I know I'm supposed to work on my DC fic 'Epilogue', but I have my exams and I want to finish up my OP fic before I finally put all my strength to continue 'Epilogue'.
I got this idea while re-reading chapter 176 of One Piece.


Disclaimer: One Piece concept and characters and etc aren't mine. It's a pity it isn't 'caus I have two OC's I would've loved to see there. Instead you shall see them in my new story for One Piece I've been preparing for ages, but that's after I finish 'Epilogue'.

Drabble 2: Good and Bad

What is good? What is bad?

Why does it have to be so black and white?

A pirate is bad, the marines are good.

Life isn't as simple as that.

Pirates can be good and marines can be bad.

People have their reasons for picking their path and they will take responsibility for it.

It's just that people associate 'law' with 'good' and breaking a 'law' is 'bad'.

They don't search for the reasons, don't ask the questions.

'Justice' isn't as simple as that.

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