Just a little piece of work of a Decepticon speaking of the ways of Autobots. Nothing but a random inspiration.

Oh Autobots, how noble you are.

Smug with your generous ways and claims to peace.

What hypocrites you are.

You are no different to us only in that you hide your deception.

Oh dear Autobots, how deceitful you are.

You lie to your young and yourselves.

Why cannot you embrace your darker natures.

Like us, accept that you are bad and wear it proudly.

Oh shallow Autobots, you make me sick.

Only few hold true to your beliefs and they are mantle pieces.

Nothing more.

You do know how to work a crowd.

Oh Autobots, how noble you are.

How great in thy arrogance.

Practiced in thy lying ways.

And yet you call us monsters, just because we show our true colors.

Just like you are afraid to