Some would argue that there is nothing more amusing than a tom chasing his kittens around the living room of his den for whatever reason, such as trying to give them baths. There is a slight disadvantage if they are in the midst of discovering their magical abilities. This exact thing was happening to Macavity. He was trying to control his children, but they had no apparent intention of being controlled without putting up some resistance.

Macavity called out things like "Baroen, get down off the roof! No, no, Zoella! DO NOT set Tachet's tail on fire again!" "Having trouble there, Maccy?" asked Tristaleen. She had just remerged from an adjoining room holding a recently bathed Maleah and Kelazi. Macavity sighed and replied "No, everything is going fine, dear." Just as Zoella ran by, Macavity reached out and grabbed her tail. He smirked and held her in the air, stated triumphantly "Got ya, sweetie!"

Hanging upside down, Zoella crossed her arms and glared at her father. She tried her best to look tense, but she was too amused to really look threatening. "Well, I'm glad everything's in order," remarked Trista, "Cori and Tanto are coming by anytime now to look at the kittens. They want to see how their magic is developing." "Yes, I know. You 've told me a few times," Macavity grunted as he wrestled with Zoella, who was trying to escape her father's grasp. Soon, a knock came at the door to their den.

Momentarily distracted by the sound of the knocking, Macavity did not realize his daughter had set his tail on fire. While Macavity slowly became more aware of the new heat source behind his back, Trista opened the door. Sure enough, it was the mystical twins themselves. "Please, come in," she offered. The twins nodded and stepped inside. "Hello Macavity, Hello Trista. How are things going?" Coricopat inquired, as he and his sister settled themselves down on a makeshift couch. "Are the kittens behaving themselves?"

Before Trista could reply to Coricopat's question, a yowl came from Macavity. The ginger tom grabbed his tail and dropped Zoella. She landed on all fours and took off after Tachet once more. Trista put Maleah and Kelazi down on the ground near the physic twins and went to go get her mate a bandage for his now burnt tail. When she returned, she held the bandage out and told him "Here you go, dear." Macavity took the bandage and wound it around his tail, saying "Thank you, love."

"I see Zoella's powers are coming along nicely," Coricopat commented smugly. "Oh, will you keep your loud mouth shut," Macavity growled, "You're not helping at all, Cori." Cori held up his paws in mock defense and said "Alright, I'm sorry. Now may we begin with the testing?" Trista gathered the kittens together and managed to get them to sit next to each other in a horizontal line in front of the twins. She made sure to keep Zoella and Tachet at different ends of the line. Tanto reached over and took her brother's paw and held out her opposite paw for Maleah to grab.

"Children, if you would, please take your siblings' paws in your own so that we can make a circle," she requested sweetly, "Before we begin, we will also need you to close your eyes for me and Uncle Cori." The kittens nodded and did as their Aunt told them to do. Once the twins and the five kittens were in a circle, Tantomile instructed them "Now we need you to clear your minds as best as you can." After a few attempts, the kittens were able to focus and clear their minds. Once they managed this, they could allow Cori and Tanto into their subconscious mind, which was the part of the mind which homes the main magical gene in most cats. The twins went through each of kitten's minds one at a time, strengthening their "good" magic and telepathically removing any trace of negative magic, which was capable of corrupting their minds if it continued to develop.

But once the twins' minds reached the mind of Maleah, they found something quite unexpected. They located a very weak magical signal and something that would almost be described as a black hole. This "black hole" was capable of sucking out the magic of another mystical cat. Feeling their own powers go weak, the twins broke the connections with the kittens and gave Macavity and Tristaleen grave looks. Sensing that what the twins had to say would not be appropriate news for kittens, Macavity told the kittens to go outside and play. Once the adult cats were alone, he turned back to the twins and enquired nervously "Is everything alright? Are their magical abilities developing at the normal rate?"

"Actually, Baroen, Zoella, Tachet and Kelazi's magic is all coming along rather well," Coricopat answered, "It is Maleah we need to talk to you about. Have you noticed that she is not using any magic at all?" "Yes, as a matter of fact, we have," Trista said with motherly concern clear in her voice, "While her brothers and sister spend a lot of time fooling around with their magic, she mostly just sits off to the side most of the time. We just thought she was more mature than the rest of them and that she did not want to mess around." Coricopat and Tantomile looked at each other hesitantly before the latter continued "When we searched through her mind, there was a very weak and almost undetectable magical signal. We also detected something we've rarely ever seen in any magical cat: a black hole."

Trista raised an eyebrow and asked them "What is a black hole?" "It is a magical hole that drains the magic from other cats," Coricopat responded, "It manages this without the drainer or the one being drained being aware of it. Overtime, while it can kill the cat being drained, it also effects the advancement of the drainer's own magic." Macavity bit his lip and paced on the spot. He asked them "What do you mean by all that? Will she have any magic at all?" Cori sighed and replied with "That we do not know, as long as the black hole is her in subconscious."

"What can we do to get rid of it?" Trista asked in concern, "Will it harm her siblings?" "No, it should not harm her siblings or absorb their magic; their magic is only just emerging so the black hole will have no effect on them," Cori told the couple reassuringly, "As for getting rid of it, when Tanto and I come for the weekly training , Mistoffelees will join us. He will work one-on-one with Maleah to get rid of the black hole. Once he's accomplished that, he'll be able to see if any trace of magic is left after that."

A few minutes later, the twins prepared to leave. "We will leave now, but we'll come back the same time next week with Misto," Tantomile whispered before leaving the den. Coricopat followed close behind her. When the door shut behind the twins, Macavity and Tristaleen sank onto the couch and remained silent for a few minutes. Macavity ran a paw through his mane and stated "All we can do is go on the treatments with Mistoffelees and hope for the best. It will not the worst thing if she has not magic. In fact, she'll be able to live a normal life"

After many treatments Mistoffelees declared that the black hole was destroyed, and Maleah was safe to be around other magical cats, but Mistoffelees also informed them that her magic was still very dormant and that there was a good chance it would just die out as she grew older. However, the family, the twins, and Mistoffelees soon discovered that each kit had a different magical ability. Baroen could defy gravity and transport himself from one spot to another. Zoella could create and control fire. Tachet could do common spells and control smaller animals and inanimate objects. Kelazi could completely heal someone and knew how to make complez potions.

A few years passed. By this point in time, the kittens were all near adulthood. It was just a few years before their coming of age. However, they were not the only ones reaching that stage in life. At one point, Tantomile gave birth to 2 kittens. Both of them were toms whom she named Xavier and Gutterex. In addition to this, Plato and Electra became the parents of 2 kittens as well. They were a tom and queen named Jerrolfer and Eliticata respectively.

The End

SEQUEL- One day, Maleah leaves the junkyard, believing that without her magic she will never be someone important. Sometime after, she meets a tom that shows her that she is capable of doing anything. However, a new threat comes upon the Jellicles. Will Maleah return in time to save her family?