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Eli's POV:

Clare looked so cute curled up in my bed. We had a four A.M. flight to Long Beach and it was already 1:30, we needed to get going.

I was about to wake Clare when Cece came in. She smiled at Clare and walked over to me, sitting down next to me on the bed, "You two need to get going."

I nodded, "I know, I just don't have the heart to wake her."

Cece smiled, "I have never seen you so love sick."

I blushed, "I have never been so in love."

Cece laughed, "I'm happy for you baby boy. She is one amazing girl."

I nodded, "I know, she really is."

Cece looked over at my suite case, "Do you have everything?"

"Yes mom." I chuckle. She always does this.


"Yes mom."

"Enough money?"

"Yes mom, enough for Clare and I."


"Yes mom."


"Yes mom."


"Yes mom."





Cece giggles, "You do have them though right."

I blush, but nod, "Of course."

"Good, because as much as I love Clare, I don't need grandchildren any time soon." She jokes.

I roll my eyes, "Okay I'm going to wake her up, but do you know what would make less angry at me?"

"What?" Cece asked.

I smiled, "….you're pancakes….."

Cece rolled her eyes, "Alright fine, but just because it makes Clare happy, and hurry up or you two will miss your flight."

I nodded and Cece left the room. My phone started to buzz, Adam, "Hey man."

"Hey dude, I was wondering what time you guys are going to the airport?" He asked.

I looked at the clock, "We should be there in about an hour. You taking Fiona?"

I just knew he was grinning from ear to ear, "Yeah…"

I chuckled, "See you in an hour kid."

I hung up the phone before sitting down on the bed next to Clare. She was tangled up in my covers. She looked too cute. She was wearing one of my over sized tee shirts and it had risen up overnight so now I got a great view of her hip bones and her cute pink panties. Wow, I was a creep.

I leaned over and kissed Clare's forehead. Her big blue eyes fluttered open, "Eli…?"

I smiled, "Good morning baby girl."

She reached for me and I laid down next to her, "We have to go to the air port."

She sighed, "I know, but I'm so sleepyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy." She nuzzled her face in my chest and I smiled.

"Clare please, my mom made pancakes, and you can sleep the whole flight I swear." I got out of bed and pulled her out with me.

She almost fell over, "Eli… fine, I'll go get dressed."

I smiled, "So do you have everything?"

She grabbed a pair of my sweats and switched shirts for one of hers, "Yes mom."

I chuckled, "I'm just trying to look out for you."

Clare grabbed her makeup bag but I stopped her, "No, we have to go; your natural beauty is perfect."

She glared at me as we walked down the steps. I pulled her into the kitchen and Cece smiled at us, "You kids ready for the best spring break of your lives."

I nodded and smashed my lips into Clare's cheek. She giggled and reached for a pancake, "I'm so tired."

"You slept all night baby girl." I reminded her as I bit out of a pancake.

She rolled her eyes, "Until you woke me up."

Bullfrog came in the kitchen in his boxers, "Oh! Kids!"

Clare hid her face in my chest, "Oh my goodness."

Cece laughed, "Go put on some close."

Bullfrog starts to hum as he walks away. Cece rolls her eyes, "He's just a mess. Anyway kids, we should get going."

We hop into the car and drive to the airport.

~ 1 ~ 1 ~ 1 ~ 1 ~ 1 ~ 1 ~ 1 ~ 1 ~ 1 ~

When we get their Cece smiles before giving me and Clare a big hug, "Okay, my little babies are off! I love both of you and want both of you to call, like a lot. I'm serious, Clare you're like my daughter and I want you both to be safe."

I smile, "We will be fine mom, I love you."

Clare giggles, "Aw Eli! You're such a momma's boy."

I roll my eyes, "Whatever."

Clare gives Cece another hug, "I love you."

Cece smiles wide, "I love you too baby girl, you two have a good trip."

We wave goodbye and I take our bags to check in.

~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~# ~

Clare's POV:

Once we got into the security line Eli began to put stuff in the bins. He took off his belt and I licked my lips. Eli chuckled, "Like it Clare?"

I rolled my eyes, "Shut up."

I stripped off all things I needed too.

We got through security quickly. We boarded the plane and soon two people plopped behind us and kicked my seat. I turned around to see Fiona smiling, "Hey!"

"Hey!" I smiled.

Eli and Adam were already deep in a conversation about comics when Alli broded the plane with her boyfriend Owen. Soon after that came Bianca and Drew and Finally KC and Jenna.

We were not just going on any cruise. It was a Degrassi fundraiser. We got cheap tickets to a cruise to Mexico. It was a really good deal and I got a week off from my parents, a week with my friends, and a week of sharing a room with my sexy boyfriend. What could be sweeter?

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