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"Mother please, this looks ridiculous."

Rin moved in front of her dog eared son who was currently glaring daggers at her. She was trying to dress him in traditional bathing kimono. However it had flowers on it, something her youngest son did not like. She knelt in front of him and looked up at her son.

"Taro, I know you do not like flowers but please you are fast enough no one will see you wear it on your way to the bath hall."

She let out a sigh after he let out a growl.

"Yes too bad I am not permitted to move quickly all the time. Then people will not see the Great Lord of the West abomination of a son."

"Oh Taro you are NOT an abomination!"

Before she could finish his name however her son disappeared. She began to silently weep.


Rin looked up and met the honey brown eyes of her older son.

She began to wipe the tears away from her face in a hurry.

"Mamoru I am sorry. I do not mean for you to see me this way."

"Mother…" She felt her son wrap his arms around her neck.


She looked up and saw her mate standing in the door way. She allowed her eyes to tear up, showing her sadness.

"Mother I shall join Taro now." Mamoru helped his mother up and looked up at her and nodded at her. She looked over at the door and studied her son standing next to her mate. Mamoru and Taro were now six years old. Mamoru was now as tall as his mother. Taro however, came up to her cheek.

She could barely hear Sesshomaru growl at Mamoru telling him to discuss with Taro how wrong his actions were. Sesshomaru knew that his eldest son would always be an alpha towards his brother. Ever since they were pups. If Mamoru growled in disapproval Taro would apologize. Sesshomaru tried to explain to her one time the order of their relationship.

Mamoru is an alpha and Taro was his beta. These two would have a relationship that not very many youkai have. It was rare for twins to be born that both have youkai blood in their veins. It was even rarer for both children to live past their second year of life. So when her sons made it to their third birthday Rin was ecstatic. Sesshomaru had told Rin that her two sons would remain together while they were both alive. They would travel together, fight together, live together and even share the same bed mates.

Rin had learned to block out thoughts of her sons future bed mates.

"Rin you must understand why Taro feels this way…" Sesshomaru wrapped his mokomoko around his now crying mate.

"I-I k-know Sessh…" She managed to hiccup out past her tears.

She looked up at her mate and sighed as she rested her head on his fur covered shoulder. He lifted her chin up and began to lick away her tears that were drying on her cheek. He looked into her eyes and she blushed. She saw the familiar sparkle in his eyes as he growled and kissed her hungrily.

"Brother…" Mamoru looked past the steam in the bath hall and found his brother in the middle of the hot pool. He shread his red flowered kimono and placed it near his brother's blue flowered one. He jumped up and landed gracefully in the center of the pool next to Taro.

Taro had his eyes closed even though he heard his alpha brother enter the bathing hall he refused to look at him. He refused to look up and acknowledge that he had hurt their mother's feelings. Many of the servants say that he is like his father once was. The servants even are to a point of avoiding looking into his eyes when they pass him in the hall out of pure fear.

Mamoru growled. He would be damned if his brother refused to look at him. This was the last time his brother was going to make his mother cry.


Taro opened his eyes and looked at his brother. His instinct took over once his brother began to growl. He whimpered as he felt his ears fell and touched his head.

Mamoru sighed and touched the top of his brother's head. Ever since they were little this has always been his way of showing that he forgave his little brother.

"Why do you say that you are an abomination? You know mother cherishes you."

"Because it is true brother. You only have to hide once a month. I have to hide twice a month. Do you think I do not realize how dangerous it is for Father to protect us during out time of weakness? He won't even tell mother where we go to hide." Taro took his mokomoko in his hands and began to run his claws along it.

"Taro we hide while we are human. And you know that you do not have to hide the first time you change during the month."

Taro growled as he glared at his brother.

"I am aware that I do not have to hide during my first change but do you think that father would appreciate me running around in that fashion. Besides people would still recognize me by my scent."

Mamoru swam over to the edge of the giant pool and grabbed the soap. Once he was back near his brother he gave him an order.

"You will apologized to Mother and explain your feelings towards her. Do you understand?"

Taro glared up at his brother.

"Fine brother I shall do as you say."

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