Author's Note: These are some ZoLu drabbles I wrote. I'm just going to pile them up here since I don't want to publish a whole new story for every little story I write.

Enjoy the first one :)

Title: Hide and Seek
Word Count: 1.722
Warning: No warning. There isn't even kissing in this story.

Hide and Seek

There was a clock ticking on the other side of his room. It was annoying and very frustrating if you wanted to sleep. With every tick the brows of the man that was resting against the wall twitched a bit more. Sighing he shifted his position and tried to get back to his afternoon nap. He ruffled a big hand through his green hair and scratched his neck before stretching his muscular body. Why couldn't that clock just stop ticking?

Of course he could just stand up and walk over to the clock, but that was so much trouble.

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tap, tick, tap, tap.

Wait tap?

Roronoa Zoro's brow rose, but he didn't open his eyes. The tap had come from the roof that was for sure and things that came from the roof mostly didn't mean much good. To hold the element of surprise to his side his kept his eyes closed for whatever was above him. He listened carefully.

Suddenly the window of his room opened with a soft sound, making the wind enter and blow over his face with the tanned skin. He heard some shuffling, some movement on the other side of the room. An assassin? If it was then it was a damn bad assassin. Which son of a bitch would make so much noise? Then there was a loud crash which made that Zoro had to open his eyes to see what had happened. When he did he couldn't help but look startled.

Before him didn't stand an assassin nor any other adult that would try to attack him. No, there was a boy lying upside down on the ground. His legs were still lying on a table that was toppled over while his head rested on the ground and his face bore a painful smirk. Yet he seemed rather content with himself. All of the sudden he seemed to remember something, jump up and close the window with a soft thud. Still holding his hand on his head he placed the table back to where it belonged. With that done the boy stroked one of his ebony brown locks out of his face and looked around expectantly. His brown eyes fell on Zoro and he smiled broadly before running towards him like a pup to his master.

'You have cool hair.' The boy stated when he was in front of the man.

Zoro raised his brow still wondering why a boy just entered his room and more how he had done that. He was sure that his room, or actually this entire place, was heavily guarded. How could one little boy just enter like that without getting noticed?
'Thanks I guess…'

'Is that your own color?'

'Yeah. What are you doing here?'

'Sugei! I wish I had such cool hair too!' The boy smiled ignoring the question. His smile was wider then Zoro had ever thought that was possible. He found himself gazing it while he overlooked the boy better. This smile, it was real, so pure. Most smiles Zoro got were polite ones, but those smiled never reached the persons eyes. Yet this boy seemed to smile with is whole body and it certainly reached his eyes.

'Ne can I touch it?'

Zoro smacked the reaching hand away. 'No! I asked what you are doing here.'

The eyes of the boy suddenly widened when he realized that he hadn't properly introduced himself.

'Well you see I was playing hide and seek with Usopp and Chopper and Usopp was the seeker. But he is a very good seeker so I had to find a good place to hide.' The boy started to make big gestures with his hands. A small smirk formed on Zoro's face when he saw the excited boy.
'So I climbed on Sanji's roof which was very hard since I couldn't let him hear it for he would think I would want to steal food out of the kitchen again. If he had heard me he would have kicked me out. 'The boy shivered slightly by the thought of this Sanji person who Zoro didn't know.
'But I managed.' A smile easily found its way back to the boys face. 'And then I jumped from Sanji's roof to Robins which is a very large jump. 'The young lad seemed fairly proud of it. 'Well and then I saw this wall and I thought behind that Usopp would never find me so I jumped to Dr. Kureha's roof and then on the wall and then over the wall. But there was this scary man who had a sword and told me to stop so I ran away and –'

The enormous flow of words stopped abruptly when there was a knock on the door.


The door opened and revealed a kneeled man in a green kimono. His head was down in a bow.

'What is it Yosaku?' Zoro questioned slightly irritated by this disturbance.

'We have an intruder in the castle, sir, who has slipped over the wall and through all our guards. His current location is unknown. With your entire permission sir, we'd like you to stay in your room until we have captured this villain.'

Zoro smirked and looked from Yosaku to the boy in the red kimono. 'Say what does this intruder look like?'

'A young boy Roronoa-sama. From about seventeen. Brown hair with a red kimono and –'

'AAH YOU'RE THAT MAN WHO CHASED ME!' The boy suddenly called out. Zoro mentally face palmed himself. Why would the boy call out really? If he had just stayed quiet nothing would have happened.

Yosaku's head shot upwards and he stared to boy for a second before grabbing his sword and unsheathing it. 'You! How dare you to enter Roronoa-sama's room! How dare you to set a foot inside this manor! Don't you know that this is the Royal Palace and that no villager should enter here? Roronoa-sama,' he turned back to Zoro and bowed again, 'gomenasai to have your afternoon nap disturbed. I will take care of him immediately.' He stood up.


The man with the grey hair halted in his movements. 'Roronoa-sama?'

'I will take care of him. You can go.'

'But – '

'No buts or are you going in against my will?' Zoro's voice had a sharp edge to it.

'No Roronoa-sama. Of course not.' Yosaku bowed and quickly made his way out yet he couldn't refrain himself from looking back.


'Hai.' And with a bow the man closed the door.

'Arigatou!' The boy was suddenly in front of him and bowed deep. 'Ah I thought he was going to kill me! Domoarigatou!'

The swordsman smirked to him and looked to the boy with new eyes. Someone who could enter the Royal Palace without being captured after two seconds and who could even make it to his room was certainly someone. 'Sit down.' He said gesturing. Abruptly the boy let himself fall down right in front of him and stretched out on the carpet. 'So soft!' He nuzzled with the soft rug for a moment before turning his attention back to the man in front of him who stared with some disbelieve to the young one.

'What's your name?'

The boy smiled again. 'Monkey D. Luffy. Nice to meet you.' He made a small bow in sitting position.

'Monkey hea? Well that name applies to you I guess.'

'Hea arigatou. Nami always says I climb more then I walk, but I don't think that is true because I love running too. Oh I wish I could swim!'

'Hmm. You can't?'

'Nope I once almost drowned when I tried and then Sanji said if I were to swim again he wouldn't make food more me again.' Luffy pouted.

'So where do you live Luffy?' When Zoro saw Luffy's face drop his face dropped as well. 'Don't worry you don't have to tell me if you don't want me to know. I won't do anything.' He said sighing by the expected reaction that finally showed up by the boy.

Luffy frowned and looked questioning. 'Why would you do anything?' He asked puzzled which make Zoro wonder if this boy realized who he was talking to.

'Donno. People always seem scared when they see me.' He said wondering why he was feeling so comfortable with this boy. Maybe it was because the natural way Luffy was dealing with him. No scared looks, no bows.

'Hea why?' Luffy really looked confused now. 'I think you're cool!' His face lit up.

Zoro smirked. 'Well you're the first to say that to me you know.'

'Really? That's weird.' Luffy said while tapping his feet together which made a funny ticking sound emit form his sandals.

Suddenly Zoro laughed. This boy saying that others were weird while he was most likely the weirdest person Zoro had ever met that was just… laughable.

Luffy, who had no idea why Zoro was laughing, just laughed along. It was a sound that hadn't been heard from this part of the building for a long time and servants who walked through the halls looked up surprised before turning away after figuring that it could never be Roronoa-sama for he never laughed.

When their laughing finally came to an end the two stared to each other for a moment. All of the sudden Luffy jumped up.

'Aah I forgot about the hide and seek game.' Quickly he ran to the window and opened it. He peered outside to see if someone was near and started to climb up towards the roof. Halfway out of the window he halted and looked back grinning. 'Thanks for letting me hide here.' He said smiling. 'I bet Usopp would never ever have found me here. Oh!' He managed to stick his head back inside and look directly to Zoro. 'I don't know your name!'

'Zoro.' The man said simply.

'Zoro…' The boy tried. 'That is a cool name.'

Zoro snorted. 'Thanks.'

'See you later!' And with that the boy jumped up and out of the window towards the roof. While doing this action he let the table topple over again who smashed against a cabinet. A loud clash was heard when something of metal hit the ground. Zoro smirked. It seemed that the clock had finally stopped ticking.