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Inu Speak

Persons Thoughts

Sayuri lowered herself in the hot spring. I cannot believe this oasis that Kiki found. She looked around at the moss covering the floor of the cave. Looking up she could see an opening in the roof of the cave, letting the steam from the hot spring escape.

Kiki smiled at the pure bliss written on her little sister's face, she breathed in deeply before noticing a scent outside. Her eyes darted towards the entrance and narrowed. She slowly moved through the water and back onto the moss covered ground.

"I will be right back little sister."

Sayuri watched a soaking, naked Kiki walk towards the cave entrance. "Um...Kiki...do you want to put on some clothes?"


Shaking her head Sayuri let out a chuckle at the sweet tone behind her 'nope'. She ducked down in the water and pushed her hair back as she came up.

Kiki walked stealthily out of the entrance, making sure the person waiting outside didn't run away.

"What do you think you are doing out here?"

Mamoru stiffened up when he heard Kiki's voice. I was so deep in thought I didn't even hear her.

"I am making sure that no one tries to attack two alone females."

Kiki smiled at Mamoru's back as she walked to his side. "You forget that not only am I able to take care of myself, but as you are constantly pointing out...Sayuri can defend herself."

Mamoru let out a sigh before he looked down at Kiki and blushed. "W-why are you naked Kiki?!"

Pressing her body against his in order to press his buttons and make him nervous she smiled as she spoke. "Come now little puppy...this isn't the first time that you have seen me naked. I seem to remember you used to like to bathe with me. Why not join us instead of standing out here in the cold?"

She watched him close his eyes as he let out a sigh. "No Kiki."

"Fine stay out in the cold. But you can leave us all alone with my guarantee that nothing bad will happen." She slowly started pushing him. "Now...like I said you will either join us or go."

"I will leave. I told Taro that I would get some fish from the cold water spring we passed."

Kiki stood on her toes and whispered in his ear "Fine...but you can join us if you want. And bring Taro with you."

Mamoru frowned when he saw Taro jumping from a tree near the caves entrance down to where he and Kiki were standing.

"How long have you been up there Taro?" Mamoru turned to face his younger brother.

Kiki let out a chuckle. "Don't be mad because you didn't smell he was here. There was a reason why I chose this spring. The cave has elements that masks scents."

"I followed them here."

Kiki clapped her hands. "Well now this changes everything. Since Taro knows that you are here and obviously not catching any fish. And that Taro did not sulk off somewhere in his typical angry fashion...you both can come in from the cold and make yourself warm in the hot spring. I promise that we girls shall be on our best behavior and even turn our backs when you both strip down." Kiki gave a cheeky grin that could be interpreted as anything other than mischief.

Taro met the eyes of Mamoru silently hoping that he would say yes. He was upset at what happened this morning but this was the chance to show Sayuri that he could get over his anger.

"Fine, but only if Sayuri wants us to join the two of you." Mamoru finally answered.

Kiki clicked her tongue once in disapproval. "Trust me when I say that she would be happy to have the both of you there."

She linked her arms with the twins and began ushering them to the entrance of the hot spring cave.

"Oh little sister I have a surprise for you..." She stopped mid-sentence as she dropped Mamoru and Taro's arms and sniffed. "Do you smell that?"

The three of them rushed to the water to find the pool empty.

Mamoru began to shout for Sayuri but received no answer.

Taro bent down near the edge of the pool to the source of the scent, three small blood droplets. However, it wasn't Sayuri's blood they were smelling. "Mamoru...do you recognize the scent?"

Mamoru began to growl. "Yes...that damn cat."

Kiki looked over at Mamoru "What damn cat, Mamoru?"

Mamoru looked around the cave before feeling a draft coming from above making him look up and seeing the opening of the cave on the roof. "Akinori, he is the son of the Lord of the South. He is a cat youkai and he was obsessed with Sayuri from the first time he saw her. He threatened to take her from us, something our father warned us about."

Kiki looked back down at the drops of blood. "It looks like she put up a fight." She looked at Mamoru and Taro and saw the pure worry on their faces. If this Akinori claims Sayuri fully before we can catch him...Sayuri will be lost to us.

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