When they had first met she had felt some attraction for him but that had soon disappeared when she had seen how quickly he picked up his sword.

After that she thought those feelings had gone away and that she was safe from its grasp, far far away.

Then she realized that it wasn't like that. It had been subtle but as she looked back she couldn't help but frown at her own actions. They had all been there for a reason. She was looking for the samurai who smelled of sunflowers and they were there to escort her. Then, as they spent even more time traveling together they became more united, even if the jerks did abandon her at the worst of times, like the day she had been taken to a brothel!

But it had also been those two who continuously saved her from her many mishaps with the most vile creatures of the world...or at least most of them were. She could clearly remember two people who she didn't hate after being kidnapped by them. Unfortunatley, they were now dead.

Mugen was wild with no care of what others thought of him.

But he was also a jerk who got them into a lot of trouble on their journey. He was also a pervert who left with any women with a good rack.

Jin was reserved and was always watching everything around him.

He was the one who worried about her when she cried. The one who jumped off a cliff to find her, thinking she had drowned. And the one who noticed when she would disappear.

He was the one she loved.

But she couldn't love him. He was a samurai and would always have death surrounding him. He would worry about her, care about her well-being, and comfort her, but then he would disappear and leave her to wilt away. He would become like him, her father. Her mother had suffered so much because of her father and Jin would be no different. People like him had different goals in mind then those who were like her; once you live by the sword, you can't go back to living without it.

She wanted to have a stable home with children of her own one day. She wanted someone who she could trust by her side. She wanted someone who cared about her and saw her as the only person in the world. And when she was near Jin she did feel that way. When he would hold her and defend her she felt protected and wanted.

But she knew better than to fall for him.

It would be painful.

But her heart yearned for his warmth. It yearned for his closeness and his gaze. She wanted to be with him and as he held her close once again, she couldn't help but forget that he was a samurai.

Yes, she let herself forget everything and just relished the warmth that Jin gave her.

How she hated that she loved him.