Bloody shizznits. Okay, I realize this is uber short, but...;-; Shush. Anyways, I know I'm writing a whole bunch of new stories and shtuff, and I PROMISE I will update TheNekoAndHisStrawberry. I'm just lazy. :D Kay?

Enjoy, lovelies~

"Haha, thanks, Utau-san!" I called to her. She smiled at me and shook her head.

"We're friends now, Amu. It's just Utau." I nodded quickly.

"Alright. So, I'll see you later?" I stuck the piece of paper with her phone number on it in my pocket.

"Yeah. Ja ne!" I waved and began walking home. I took out my silver IPhone and clicked the contacts button. My finger gently pressed the key for making a new contact. [A/N; the phone number is something I randomly clicked up. Alright? So don't go trying to call Utau on me, ;D]

Utau Tsukiyomi


Is this correct?

I clicked yes and saved it. Then I tried texting her, making sure it was right.

Hey, what's up? ;3

I waited a few moments before it vibrated. I opened the door to my house and walked up to my room.

Nothing much. Hby? Btw, who the hell is this?

I raised an eyebrow, confused. Utau doesn't talk like that…But then again, we just became friends. I guess I really don't know. I shrugged and replied.

Utau? This is your number…Right? This is Amu.

Amu? As in, Hinamori Amu?


Oh…Yeah. This is Utau. :D What's up, girlfriend?

I stared at my phone. What the freak.

Utau. Are you going lesbian on me?

What are you talking about? You want to go get some ramen?

I blinked a few times and shut my phone off. I'll talk to her about it later. Right now, I needed to do my homework and go to bed. I clicked off my bedroom light and turned on the little lamp that was on my desk. I took out a text book and stared at the 6 math sheets I was supposed to do by tomorrow morning.

"SCREW IT ALL!" I yelled.

"Amu-chan! Are you alright?" My mother shouted, worried. I slapped a palm on my forehead.

"I'm fine, mum!"

Hate? Love? Like? Want to shank a goat?