Katara, will you run away with me?
l promise I'll find us a way.
I'll just be another lost boy in the Earth Kingdom: it'll be a better reality for me.

We'll start a life of the plain and the simple,
Of great times, with far better people-
And weekends with our friends,

laughing about the wine that stains our teeth.

We'll talk about how you separated from your parents and
About how you don't wanna make the same mistakes as them.
It'll be just about us, stickin' it out,
And trying to feel forever young.

Together, we'll start all over again.

Katara, will you run away with me?
I know I sound crazy, but don't you see what you do to me?
I want to run away and start all over again

This is my only chance for a better reality

Katara, run away with me.

I promise we can get away,
Just say the word and I'll find a way,
I wanna be your lost boy, far from this reality.

This is my last chance
An 'everything-better' plan
Somewhere in another land.

Katara, run away with me. I need to find a better reality.