It is strange how one phone call can seem to up heave the world onto it's side and they always seem to come at stupid o'clock in the morning. Vincent was woken up at three in the mourning by such a call from Tifa.

He had been staying in Kalm for awhile, having just finished a mission with the Turks for the WRO. The shrill ring of his cell phone pulled him out a particularly strange dream about a sunflower which he didn't bother trying to remember. He grabbed the phone with a grunt, sitting up slowly to glare at the screen which flashed Tifa's name and the time above it that said 3 A.M. Knowing that if he'd just let the answering machine take it, she'd call over and over till he picked up, so he flipped the phone open.

"This better be good." He hissed into the speaker.

"Vincent, where are you?" Tifa asked, voice low and wavering like she had been crying.

"Kalm. Why?"

"I'm going to have the Highwind come pick you up."

"Tifa, what is going on?"

"Shera went into labor last night..."

"Oh, thats great, but can't it wait?"

"Vincent...She died. Cid needs you."

Vincent felt his lungs freeze and something inside of him broke. Shera had been...A wonderful woman. She and Cid and taken him in during a very hard time, when he had no where to go. He had been apart from their family, so many happy moments had been shared in their home, hell he had been Cid best man at their wedding! Now Shera, who had made Cid smile, made Vincent many late night meals, was dead after giving birth to the child she had decided to Lucrecia, his god child.

"Oh my Gods..." Vincent whispered.

"They'll be there in an hour."


The ride to Rocket Town was quiet as Vincent stood in a corner of the deck on the Highwind, the crew oddly quiet. During his time living with Cid and Shera, Vincent had become apart of the crew, working for Cid on some jobs that required Cid and the crew to god to some dangerous places. Cid had always said that he felt better having Vincent with him at those times. Normally the crew was lively and chatty, but at that moment an oppressive silence hovered all over them. Everyone was feeling the loss of Shera.

"We gunna' be landin' soon sir." One of the crew members said. Vincent looked at the man and remembered that his name was Seth. Seth was a tall young man of no older then 19. He was dark skinned, with dark hair, chocolate eyes and accent that told you he spent most of his youth, if not all of it, in Costa Del Sol.

"Alright." Vincent nodded, "Thank you."

Seth hovered a bit, seeming to want to say something and not sure to how to say it.


"Seth...It's okay. You don't have to say it." Vincent said softly, "We all feel it."

The crew started to murmur a bit, all nodding and agreeing in their own way.

"Shera will be missed and we need to be there for the Chief." Vincent sighed and then placed his un-clawed hand on Seth's head, "You understand?"

"Yus." Seth nodded, "We're all glad dat you came sir. You are, after all, da Chief's best friend."

Vincent looked at the crew of the Highwind. Cid had made it very clear the first day that Vincent came upon the Highwind after the Meteor incident that the crew where to take orders from the demon gunman just like they would from Cid himself. Hell he even put the crew at Vincent's disposal after the Shera was fixed up and had a crew. Vincent didn't often call on the Highwind because it did still make deliveries all over the world, but there where times, while working for the WRO, that Vincent needed the Highwind to pick him up or take him somewhere.

The Highwind landed smoothly outside of Rocket Town. The town had expanded in the four years since the Meteor fiasco. There where more people, more houses, a hospital, a chemist, and a large school that held elementary and Middle school students, though the children still had to travel to the large Boarding School in Costa Del Sol for high school. The town was now a bustling hot spot rather then the boring little town that it once had been.

"Da Chief is at da hospital." Seth told Vincent as they got off the ship.


"Da kid wud born a bit underweight." Seth sighed, "Dhey gunna keep da kid till she put's da weight on."

Vincent nodded and headed for the hospital.

"You and the crew go home, okay? Get some rest. It's been a long night." Vincent called back at Seth.

"Yus sir! Take care of da chief!"

Vincent hated hospitals. He hated the smell of them, all the white and even the yellow plastic chairs in the waiting rooms. They reminded him too much of his past, the sterilized labs of metal tables, needles, and knives that cut his skin like butter. But he would endure the memories, Cid needed him. Tifa, Cloud and Barret where in the waiting room when he arrived. Cloud had his face in his hands, white Tifa placed and Barret sat with his knee bouncing nervously.

The moment Tifa saw Vincent she threw herself at him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Oh Vin!" She sobbed, tears rolling down her cheeks, "It's horrible! He won't say anything, he only sits and looks at Luci in the incubator."

"I'll talk to him. Don't worry. Is the baby okay?" Vincent asked, gently patting Tifa's back with his normal hand.

"She's small, but they say she's stable for now." Tifa sniffed, pulling back to look at Vincent, "Oh Vin, I am so glad you are here."

Vincent nodded, giving her one last gentle hug, "What room is he in?" He asked.

"113." Cloud said as Tifa went over to Barret and sat on his lap, hugging his neck.

Vincent found the room with little trouble and opened the door to see Cid in a chair, body slumped and limp. He appeared to be asleep. Sighing, Vincent walked over to the incubator to see the small child. She was pink, her tiny hands clutching at the air as her legs slowly making kicking motions. Atop her head was a shock of blonde hair, hair the same colour as Cid's. The incubator was made of clear plastic with two holes that had black rubber gloves attached so that the parents could touch the child. Sighing, Vincent slowly pushed his normal hand into one of the gloves.

The girl grabbed one of his long elegant fingers in her tiny hand, holding it tightly to her little body.

"What a strong grip." He muttered.

"She is my kid." Cid muttered, voice gravely.

"Yes, she is." Vincent agreed, not surprised that Cid was awake. He was sure this was the first time Cid had talked in hours from how horse his voice was.

Vincent looked at all the tubes stuck to her skin, tubes that kept her alive and warm.

"Poor thing. A pin cushion." Vincent whispered.

"Doc's say that they're gunna feed her through tubes fer now. She's too little ta latch on anything."

"How early was she born?" Vincent asked.

"A month." Cid sighed, putting his hands over his eyes.

Vincent gently got the baby to let go of his finger and then turned to look at Cid.

"Shiva Vin..." Cid sobbed, "There was so much blood. So much. And she was in so much pain."

Vincent walked over to Cid and crouched in front of him, placing his human hand on Cid's knee.

"Cid...Oh Cid." Vincent sighed, placing his metal claw gently on Cid's cheek, making sure not to nick the man.

Cid pulled his hands away from his face, tears streaking down his stubbled cheeks, large bags making his eyes look almost dead in a strange owlish way.

"I couldn't...Do anything."

"I know. I am sorry. But it isn't your fault." Vincent whispered, "Don't do this blame game like I did. Look at the mess it got me in."

Cid gave a loud sniffle in response.

"Grieve for her yes, but also live for her, for Luci. She needs you." Vincent commanded.

"But I dunna know tha first thing about takin' care of a baby." Cid objected.

"I'll help. I've got a bit of experience. I had a younger cousin I took care off. I'll be there for you as long as you need me." Vincent said, giving Cid a small, sad, yet hopeful smile. "We can do this together."

With a nod, Cid took Vincent's hand hand, gently squeezing it.


Cid let out a frustrated growl.

"Come on. They can't feet ya on tubes forever. Ya gotta eat." He hissed, trying to put the bottle nipple into Luci's mouth, but she turned her head away with a small whine. Vincent let out a snort as he watched Cid fight with the fussy baby. She appeared to have her father's stubbornness. Tifa giggled a bit, shaking her head. It had been a month now, a long hard month of constant hospital visits, staying up late and dragging an exhausted Cid home away from the hospital.

Luci had gotten big quickly, getting strength and getting very vocal. Only problem was that she wouldn't latch onto the bottle nipple to feed. She couldn't go home until she did. The nurses and Cid both fought with her to try and get her to latch on. They tried everything to get her to, but she'd just turn her head away and fuss.

Vincent got up from his seat on the other side of the room, his lean body clad in his normal black, leather clothes, though his tattered red cape hung up on a hook and his mechanical arm laying on a near by table.

"Let me see the bottle Chief." Vincent said, holding out his hand. Cid huffed and handed it over.

"Ya can try, but she's pretty damn set on not having any."

Vincent pressed the nipple of the bottle to his skin and smiled.

"Just as I thought...Cold." He said and then popped into his mouth much to the shock of Tifa and Cid.

"What the hell are you doing Vin?" Cid demanded.

"Warming it." Vincent said around the bottle, waiting for a moment before pulling it out his mouth, wiping the wetness off on his sleeve and then handed the bottle back, "Okay, try it now."

Cid looked skeptical as he pressed the bottle nipple to Luci's lips. She let out a small humming sound, like she was contemplating what was at her lips. After a moment, she opened her small mouth and let the bottle in. Soon she was happily suckling away.

"Holy shi-"

"Now Cid, you've got to watch your language around the baby!" Tifa giggled as Vincent laughed his normal breathy laugh.

"Oh yeah." Cid muttered and sighed, "Well at least we've got her eatin' now."

"Yes. We'll talk to the doctor and see if we can take her home soon." Vincent smiled.

"Kay." Cid nodded, gently patting Luci as she happily suckled away.

"Awww! She's so cute." Tifa squealed, the door swinging open and Cloud walked in with a plastic bag.

"Hey everyone." Cloud said, holding up the bag, "Brought lunch."

"Oh good. We've gotten Luci to eat lunch too!" Tifa smiled, "So what ya bring us? And where is Barret?"

"Oh Marlean and Denzel wanted to check out the shops, so he's with them. I've brough some hamburgers, a chicken salad for Vin, a lemon aid for you, some tea for Cid and Vincent, and bottled water for me." Cloud said with a smile.

"Yum yum!" Tifa said, clapping her hands togeather.

"Ya all start without me. Looks like she might want a second bottle the way she's going." Cid laughed.

"It means she's healthy." Vincent said, nodding. Luci made a cooing sound as she greedily gulped down more milk, swaddled tight in a thick blue blanket.

"Yeah. She's gotten so plump." Tifa agreed, "She'll be out in no time."

"It was touch and go there for a bit, but she'll be fine now." Cloud said, handing out the food to Tifa and Vincent.

Cid smiled a bit and noticed the bottle was empty. He pulled it out of her mouth, watching her closely as her face twisted as if she was about to cry.

"Oh come on...What now?" He sighed, awaiting the loud wailing that was sure to ensue. Surprisingly a very different sound erupted from the small child. Opening her toothless mouth, a loud belch rolled forth and then she pulled a hand free and started to suck on her little fingers.

Silence settled in the room for a moment, then Cloud laughed. Tifa and Vincent soon joined in too.

"Wow, she belches like her father!" Cloud chuckled, shaking his head.

"Well strike me down and call me a woman, she sure does." Cid laughed, grinning down at his baby girl, her brown eyes twinkling.

Vincent had become quite efficient at holding Luci with one arm. He feared that his clawed prosthetic would cut through her so he took it off each time he entered the hospital room. He sat with her in his arm as Cid went to talk to the doctor about when she would be let out. Vincent often marveled at how strong she was and learned rather quickly to tie his hair back, lest she grab it and yank it out. One time he was pretty sure she had given him a bald spot.

She was currently shaking a rattle that Tifa bought, the colourful toy making her giggle with it's rattling noise. She was growing ever more active each day, the nurses often commenting that she was going to be athlete when she got older. Vincent often envisioned a blonde little girl kicking a soccer ball right into Cid's crotch. Vincent hoped that he would be around to see it. After all, he was only going to be around for as long as Cid needed him. Once the blonde got his bearings, Vincent would leave and get back to his missions.

Speaking about the WRO, Reeve had stopped by a few times to see the baby and to mourn for Shera also. He had brought with him a Cait Sith stuff toy with a squeaker that sat on a table near by. Luci loved squeaking it so much that Cid had to pull it out of her hands before he went insane. After that she proved the nurses, who had earlier said she might have weak lungs, wrong.

Vincent found himself becoming more attached to her each moment he was near. He was becoming closer to Cid too. The two had crashed on the couch a few nights before, Cid having stayed up two nights in a row because Luci had started coughing and Vincent stayed up with him. Vincent had given Cid a hard smack on the second night, the both of them very agitated and Vincent had snapped. He drug Cid home with minimal effort, threatening to let Chaos rip him to shreds and then threw him on the couch in Cid's living room. He plopped down on it and within five minuets was asleep. When he woke up the next afternoon, him and Cid where slouched onto the armrest of the couch, Cid's arm around his shoulders.

Something warm had bloomed in his chest as he watched Cid's sleeping face, but he did not dwell on it. It had only been a month since Shera had died and only half an hour after Vincent had woken up that Cid's sleep became restless and plagued with a nightmare about her death. Sighing, Vincent leaned back on his chair and looked down at Luci.

"Your father will be the death of me." He muttered.

"Damn straight!" Cid said loudly as he stood in the door way, "She can be let out tammara if she can keep on eating on her own." Cid said with a grin.

"Good." Vincent smiled.

Cid swept in, hooking his hands behind his head. Behind him he had left the door open a bit. Vincent raised and eye brow but Cid gave a slight shake of the head. Behind the door peered in a little boy of no older then 4. His skin was a light chocolate colour and his eyes where an almost violent blue. Vincent frowned a bit and tilted his head to the side. Cid just simple sat down and said nothing. After a bit, the boy stepped in. He hovered there for a bit and then scooted closer.

"Is...Is that really a baby?" He asked, voice soft.

Vincent looked at Cid and then nodded.

"Yes. Would you like to see her?"

"Yes!" The boy nodded and ran over. Vincent watched as the boy peered at Luci with wide eyes. Luci gurgled as the boy held out his hand. Quickly, Luci grabbed a hold of one of the fingers offered to her in a tight grip, the boy's skin darker then hers.

"Wow...She grabs hard." The boy gasped.

"Yes. Don't let her near your hair. She pulls." Vincent warned him. "So...What is your name."

"I am Reed." He said with a smile.

"You know you shouldn't talk to strangers." Vincent warned her.

"I know. But daddy said it was okay." He said sheepishly.

"Oh?" Vincent said, looking over at Cid.

"Rude is here. He got shot." Cid shrugged, "Him and Reno where close to here and she came to visit with the king brat."

"Shin-Ra is here?" Vincent asked, frowned.

"Yeah. He's checking up on his men I guess." Cid shrugged.

"Uncle Rufus gave me a loli pop." Reed said with a smile while Luci cooed.

"He wanted to see a baby." Cid said with a shrug. "I couldn't resist that face."

Vincent looked a bit shocked for a moment and then smiled.

"That's fine. I understand." Vincent nodded as Reed played with Luci's hand.

"I didn't know Rude had a child." Vincent said, waving Reed goodbye as he left with the president.

"Yeah, me either. Apparently he slept with some red head during a one nighter and ended up with Reed. He sends half his pay check to them each month."

"Hmm..." Vincent muttered and then looked down at Luci, "So how long do you think you'll need me around?" Vincent asked.

Cid looked at Vincent with a frown, "What the fuck are you talking about?" He asked.

"Well...I just wanted to know how long you wanted me stay is all." Vincent said softly, rocking Luci as she started to yawn.

"Yer making it sound like I am fuckin' using you. If ya want ta leave, jus' say so." Cid growled.

"What?" Vincent gasped, looking up with a shocked face, "It's not that. I mean...Aren't I imposing?"

"Is that all yer worried about? Fuck no yer imposing! Hell, if it wasn't fer you I'd not have her eating, would I? Anyways...It's better havin' ya around." Cid muttered, running a nervous hand through his hair.

Vincent watched Cid for a long time till Cid gave him a huffy look.

"What? What is it?" He asked with a growl.

"Can...Can I stay?"

"Didn't I jus' say ya could?"

"I meant...Can I move in?"

It was Cid's turn to be taken aback.

"Ya want ta move in?"

"If that isn't a problem. I'd like to help take care of my godchild." Vincent admitted, looking down at Luci, "You see...I always wanted a family, to raise a child. As a Turk, I gave up on that dream, and then later on...After what Hojo had done to me, it seemed even farther out of reach. But now, if you'd let me, I'd like to help you take care of Luci."

"Shit Vin..." Cid growled, scratching the back of his head and looked away from Vincent, "Sure ya can move in. An' hell, yer about the only one I trust wif her. I...Need you. I'm no good with...Words an' emotions an' shit. You are. There is gunna be things I don't know and that you do. Hell, I dunna know what the fuck I'm gunna do when she starts talking...Hell, I dunna wanna even think about what the fuck I am gunna do when she's a teenager." Cid sighed.

Vincent stared at Cid for a bit and then smiled, a very true and happy smile that wasn't often seen on his face. Cid's breath left his lungs followed with a warmth in his chest as that smile spread across the demon-possessed man's face. After the warm feeling melted away, a strange guilt followed. How...How could he even think about his best friend like that only a month after his wife's death? Cid shook his head, folded his arms with a huff.

"Shit Vin. Like I'd leave ya out in the fuckin' cold anyways!"


Getting Luci home was the easy part, but it was a good two weeks before she would sleep through the night. Some nights Cid had to put the two way baby monitor in Vincent's room because he was too tiered. It didn't help that he kept on having nightmares. Vincent often found him awake anyways, either drinking tea, eating, watching T.V. or all three. After settling Luci down for the night, Vincent would sit up with Cid till the man would go to bed. Though it didn't help that Luci woke them up at 5 in the mourning.

After she started to sleep through the night, they thought things would get better, even through she woke up wailing at five to be fed. Cid still had a nightmare or two through the week, but he seemed to settle into the swing of things. That was until she started to crawl.

It was lucky that Barret had the baby safe gates left from when Marlene was a baby. Tifa also bought them some child proof latches for the cabinets in the kitchen and the bathroom. Cid had spent two days baby proofing everything as Vincent set up a play pen for her to stay in.

"She loves to play with those blocks." Vincent commented, watching Luci stack the blocks with happy gurgles.

"She's gunna be a mechanic like her daddy, jus' you watch." Cid grinned, latching a gate to the door frame to the kitchen.

"I don't doubt it." Vincent nodded, "How are things going with work?" He asked. Cid had set up the Shera and Highwind to work without him so that he could look after Luci. No one was too sure when Cid would go back to work, but for now, they let it be.

"Tha Shera is out with Reeve an' his guys. They found sum new labs under Midgar and Kalm an' are checkin' them out." Cid sighed.

"I see. They're going to call me about it eventually." Vincent sighed, leaning back on the couch. Vincent had been enojoying the peace with Cid and Luci, but he knew it would end eventually. Someone had to go and deal with the monsters attacking different towns and Villages. Cloud and Yuffie couldn't do it alone for too much longer.

" I know." Cid muttered and sighed, "We'll be fine without ya fer a bit."

Vincent knew this, but couldn't help worrying about them.

"I know. I won't be gone for more then a week. I still can't help but worrying you'd do something stupid." Vincent teased.

"Hey! I ain't that big of a fuckin' idiot!" Cid yelled.

"Keep on swearing and she'll pick up on it. You want her to be some sort of lady someday, right?" Vincent smirked as he lifted her out of the play pen when she made grabby hands at Vincent.

"Hell no! I want her to be as rude and unlady like as I can git her!" Cid growled, "I ain't gunna let any boy have her."

"Jealous already." Vincent laughed, "I can't blame you. I am already thinking about ways to scare off possible suitors."

"You should sic Galian Beast on 'em!" Cid laughed, giving the gate one last shake to make sure it was on properly and then got up, stepped over to the gate and walked over to Vincent in the living room.

Luci was playing with Vincent's hair, throwing it up and watching it flutter around the gunman's face. She then squealed and clapped her hands together in joy.

"We should worry less about future boyfriends and more about her walking. She's already trying to pull herself up." Vincent said, smiling as she cooed at him.

"Damn...She's going to be running about." Cid sighed.

"Yes. Yes she is." Vincent nodded, "That means she's going to be able to run into things."

"Oh damn. If she's anything like...Well...Like Shera..." Cid god a sad look in his eyes, "She's going to run into a lot of things."

"We might have to pad the walls." Vincent joked and then looked up at Cid, "But as long as we have an eye on her, it should be fine."

"Yeah. I'm going to put a gate on the stairs." Cid said softly, getting up and Vincent just sighed. When Cid was gone, Vincent looked at Luci. "He's got a long way to go. He still misses her very much, but I am sure that in time and if we work together my dear, we can help heal him."

Later that night Cid sat down in his living room, lighted only by a lamp in the corner. Toys where scattered in the play pen and a story book rested on the coffee table by the bottle of whiskey that Cid at taken out. He shook his head as he saw that it was a Red Riding hood pop up book that Rude gave him before leaving the hospital. He poured himself some whiskey as Vincent stepped into the room.

"I see you've taken out the good stuff tonight. Beer not cutting it?" Vincent asked as he walked over to the locked cabinet in the corner. Pulling out a key, he opened it and took out his prosthetic. He easily snapped it back on and then sat down by Cid.

"Why do ya keep that thing off all day? Ain't it a pain in the ass ta do things?" Cid asked, taking a sip of whiskey.

"It is a dangerous thing. I could easily cut Luci with it." Vincent said softly and then held his hand out, "You'd better pour me a drink too."

Cid chuckled and handed Vincent a glass. "Yeah yeah yeah."

"So...Is it because of what you said earlier that you are drinking now?" Vincent asked, taking a drink and then coughed, "Shit! Ack! I forgot...You sip this..." He panted as Cid patted his back.

"You don't drink much, do ya?" Cid chuckled and then sighed, "Yeah. I guess it is. She jus'...Looks so much like her."

"I know." Vincent agreed, careful to take a small sip this time, "It's going to get worse as she gets older, but you can't let it effect you this badly. She doesn't need a drunk for a father." Vincent pointed out.

"I know, I know. Jus' let me this time." Cid growled.

"Only this time." Vincent agreed.

It was two glasses of whiskey later that Vincent was drunk and giggling.

"Geeze Vin! You don't drink often, do ya." Cid commented, watching the giggling man.

"Nope." Vincent chuckled, his pale face flushed as a smile was plastered on it. He looked younger then he did in awhile. Cid always thought of him as older because of the tortured look in his eyes, but now there was only glee in his sparkling, ruby eyes.

"I guess I should stop drinking in a bit. Dunna need tha both of us drunk." Cid sighed.

"Hmm...Guess not, but you seem like you have so much fun when you're drunk." Vincent commented. Finishing off his third whiskey and then giggled again, "I remember the time you danced with that lamp shade on your head just to get Cloud to smile."

"Oh yeah...Didn't Yuffie take a photo?" Cid asked.

"Uh huh! It was my Christmas card!" Vincent laughed and then suddenly sighed, "You know that was the first card I'd ever gotten since my 15th birthday?"

"...Really?" Cid asked, putting his drink down.

"Yeah...After I entered Shin-Ra and jointed the Turks...I was erased from the world, so to speak. My parents never contacted me since the day I entered Midgar."

"Why'd you join?" Cid asked.

"My father found me making out with another boy." Vincent sighed, playing with an ice cube with one of his golden claws.

"Ya where making out wif a guy?" Cid exclaimed.

"I'm bi-sexual. I lean more to women." Vincent said with a shrug, "Anyways, my father disowned me that night, I packed my bags and headed right for Shin-Ra."

"Damn..." Cid muttered, leaning back and looked at the ceiling.

"Do...Do you hate me now?" Vincent asked, looking worriedly over at Cid, knowing that he had probably said too much.

"Hell naw! I just...Wasn't expecting that." Cid sighed, "I've been guilty of foolin' around like tha' when I was younger. 'Course, I've not done that sort of thin' in years."

"Me either...With anyone of any gender." Vincent sighed, "Over thirty years without sex can drive someone crazy." He admitted.

"No shit!" Cid laughed, "You wanted to die for a bit, didn't you? Back in the beginning when we where shipin' around ta save tha world."

"Yeah." Vincent nodded.

"Before we fought Sephiroth...When Cloud told us to go find what we where fighting for, I stood on a cliff edge with my DeathPenalty to my head." Vincent muttered and pulled his knee's up to hug his legs to his chest.

"I know. I watched you for hours." Cid sighed, "I thought you where gunna do it for a bit and before I could go up and stop you, you dropped the gun."

"Wha-?" Vincent looked baffled.

"Yeah...I know, I should of left you alone, but I was worried!" Cid explained, scratching the back of his head. Vincent stared at him for a bit.

"Thank you." Vincent smiled and wrapped his arms around Cid's neck. Cid's face flushed and he patted Vincent's back awkwardly.

"Uh yeah...No problem." Cid muttered.



"Quit being a hard ass and hug me back. I'm drunk, I won't remember this well anyways." Vincent pouted. Shaking his head, Cid grudgingly wrapped his arms around Vincent.

They stayed like that for a bit before Cid relaxed totally and leaned back with Vincent still clinging to him.

"Yer sure a happy drunk." Cid sighed.

"Nahh...Affectionate." Vincent corrected with a chuckle, "Always have been."

"No shit." Cid laughed, patting Vincent's head, "It's not too bad having you like this. Ya don't have ta be so closed off ya know."

"Hmmm...But it's hard for me." Vincent sighed.

"Right..." Cid nodded, understanding how that could be.

"I trust you though. I trust you enough not to worry about being like this in front of you." Vincent smiled. Cid watched Vincent press his face into Cid's chest.

"Do you know Chaos's singing sucks." Vincent muttered and Cid suddenly bolted up.

"Oh Shiva!They're drunk too, aren't they?"

"Yup. 'S rather loud." Vincent muttered and Cid laughed.

"I can see why you don't drink too much." He laughed.

"Should we go to bed? She'll be up by seven at least." Vincent asked and sighed, "It's a shame though. I like this. You're so warm." Vincent muttered, his eyes starting to flutter close. He yawned and held onto Cid, drowsiness settling over him like a nice warm blanket.

"Come on Vin." Cid laughed pulling Vincent up.

"Nuuu." Vincent whimpered and pouted, "Just a bit longer."

Cid sighed and shifted a bit. He pulled Vincent close, hooking his arms under the other man and stood.

Vincent was lighter then he expected, so it wasn't too much trouble getting over the safety net and then walked up the steps. He was soon in front of Vincent's bedroom door when Vincent spoke up.

"Is it...Is it weird for me to want to stay in your bed?" Vincent muttered. Cid stopped and looked down at the gunman to see his face flushed red.

"Maybe a little." Cid admitted but regretted it as Vincent seemed to shrink under embarrassment, "But I dunna mind!"

"You...Don't?" Vincent asked, looking up at him. He seemed...So vulnerable right now, though Cid knew that Vincent could snap him in half if he wanted to.

"Hell naw!" Cid said honestly, "It's depressin' ta go ta bed alone. I know so!" He grunted and then headed to his room with Vincent in tote. He put Vincent down on his bed, feeling the gunman's hands run over his back for a moment, though Vincent was careful not to nick anything with his clawed arm. Cid let Vincent hold onto for a little bit, those long elegant fingers tickling the back of Cid's neck as he played with some of his blonde hair. He pulled away though, letting Cid pull himself up a bit.

The two stared at each other for awhile, their faces only an inch apart, something hot and heavy rushing through their veins with each heart beat. They seemed to slowly get closer and closer to each other, whiskey putting a soft warm blanket over commonsense. It was when he was an inch away from Vincent's eyes that Cid remembered that this was Vincent and that this wasn't a right thing to do.

"I can't." Cid muttered.

"I'm sor-"

"Don't you dare apologize." Cid growled out, "I just can't do this...Not yet."

"Not yet?"

"Not yet." Cid sighed, pressing his head to Vincent's collar bone. "Just wait, just a bit longer, okay? Wait till I'm ready and we're sober."

"Okay." Vincent nodded and then leaned up, pressing his lips to Cid's cheek before giggling, "Your stubble tickles."

"Shut up and go to sleep. You're such a girl when your drunk." Cid laughed and started to get ready for bed.


Vincent woke up the next day with no memory of the night before and woke up to quite a shock. It wasn't every day he woke up in Cid's bed with no idea of what happened the night before, a slight head ache and Luci gurgling away on the baby monitor. At first he figured that Cid had put the baby monitor in his room, though he wasn't too sure how the hell he got to bed. He did remember having some drinks with Cid, so he probably got drunk, which explains why he didn't remember going to bed, but what the hell was wrapped around his waist?

Vincent slowly opened his eyes to come face to face with a sleeping Cid. So the thing around is waist was Cid's arm. Before he could freak out, Vincent tried to get his bearings. He was completely clothed, Cid had on his sleeping pants, and apart from his head ache, Vincent was in no real pain.

Right...So they didn't have sex. They just slept in the same bed. Okay.

He got up with a groan and then looked at the baby monitor. She was up, that much was clear. He looked at Cid and gave him a sharp elbow to the side.

"Cid, get up." He hissed.

"Hmmm...Whut?" Cid grumbled, opening one tiered eye.

"Get up. Luci's up and she'll want to be fed soon." Vincent muttered, rubbing his eyes. "By the way, did I do anything stupid last night?"

"You don't remember?" Cid asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh god. I knew I shouldn't of had the second the drink!" Vincent whimpered as he hugged his knee's.

"It's fine. You just hugged me a lot. Yer a friggen girl when yer drunk." Cid laughed, getting up and stretched. Scratching his ass, he made his way to Luci's room. Vincent sighed and then looked down to see he shredded a pillow in his sleep.

"Damn it." He growled, glaring at his clawed hand.

Once Vincent got himself out of bed and drank some water, he headed for the kitchen. Cid had Luci up in a high chair, already feeding her some green baby mush.

"Come on Lu, ya got ta swallow it!" Cid pouted as she once more spitted out some mushy pea puree.

"She doesn't like it." Vincent yawned, starting to make coffee.

"Well what does she like?" Cid growled out, looking annoyed.

"Carrots." Vincent supplied as he pulled out a mug from the cabinet, "And mashed potato's. She also like apple sauce, that pineapple mash Miss Hubb makes...She just doesn't like the pea puree."

"And I picked this crap up thinking it'd be good for her." Cid sighed, throwing the jar in the bin and got up to grab a jar of carrot puree while Luci flailed her arms and gurgled away.

"Having fun?" Vincent asked as he sat down behind Luci. She stared up at Vincent, toothlessly gumming at her own hand and then let out a happy squeal, grabbing for him with her free hand. Vincent chuckled, giving her his human hand. She happily started to gum in his index finger.

"We're going to have to get a teething ring soon." Vincent laughed as she happily went about her task of trying to mutilate his finger with her soft gums. Those gums wouldn't stay soft for long though.

"Oh, she's goin' ta get teeth soon, ain't she?"

"Don't know. We should look it up, but we need to be prepared." Vincent shrugged and pulled his finger free from her mouth. She let out a fussy whine only to be quieted by a spoonful of mashed up carrots. She hummed happily as she slurped down the orange mush.

They where interrupted by Vincent's cell phone ringing. Sighing, Vincent pulled out his phone and looked at the screen. Reeve...He flipped it opened.

"Hello Reeve."

"Hello Vincent. How are you?"

"Well, just woke up. But you've not called to talk, are you?"

"No. No I am not. I am sorry to ask this of you, seeing as you're helping Cid, but we need you for a mission."

Vincent sighed. He had expected this call eventually. He looked over at Cid and Luci, Cid opening his mouth wide as shoved the small spoon into her mouth.

"I knew you'd ask some time or another. What's the mission?" He asked, smiling a bit as Luci spat some orange mush into Cid's eye.

"We've found a new underground lab. We're going to pair you up with a new Turk Rufus insisted on sending."

(End of Chapter one.)