Chapter 19: The Truth Revealed!

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Hadrian's P.O.V.

So far my lessons have been going great! Bakura was surprisingly a good teacher and made things fun. Snape was VERY knowledgeable about his craft and that combined with my natural skills made classes progress quickly. Though he sure didn't make them easy. Sirius was an overall goof ball but still taught us well. Poppy was interesting. She was a good teacher. The perfect balance of being stern (almost overly so) and surprisingly making lessons enjoyable! His Yamis' lessons were the most interesting.

The first couple lessons they really didn't get anywhere as all they wanted to do was cuddle. After awhile they began to actually TEACH me stuff. And it was not as I was expecting. Instead of starting and letting me play with some shadows they started with the book work (ok figure of speech as there is no actual book book on Shadow Magic sadly). They started with explaining about Shadow Magic. It's properties, uses, origins, and requirements. After that they moved to safety. Talking about how to never try something on his own and what not to do. Once that was over with they actually QUIZZED ME! When I asked about it they said "that they didn't want to see me hurt," therefore them making sure I knew all about Shadow Magic.

Unlike potions and lock-picking and healing AND animagus training I did not take to Shadow Magic as quickly as the snap of a finger. In fact I was pretty lousy. But seeing as though I lived with my teachers I was able to get in lots of practice and become pretty good. No where near being a master but good for someone just starting.

Right now though I was packing. It was almost the start of term and seeing as though Severus (the person's house in which he was currently living) still had one last year to teach and would be staying at Hoggywarts for the school year. I suddenly heard a shout from down the hall. "Hadrian hurry up! Your dinner is going to get cold!"

"Yes dad!" I shouted back. 'Dad' I still smiled at the thought of finally having a dad. I remember the day Severus had call my to hiss study.


I had been wondering the halls when Finnick popped in right in front of me.

"Master Snape requests your presence in his study."

"Where might I find his study?"

"One floor up, second door on the right."

"Thank you Finnick."

With a bow he disappeared and I began my walk to Severus' study. Upon arrival I knocked which was followed by a snap "ENTER!" So I entered.

"You wanted to see me master."

"Yes, yes come sit down."

Once I sat down I began to take in his study. The left and right walls were lined with oak bookshelves that were crammed with books. there was a big fireplace on the right wall which the bookshelf was cut to fit. The wall behind me was lined with numerous, expensive looking paintings. The far wall was one big window complete with a dark green curtains lined with an alluring silver. The carpet was a midnight black with hints of glittering silver. The ceiling was painted a dark green with a small crystal chandelier hanging from it. The only furniture in the room was a large oak desk covered with parchment, quills, ink wells, potion ingredients, and books. Behind the ask was a large black over stuffed chair complete with silver rivets in a criss-crossing pattern. In front of the desk were two simple oak wood chairs one of which I was currently sitting in.

"Now Hadrian. Ever since we've gotten back I have been doing extensive research into the Black and Snape/Prince line. I have also taken the liberty of working with that mutt to remove all the charms and potions used on the both of us. What we have found is quite frightening." He paused standing up and moving to stand over by the fire. "It seems that Dumbledore isn't the perfect little Light Leader that he preaches to be."

"I could have told you that" I snorted.

"Don't interrupt! Now…..where was I? Ah yes Dumbledore. You see when Voldemort first came into power and Albus was the only wizard he feared, naturally everyone expected him to be the one to defeat Tom. Well Albus concocted a plan. A plan to make a weapon and make everyone believe that this weapon was the one meant to kill Voldemort. Not him."

"And I was that weapon?" Severus nodded.

"You see Albus Albus knew that Lillian's and Potter's magical cores were both exceptionally high. So he figured if they had a child they're core would be high as well and using some particularly dark magic he could make it higher. Well then he heard that Lillian and Potter broke up and that she had instead conceived a child with Black. So he changed his plans. Once you were born he Charmed the minds of everyone that knew to make them believe you were Potter's son. He then forced Potter to blood adopt you and made him believe you were his own son and performed a series of dark and dangerous rituals to make you more powerful. Next he made sure that I was outside the door and used the Imperious curse to make Trelawny say that bloody prophecy."

"Ok, so. Dumbles is a liar. He's used lots of dark magic. He wants me to do his dirty work. And I'm Lilly's and Sirius' son."

"There is one other thing."


"Lillian…was not the muggleborn everyone thought her to be. She was…my sister. My twin. Which makes you a pureblood as well."

"Well…what does that entail?"

"It entails that you come from three different pureblood lines giving you lots of power and influence."


"When you were blood adopted by Potter you became a child and heir of his too. His only. Now I have arranged for us to travel to Gringotts. They will be able to sort out all legal matters"

End Flashback.

Flashback II:

As Uncle Sev, Dad, and I walked down Diagon Alley (with me under my invisibility cloak) I picked out all the stores that I wanted to visit once we are done at Gringotts.

Once we entered we walked up to the nearest booth and waited to be acknowledged. The goblin stopped writing on the extra large piece of parchment and looked up at us his eyes immediately singling my cloaked figure out.

"You're attempts to hide yourself are futile young one" he preached with a full on sneer.

I pulled the cloak off of my body hoping that no one would notice their beloved chosen one suddenly appearing in the middle of Gringotts. "I'm sorry wise and noble goblin but we could not allow others to see me entering Gringotts for fear that they old discover our plans and attempt to stop us."

"You speak of the one Albus Dumbledore."

"How did you know?"

"The Goblin Nation may not participate in your wars and power struggles. But that does not mean that we don't watch and keep track of them on top of gathering intel on all sides. Now I assume you are here concerning your blood adoption to one James Potter?"

"Yes" Severus answered. "We were wanting to straighten everything out legally and perhaps hear the wills of James potter and Lillian Snape nee Black."

"I was also was wondering if I could get a full estimate on all my money, property, and ?" I questioned.

"This can all be done. Let me get you someone who can take care of all of this for you." He turned and gestured to a goblin speaking in gobbledegook. Said goblin immediately rushed over and asked them to follow him taking them through a side door and to a room where my life would probably change forever…..again.

to be continued….