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Chapter 1

Something about the old house had always unnerved him. It might have been the crook of the tree or the odd asymmetrical feel of the door and its half sunken, cracking steps. There really wasn't much to complain about though, especially for a college guy with a tiny budget. The old owner had up and sold the place pretty cheap, especially for a well kept, one bed, one bath,house. Not much renovating was needed to make the house feel homey, just a couple of coats of paint to clean up the beaten down walls and some replacements for the lights.

He guessed luck stroke at the oddest of times. A shrug. Beggars can't be choosers, or so went the old adage. What was it…few days ago that he had found the place? The old man had been on his lawn again, sitting in the chair trying to sell away whatever junk he had. It wasn't the random assortment of odds and ends that caught his attention but, rather, the orange and black sign pitched on the lawn. A short exchange had followed about the sign, and then the house in question and, what seemed like either a miracle or magic, Kayd's mortgage went through and the house was his in days.

When he had first moved in, Kayd had found the stupid lawn chair and table on the lawn. The old man hadn't bothered to clean up after himself and it was a little annoyance that was peeking at the back of his mind. From the distance of the sidewalk, Kayd surveyed the spectacle. A range of assorted items were around it, seemingly discarded but not pillaged. A stray lamp, some, for lack of a better word, unusual posters and a stack of books dishevelled, dumped on the table or blown to sorts by the wind. Guess the guy had to have been in a hurry to move out.

Not that he had much use for the items, but he couldn't very well leave the mess on his lawn and the garbage truck wouldn't be around until Monday. So, with a sigh, Kayd walked over to the table.

The contents of the box he carried varied between paper back and hard cover novels, not that he found any of particular interest. The box wasn't too heavy either although the desk would be rather tricky, trying to manoeuvre it through the tiny front door. How the old man managed to get this outside puzzled him.

Propping open the front door with his elbow, Kayd led himself into the tiny house. From the entrance he walked into the house and dropped the box on the dining room table. The sudden cracking sound made Kayd double-take, twisting on the ball of his heel to examine the table. No harm done. Must have been his imagination. He was probably still getting used to the odds and ends of the place. No worries. After reassuring himself that the table wasn't going to collapse on him, Kayd made his way back to the front of the building. To much of his dismay, a cruel wind had picked up the posters and scattered them across his lawn and the next door neighbour's. With a grunt, he stalked over to the mess and began to collect the sheets.

"What'er you doing over there?" asked an unfamiliar voice, "need some help?"

Kayd straightened himself after collecting one of the various posters and turned his attention towards the neighbour's porch. The balding man was of a chubby weight. He had his hands planted on his hips while he over looked the lawn.

"No thanks," Kayd replied as he returned to his work. Something about his neighbour irritated him. And, much to his discontent, the man waltzed down from the porch and planted himself firmly on the opposing lawn.

"New guy, huh?" he asked with a husky, downtrodden voice, "just moved in?"

"Yup," Kayd replied, keeping his eyes off of the man and on the ground.

"Welcome to the neighbourhood, I'm Henry, Henry Butcher. And you are…?"

The response came slowly and with a hint of exasperation from the young man, "Kayd Hendricks. Just moved in yesterday."

"Well nice you meet you Kayd-" the sentence was cut short by the man, his eyes suddenly glued to his silver wrist watch. "Oh look at the time," he said absentmindedly as if he had no real place to be or to go to, "gotta head out or I'll be late! Nice talkin' to you Kayd and look, if you ever need something, help, anything, don't be afraid to give me a holler!" he finished, overly cheerful, kind of like that suburban paradise guy from one of the real estate commercials.

"Yeah. Thanks, I'll let you know if anything comes up," replied Kayd as removed his eyes to watch Henry half smile before waddling off to the garage.

Keeping his opinions to himself, Kayd shook his head, collected the remaining posters and headed back to the house. He would move after lunch.