So… something interesting happened to Excalibur in series 4… therefore a continuation is in order :-)
(It's probably going to be short…. Oh and SPOILERS FOR THE SERIES 4 FANALIE)

Ok, I admit that I may have been slightly wrong about that blond guy's ability to pull me from the rock, but I couldn't have known that the skinny twerp would cheat could I?

Maybe I should explain, it turns out that this 'King Arthur' guy can't hold on to his kingdom for more than two seconds straight and seems to suffer from terrible self-doubt all the time. So the twerp (does he have a name? I think Twerp suits him quite well) anyway, Twerp goes and makes him pull me out of this damned rock as an ego boost apparently. Is that all I am, a device for raising moral? I have things to do as well you know? Like cutting stuff… and stuff… Anyway! I have a very busy schedule and if these humans think they can just sawn about and use me whenever they feel like it… It's only because I permit them to use me…. Just because they have arms…

So King Arthur cheated, it's amazing really how people don't notice when Twerp's doing magic. I don't even have eyes and I can see more than the average knight (who still seems to think that red is a good colour to hide in, I'm starting to think that brain damage is a requirement to becoming a citizen of Camelot). Personally I would rather be on the side of that witch; at least she has the decency of including me in her dreams Merlin – sorry, Twerp – hadn't given me a second thought since he shoved me in that Gods forsaken rock. Well until he needed me of course.

Well I got to do some real fighting again after that, at least Arthur appreciates the craftsmanship that went into my design, and he keeps me out of the rain, you know I think I might be able to look forward to being used as an actual sword in future and not just an ornament to decorate the forest of Esatir.

The End (for real this time)

If I have regular followers they might have noticed that I've posted a lot less in the last couple of months than usual, this is because that I started Uni in October and I've not had a lot of time, also I'm trying to wean myself off FanFiction and so am therefore only reading the stories that I'm already following (sad isn't it)

P.S. has anyone seen the Sherlock series 2 clips? OMG I cannot wait xD

P.P.S. Saw the new Sherlock Holmes film as well recently, I may never be able to watch QI again

P.P.P.S Merry Christmas Everyone