That woman is a hurricane, and the Weather Channel taught him long ago that hurricanes are not something to look forward to because they destroy houses and people, and havoc everywhere is generally considered to be a very bad thing.

(He isn't a self-destructive person, okay. Lawyers are good at self-preservation).

He had been dropped off at his apartment and she at hers, but then she had texted him to say she was coming over, which was good because he had been planning the same thing, and it turns out that she rode her bike over because she was still a little bit too tipsy to drive (although he argues with her that drunken biking is just as dangerous, but she looks at him through half-closed eyes and he loses his train of thought).

Kissing like that, in the car, there was something nice about it not being anger-fueled, and besides, she's leaning forward to kiss him now with her low-lidded eyes, he's mostly sober and the brisk air outside has done the same for her, gotten her blood moving. She kisses him and she smiles against his lips; despite whatever happened an hour ago (and it feels a little longer than that and a lot hazier, and there's music playing in the background of his memory), despite all that, he matches her grin.

They might not be a normal couple, but it's probably going to be an inevitable yet.