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/Yami to Hikari/

/Hikari to Yami/

/Yami to Yami/




Chapter 1 meeting the yamis

Marik woke suddenly and sat up. His heart was racing and his body was covered in a fine sheen of sweat. /Malik, did you-/

/No, that wasn't me./

/He's our hikari, isn't he?/ I asked, already knowing the answer, but needing to hear it.

/Yes, he is. But it will not be easy to claim him as ours./ his voice was calm but I could hear the undercurrent of anger and rage there.

I sighed, agreeing with him. Our little hikari had lived a hard life and would be suspicious of us. Then my lips twitched and turned up into a smirk. Even if it wasn't going to be easy, it would be a challenge.

Malik snorted. /And our first order of business is getting to the little one./

Just then, a wave of indignation flared through the bond, along with some faint grumbling.

We looked at each other in amazement. "Is he supposed to be able to do that?" I asked, then blinked and stared at him. He raised an eyebrow. "Better yet, should he have been able to separate us?"

He stared at me, and then snorted. "Far be it for Harry to be normal, Marik."

I shook my head and chuckled. "Poor Harry, boy can't seem to get a break."

It was Yugi who noticed first, wait – make that noticed and fainted.

The Pharaoh, of course, took over before he could hit the ground and just stared at the two of them in disbelief.

Bakura noticed next and Ryou took charge of their body taking advantage of Bakura's shock.

Then Kaiba and Jounouchi noticed – and stared in disbelief/horror.

Anzu and Honda noticed and looked at each other warily before stepping closer to the Pharaoh.

Marik rolled his eyes and enjoyed the look on the Pharaoh's face while Malik went up to Ryou. "We need to go to England. You're moving back. Mind if we follow?"

'Read: We need to go there; you're heading that way and taking us with you.' Ryou thought dryly.

That seemed to break the spell that was keeping everyone quiet.

"How the hell-"

"What did you do?"

"How did you-"

"I fail to believe-"

"Oh shit!"

"You want to what?"


Silence – then. "Why do you two want to go to England?" Ryou asked warily.

"More importantly – how did you separate yourselves?" The Pharaoh asked, glaring death at us.

"More like, why did you?" Jou asked.

"When did this happen?" Anzu asked carefully.

"In order: We have business there. We don't know. It wasn't our choice. Last night. Any more questions?" Mailk answered.

"What business do you have in Britain?" Kaiba asked.

They smirked and answered simultaneously, "Our little hikari."

Everyone blinked.

"Pity the people bound to you two." The Pharaoh snorted.

They sneered, "Person, Pharaoh, person."

He paled and everyone blinked again.

"You two have the same hikari?" Jou exclaimed in disbelief.

They nodded.

"I repeat – I pity the poor, unfortunate soul bound to you two." The Pharaoh muttered.

Anzu giggled.

Everyone stared at her in disbelief. "More like pity the idiot(s) who tries to hurt him! Especially now that there are two of them!"

Collective shudder from the masses.

"Ryou's father will be happy to pay for everyone's tickets." Bakula said. "We already have a little place in Surrey, Little Whinging."

Marik grinned ferally. "Good. That's near him. Where exactly?"

"No. 3 Privet Dr."

He grinned again. "Perfect. Right next door to our hikari."

Bakura looked at us and grimaced. "You're going to be very possessive, aren't you?"


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