Toonville: The New Series:

Summary: Toonville had gone through remake after remake, with the most praised being the original. This is a version of that original, combined with more detail.

Episode 1: Freaks on a Plane (Title is a reference to Snakes on a Plane.)

Plot: Peter Griffin's flight back home after a fishing trip takes longer than expected, so he starts a video chat that gets slightly out of control.

Rated T for crude humor, alcohol use and inappropriate language.

I do not own Family Guy, American Dad, Spongebob Squarepants or any other show included in this crossover series. They belong to their rightful owners (Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Adult Swim, etc)

PS: Guess what? More puke!

PPS: Purple penis pumpernickel pie puppets!

PPPS: No more theme song.

PPPPS: Na-na-nun! Na-na-nun!


Peter (From Family Guy, of course) is sitting in one of the seats on an airplane. On the intercom, "Attention passengers. Due to the rainy weather, this flight back to Toonville will be extended to an indefinite amount of time." is heard from one of the pilots on the plane.

"Dammit." Peter grumbled to himself. He then looked at the watch on his left wrist, noticing it was 7:42 PM. "I'm gonna miss Guys Vomiting in Unexpected Places."


A guy is skiing, when he vomits out of nowhere and tumbles down the mountain, breaking his arms and legs.

(End cutaway)

Peter sat back and decided to grab his laptop that was near him, and turned it on.

"You just logged in! Oh yeah!" A Randy Savage-esque voice was heard when Peter logged in instead of the normal log in sound. (Funny, eh?) Peter moved the cursor over to the "Video chat" program and double-clicked it, opening a window with a screen and a taskbar. Peter then sent a chat request back to his house.

(Peter's house)

Brian and Stewie (Obviously from Family Guy) were watching a video of an ostrich holding a baseball bat and throwing it away, afterwards kicking a guy in the crotch at the upstairs computer. However, Peter's chat request popped up on screen with DrunkZilla Peter on it.

"Look at that; Peter wants to video chat." Stewie pointed out for Brian, who sighed and said, "I know, Stewie." Before accepting it.

(Back on the plane)

"Hey guys!" Peter waved to Brian and Stewie on the video chat.

(Pan on the laptop)

"Hey." Brian greeted back.

"'Sup, Fatty." Stewie insulted Peter, only to get an annoyed glare from Brian.

"So you're still on the plane." Brian seemed to notice.

"Yeah, the plane's gonna be arriving late." Peter said back. "So, uh, Brian, I gotta ask you something; can you record Guys Vomiting in Unexpected Places for me while I get back?"

"I… I guess." Brian replied. "You watch that show?"


"…Yes…" Peter said with a slow on his pronunciation. "Oh! Can you record Punk'd, too?"

"I don't like Punk'd." Stewie interrupted.

"Hurtfuuuulll!" Peter whined, thinking he was insulted. (In a reference to one of Suite Life on Deck's Woody's catchphrases) "That's more insulting than that time I screwed that black guy."

"You BLEEPed a black guy?" Brian questioned in surprise.

"Well, actually, he BLEEPed me." Peter answered. "Now, on to video chatting, I might not be back until midnight-" A chat request window appeared with alien101 on it. Peter realized this was Roger (From American Dad) "Hold on, Roger's online, and he wants to chat." Peter clicked the accept button on the window, and the always-gray Roger Smith appear on a screen on the left of Brian and Stewie.

"What's the sitches, bitches?" Roger greeted in a slightly racist way as he held a bottle of booze.

"What now?" Brian asked.

"Just enjoyin' my booze cruise." The gray alien (Roger) replied. "No, seriously." Roger turned the webcam to show a 1/10th size replica of the Titanic made out of beer bottles and cans floating on a bathtub filled with beer. There was a figurine of Roger at the top of the beer ship.

"Wow!" Peter was surprised by Roger's beer sculpture. "How long did it take?"

"Almost a week!" Roger replied. "The bottle shop closed before I had a chance, so I dumped out the beer out of about 132 bottles! I counted it up."

"Oh my." Brian said in awe.

"Well, what's gonna be the next craziest sculpture?" Stewie asked to everybody else on video chat. "A car out of vomit?"


A guy is vomiting into a large funnel, which pans down to show that the puke is covering a car-shaped box.

(End cutaway)

"Now, anyway, let's just chat." Peter decided for the next point of action. "Anybody else watch Tosh.O? I sent in a video to . Never came up."

"What was it about?" Brian asked.


Peter is riding a horse on the beach, but he is sitting backwards.

"I'm on a butterfly too, Tosh." Peter said in a mellow tone. The Old Spice whistle was heard afterwards. A random guy then walked in front of the horse and vomited right in its face. "Hey, where did you come from?" Peter yelled at the barfing guy, who then decided to run off into the water. The words "Guys Vomiting in Unexpected Places" appeared on screen afterwards in big font in a color similar to vomit.

"Guys Vomiting in Unexpected Places!" A manly voice was heard as the font appeared.

(End cutaway)

"Now, uh, what should we do next?" Peter wondered, until he saw Roger's screen spinning clockwise.

"Look!" Roger shouted. "I'm in a tornado!" The gray alien laughed afterwards.
"Whoa, cool!" Stewie said out loud. "How do you do that?"

"Click the top where it says "Special FX"." Roger pointed out, and then Brian and Stewie's screen span in the same way.

The username KrabPaty217 appeared on another chat request window. Peter noticed it was Spongebob, and clicked 'accept'. Spongebob appeared on a third screen.

"Hey everybody!" Spongebob greeted Brian, Stewie, Roger and Peter while waving. "I saw you guys were doing a video chat! I want in!"

"Everybody's welcome!" Peter recalled. "Except when they're having sex."

"Why is that?" Roger confusedly asked. Peter then showed MeatSpin (Blurred, of course), which caused the rest of the chatting group to scream. Roger vomited, and then so did Brian. Stewie only went "Oh, hello."

Spongebob's scream, however, cracks his webcam, causing him to log out automatically.

"We lost Spongebob!" Peter shouted, turning off the MeatSpin video.

"Oh my god, that was horrible!" Brian cried out loud after vomiting again. "It was like Demi Moore's unblurred privates!" Just afterwards, another chat request with the name SstahrrFeeshRoolz appeared, and the rest remembered that it was Patrick Star's (From SpongeBob) username.

"In comes Patrick!" Peter said, clicking accept and letting Patrick, who was making a dumb face and was also drooling, join the video chat. "Patrick? What's up?"

"Patrick?" Brian noticed Patrick about to fall asleep on video chat.

"PATRICK!" Peter, Brian, Stewie, and Roger all shouted at one time, causing Patrick to wake up screaming.

"Date rape!" Patrick shouted, then snapping back into reality. "Oh, it's just you! Where's Spongebob?"

"He screamed and broke his web cam." Roger replied.

"Okay, seriously, guys, I think this is getting out of hand." Peter made a decision. "I just-I gotta—"

"Our featured in-flight entertainment will be a marathon of Guys Vomiting in Unexpected Places." The other co-pilot said, which caused Peter to jump over the seats in front of him to the lowering flat screen, leaving his laptop alone.

"Pe-Peter?" Brian wondered where Peter went. "This is more weird than when Peter tried to fit in at that costume party." Brian realized and said.


Peter walks into Cleveland's house, which is filled with unnamed people, dressed up like a clown with a dress.

"Um, is this where the clown princess party is?" Peter asked, but got surprised glares from everybody else. "What?"

(End cutaway)

4 hours later…

Peter returned to his seat. "That was the best show marathon in the history of television." He said to himself, while reopening the laptop. Brian and Stewie's chat window was still on, while Roger's and Patrick's chat windows were nowhere to be found. "Where did Pat and Rog go?" Peter asked.

"They logged out an hour ago after getting sick of just talking." Brian responded.

"Yeah, Roger said something about 'banging asian schoolgirls in the B-hole, then watching Buckets of Blood'." Stewie added to the conversation. "If you know what I mean…"

"Oh. Well, I'm gonna be home in 10 minutes, so just make sure it's worth the wait!" Peter mentioned. "See you guys later!" Peter shut down his computer.

"You just shut me down! OH NO!" The Randy Savage voice cried out before Peter closed his laptop shut and sighed, until a guy hopped onto an airplane wing and vomited right on it.

"Aw, not again!" Peter shouted. "What the hell's happening on this plane?"

The words "Guys Vomiting in Unexpected Places" reappeared in the same vomit-colored font from that horse cutaway.

"Guys Vomiting in Unexpected Places!" That same manly voice yelled out again.


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Hope you enjoyed this new episode of Toonville, as I am in the making of a remake of this season, with new episodes mixed with old.

Next time: Spongebob invites Peter and some friends over for the grand opening of the Krusty Krab III restaurant, but Plankton's "Two can play at this game" tactics may screw with the Krusty Krab franchise.

Yes, this is a slight remake of 'Blood Problem' from the original Toonville.