Season 2 episode 1

So basically I watched the whole anime like five times and I haven't had enough and I so want a season two in the anime. This is a fanfiction for a season two if there were one! If I get enough reviews there'll be episode two episode three etc.

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Chapter 1 - Newcomer

Hikari walked into the green house with a disappointed look on her face. The shortcut today she took to school wasn't as short as she expected. It was point two of a second longer than the other one.

'Hikaru!' Akira swung her arms around her best friend.

'Akira, good morning,' Hikari smiled at her friend.

'Morning tea is ready!' Akira grinned, leading Hikari to the the table. Hikari sat at her usual spot. Her eyes turned towards the place where Kei should be sitting but he wasn't there yet.

'Morning!' Jun announced walking towards the table, followed by Megumi and Ryuu.

'Hey guys,' Akira waved at them once she placed the set of cups onto the table.

'Morning,' Tadashi groaned as he collapsed in his seat and instantly began snoring.

'Don't sleep while we're having tea!' Akira yelled, throwing a cup at his face. Everyone sat down at their seats, taking sips of tea and eating the home made buns.

'Say, where's Kei?' Ryuu asked.

*He's never usually late* Megumi wrote.

'Sorry,' Kei cleared his throat, suddenly appearing. 'There was a matter I had to look into,' Kei spoke, his voice seeming troubled. Tadashi's head snapped up towards Kei, both of them keeping eye contact for a second.

'What is it?' Hikari asked.

'Well, I guess you all should know. Tadashi can explain it better though,' Kei said, sitting down on his chair. All eyes turned upon Tadashi at the mention of his name.

'What are you not telling me?' Akira muttered, dark aura around her gathering. Tadashi shied away from her by instinct.

'Sorry,' he whispered. He then sighed and cleared his throat silently. 'Well mum spoke of this,' he began. 'Well a transfer student from abroad took an entrance exam to this school. And well, she scored higher than Ryuu, Akira, me, Jun, Megumi and even Hikari. The student drawed with Kei ' he began, giving a nervous glance towards Kei's direction.

'Does that mean...' Jun looked worried.

'No don't worry. Mum said she won't trade places with Ryuu and the new student. But the new student is going to have to join S.A. if you all don't mind,' Tadashi shrugged his shoulders.

'It's fine with me, I'm just glad I wouldn't have to leave S.A,' Ryuu grinned.

'This is so cool! I have another rival!' Hikari threw her hand in the air with cheer.

'Say, so where is this person?' Jun asked.

'Hello,' a gentle voice spoke. Heads spun towards behind Tadashi and Akira. A girl in S.A. uniform stood there. She had long blond hair tied in a high pony tail. She had light blue eyes exactly the colour of the clear blue sky. In her hands she held a Physics study book.

'Oh hey!' Akira was the first to respond. 'Welcome to Special A,' she announced. The girl gave Akira a small smile and a nod.

*Sign pops up*

*Saito Rin*

*Daughter of American Commander Military Division*

*Ranked first with Kei*

'Saito Rin,' Hikari murmured.

'That's right. And you must be Hikari,' Rin gave her a half-hearted smile.

'Eh yes,' Hikari was rather dumb-founded. Rin was so pretty. She didn't look all that strong, she looked more of a fragile type.

'Your Japanese has improved,' Ryuu noted. Megumi glanced at Ryuu, confused of their acquaintances.

'Thanks Ryuu. I try my best,' Rin said.

'Would you like some tea?' Akira seemed to have fallen in love with Rin, or more like, found a new shopping victim. Rin picked up the cup and took a sip of the green tea.

'Mmmm,' Rin murmured. 'Camellia Sinensis,' Rin smiled to herself. Akira's eyes widened.

'You know about tea?' Akira's voice was high pitched and excited. Rin chuckled.

'Not much - just what I've read in books,' she explained.

'I can't believe your a foreigner, you japanese is amazing.

'Thank Kei, he taught me it,' Rin smiled. Hikari's eyes flickered uncalmly from Kei to Rin.

Akira and Hikari were in the kitchen, washing the dishes from the tea they had previously. Ryuu came into the room carrying a few more dirty plates and placed them by the sink.

'Say Ryuu, you know Saito right?' Hikari asked.

'Yes, Kei and I know her pretty well,' Ryuu said.

'How?' Akira asked.

'Well she came over to Kei's house sometimes during summer when she was a child. And also I think their parents were trying to get a marriage in between them,' Ryuu explained. Hikari dropped the plate she was washing into the sink. It made a silent 'clink' noise as it scattered in the sink. 'Don't worry,' Ryuu tried to quickly cover up. 'Kei refused and so did Rin, they are both very rebellious,' Ryuu chuckled nervously.

'Oh,' she responded quietly, picking up the plate again. Akira patted Hikari on the shoulder, soothing her best friend. Hikari smiled at Akira, telling her she was fine. Hikaris thoughts were all jumbled up. It got her thinking, she didn't know much about Kei's past in the first place.

Rin sat at the table, reading the Physics book to herself. Kei was at the other end, working on his laptop as usual. Megumi and Jun were discussing something between each other and Tadashi was snoring soundly to himself.

'How's America?' Kei broke the silence.

'Good,' Rin responded, not lifting her eyes from the book.

'Your father train you hard for the last two years,' he asked.

'I was in Iraq, not in training,' she muttered. Suddenly Kei's typing process paused and he didn't even flinch.

'Iraq?' he asked, slightly above a whisper. Rin's eyes left the book and turned towards the bewildered Kei.

'This is something new. I rarely find you surprised,' Rin smirked.

'You were in Iraq? In the war?' Kei tried to figure it out.

'Yes,' she nodded as if it were a simple matter.

'Your father send you to your death?' he was trying to make out the reason behind these actions.

'No, it was my choice,' Rin returned towards her physics book.

'Why on earth...' he began.

'It helped me clear my thoughts,' she simply muttered, silencing Kei.

Tadashi had sneaked towards Jun and Megumi.

'She must be something, silencing Kei like that!' Tadashi whispered to them. Jun nodded.

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