed some of her hair back. Yumi caught a brief view of one of the many scars on her body. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," breathed Eva in a way that told Yumi she was not okay. "Did you get your essay done?"

"Uh-huh," said Yumi. "I'm a little worried about it. Ms. Kensington did tell us to write freely, so I did."

Eva glanced at her. "You didn't — "

"No," Yumi quickly said. "Nothing about LYOKO."

Eva looked at the box of envelopes on the teacher's desk. "Any idea what's up with those?"

"Not a clue," answered Yumi.

Ms. Kensington entered the room and picked up the box of envelopes and began passing them out.

"All right, class," she said. "This is what you are going to do. You are going to take your essay and put it in this envelope. You are going to write the person you wrote about's name on the envelope and you are going to give it to them."

Yumi and Eva flinched. Silently, Yumi was thankful that she didn't draw Ulrich's name from the wastebasket. But when she glanced over at Eva, Yumi could tell that she was not happy about this.

Both girls put their essays in their envelopes.

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours," said Yumi, preparing to write the name.

Eva nodded.

They both wrote the names.

"Aelita?" asked Yumi. "You got Aelita? What are you so worried about then?"

"I wrote freely," Eva replied. "I mean, I really wrote freely."

"Well, this is interesting," said Jeremy when they got out of class.

They were sitting on the benches outside of the classrooms.

"Who would have thought Ms. Kensington would pull a fast one on us?" said Odd. "I'm a little afraid of the person I have to get my essay to."

"Why's that, Odd?" asked Aelita.

"Well," Odd drew out, looking over at Eva.

Eva perked up. "You got my name?" she asked.

Odd grabbed the envelope. "Yeah," he replied, shoving it at her. "Here."

They all handed out their essays to the people they wrote about. No one spoke as they read what their friends wrote about them.

"You really think that?" Kayla asked Jeremy.

"Of course," Jeremy replied.

"You really think I could be related to Ulrich?" asked Eva.

"What?" asked Ulrich. "Kayla said the same thing about me."

"Well, you do look alike," said Odd. "Thanks, princess. I always knew I could count on you to say great things about me."

"And I wouldn't mind writing lyrics," Eva added. "Just tell me what you want me to write."

"Thank you, Ulrich," Yumi said.

"No problem," Ulrich said with a bit of blush.

Aelita stood up and walked over to Eva. Before Eva could react, Aelita gave her a hug. Stunned at first, Eva returned Aelita's hug.

"I needed that," Eva said.

"What's this about?" asked Odd. "How come you don't randomly hug me?"

"I fake kissed you," Aelita said. "Aren't you happy with that?"

They all laughed.

This mostly is foreshadowing for what is to come. Keep your eyes open for more of Eva and Kayla in upcoming fan fictions.